Jan 182022

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Preparing for what may be coming soon and would like to meet others in my area who are doing the same.

I’ve been an Automotive and Diesel Mechanic for years so I know my way around vehicles of different varieties.

Let me know if you’d be interested in talking and discussing more on this subject.

  6 Responses to “Tyler, Athens, Texas area here”

  1. Hey you still looking for people to talk to and what not?

  2. I am.
    What area are you in?

  3. Currently in DFW, but eyeing BOL in NE TX. Looking for like-minded group. PM if you want to get in touch.

  4. I am in your area and have been looking to make connections with like minded preppers also.

  5. Hello.
    Good to hear from you. Yes, we have plans in place that we are actively moving forward with that will help us deal with any hard times that our country may be experiencing soon.
    More than willing to discuss these plans with you, along with any other topic concerning self reliance.

  6. Hey, My name is Michael, I live West of Tyler. I am in the Canton, Kaufman area, but have a friend and fellow prepper in the Athen’s area. I just posted. Catch up with me. [email protected]