Jan 192022

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Looking for people who want to be across the border into Mexico.

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  1. Just curious why someone would want to do that? If there were a better place than the US I’d be all about that… Just don’t know where that would be. But things are getting pretty bleak here but then again things are worse in Canada and Australia for example.
    That said financially Mexico could come out on top in all of this just because of their silver mines are some of the biggest in the world.
    And also on top of that, it isn’t even possible for anyone in the USA to bring / transfer their firearms and other preps over there.
    Your not the group there that has a # for your names are you?

    • Ta for your comment. I personally believe that there is not a better place in the usainc. The way in which “Things” have developed over the past decade have been much different in some ways than I anticipated. I would imagine most would agree with me generally in this. Nearly two decades ago I was living in Sonoma, CA quite happily doing what I do as an Artist. By the way I have lived (not visited) both in Canada and in Oz. And what you relate is absolutely true I feel now. I decided to move to Mexico permanently 20 years ago … from Sonoma. Of course you can imagine when I announced this inthe Coffee Shop where I and my Friends hung out !!! I have always liked to have options … especially in hard times and situations of “Conflict”. Options viable and valid which can be taken quickly and prepared for easily … it is very much a military thing as I am certain you are most probably aware of. Mexico is a rich country in flora and fauna and geographical diversity. Culturally I have always found “Mexicans generally to be very Family Oriented and often Religous which I am not but quite comfortable with. By the way I am familiar with many of the Mines here … Silver, Copper and Gold. Most are actually Foreign owned now … Americans and Canadians. I am married to a Mexican Girl who is a professor at a local University teaching English and one of the many Classes is Mining. Regarding Firearms you are absolutely correct but if things went that far then there are plenty of firearms with the Militaires and it would be possible to acquire some if need be. Other Preps can be brought in but I am not certain of what you are mentioning here. No # for names … are you eferring to one of the Prisons in a humourous way perhaps ? I thank you for your post and welcome more if you like. I will always answer honestly and as directly as i can.

    • Ta for your reply and question. No not the group that has a # instead of a name. T o me that sounds rather awful actually. In my opinion the usainc is finished but i know that is something not very popular to say. I have written much on exactly how I came to this conclusion and acted upon it over a Decade ago. Suffice to say I have my views and you have yours and as long as we respect this we can converse.
      To be honest I have had no need for firearms in Mexico and if I did I could get them if need be. In the usainc however there is an absolute NEED for The Second amendment and Firearms and Assault Rifles I firmly believe. In the same way there has been a growing need for DECADES in the usainc I feel for the fake “government” to be ousted and done away with … permanently. I wish you all the best sincerely.