Oct 132016

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We are Americans from the south that live in Mexico for the past four years, the land is outrageously cheap down here and we have purchased a very large sector of land that is good for farming and has large hills/mountains not too far off the coast of the Gulf. We are looking for others who may want to join our groups. The Cost of building a home here with a spacious underground bunker in the mountain is very reasonable. The government here and the locals are great and treat us very well. We work a lot of the locals on our agriculture projects. I prefer to speak more in private, I would suggest that interested people set up a free encrypted email with a company named (Protonmail ).

We have all the resources in place to get folks here easy, safely, and can keep you completely off the grid, we have been working on this for the past four years. let me know if you would like to speak more.


Hello. I am known as 092620097.1 and I am one of the founding members of this camp, we are strategically positioned in an area in the Yucatan, Mexico.  This area is very safe, virtually no crime, a little bit of petty theft but not around us. We have fresh fruits, citrus, bananas, pineapples and several other tropical fruits year round not to mention vegetables, the climate is always the same year round between 72 to 86 degrees. We have the ocean that allows us fresh fish and seafood year round within a couple miles from our camp. We have great hunting here, three different types of deer and two different types of wild hogs. The ethnic background around our camp is a mixture of Mayan Indians and Mexicans and all are great people that have been very welcoming to us here. The terrain is very hilly. We call the large hills, small mountains, with the flat lands being very rich for agriculture and the mountains being of something similar to limestone. This is a great place to protect your family, we build all houses/bunkers on the mountain. The structures are built from Center Blocks. We currently are building three different sizes depending on families demand.  The camp has deep wells, solar and wind power, plus generator. We are looking for any people that pass our background checks in the following fields, fisherman, farmers, medical, ex-police, ex-military or military with our same belief system, which is pretty simple, willing to fight for family and friends, willing to fight to survive and a desire to live the best life we can without government interference, in other words, free. and of course, any approved member family are welcomed.