Jun 142022

Good eavnining,

New to the site, and looking for a group in my area, (Highlands county Florida) mid 30’s, male with family. We can currently hold our own, but a group is the true goal. We posses key skills and training. Group meetups and training also desired. PM me with any questions. Thanks! (This is also my first post, so hope its posted correctly)

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  1. Hello! Check my profile out!

    Quick summary:
    Emt/firefighter for over 3 yrs
    Emergency Management degree

  2. I can be contacted via email at [email protected]

  3. I do not know how to DM. I am in highlands county also. Off of 17 on the border of sebring and avon park. I have about an acre for gardening. I also have a pool that could be a fish farm. I am 53 yr old female & half disabled and not sure how to make this all happen. Looking for Highlands County Fl people of like mind to Join in and work together.

  4. I sent you a email. Thank you for replying.