Mar 052017

Hello. Still looking for like minded people to get together with in my area of central mn around st cloud. I have a house on 5 acres and a lot of storage space, if anyone in the Twin Cities or surrounding areas are looking for a bug out spot we should talk i check this site weekly or u can email me at ponch26 [at] gmail [dot] com. looking forward to hearing from you.

  4 Responses to “Minnesota”

  1. Not good, we are looking to going to Arizona. Weather is much better and can survive the winter months easier.

  2. There is just two of us here and we are in our 60’s with pets. Arizona has the right average temperature for food storage and warmer weather in the winter.
    There are others out there like us religious but not extreme.
    The solar and wind is perfect and the area is very hard to get in and out of.
    There are several groups there and the firearms laws and off-grid are favorable.

  3. Not sure why im getting notified on this conversation but there are 2 men and 1 women in our group actively prepping 6 more i know will enter after a shtf situation 2 nurses there husband’s a diesel mechanic and wife good with horses and other animals. We have no problem with elderly joiners, particularly if they have skills. But if not there will always be slower paced things that need doing.