May 252022

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Hi All

Looking to communicate with like minded people and figure out a bug out plan.

Thinking about a group of individuals workinig together to formulate strategies for food & water storage , firearms and ammunition or other hunting essentials + all other apsects required when TSHTF situation.

Trying to gather everything is super expensive and a huge problem with space ,possibly easier if different people take care of different items and have a communial goal to share and work together.

Hit me up to chat.


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  3 Responses to “Vancouver / Fraser Valley BC Canada”

  1. Hi Danny,
    It’s time to get really serious about our future.
    Please contact me … [email protected]

  2. Hello Danny,

    I’m in vancouver as well, and looking for others. are you connected with others at all yet? i’m currently on a solo path, seeing who’s out there. cheers

  3. I hear ya on getting out. There’s just no legal way of doing it.