Apr 202017

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Looking to talk to and meet preppers in Vancouver area.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m in the Vancouver area. Let’s talk!

  2. Hi there, in the Lower Mainland.

  3. Im in Abbotsford, I am up for meeting up and talking about prepping.

  4. Hey brothers and sisters,
    Waking up. Learning about prepping. Is there a group in this province, does anyone meet to talk or plan? I live near downtown Van, but I want to co-ordinate and help out with like minded people. Together we are strong.

  5. I’m in Abbotsford and I’m into prepping lets chat.

  6. In coquitlam and wanting to network

  7. And ideas for how to form a network? This site doesn’t feel like the place. Just a stream of messages along this thread – things will get lost.

    There a better social network we could use or form? I’m in Vancouver, but don’t have a group yet. We need to go back to communities to get through the next part of our societal transition.

    Meetup.com seems to have prepper groups for Vancouver. Anyone else been to that site?

    Is it worthwhile networking if we aren’t all in the same city? We could do so to plan a common meetup point, outside the city.

    Please message me if you want to network or message, elsewhere!
    Peace love and light.

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