Dec 072022

Finally found a place on earth where I’m truly happy to live. Looking for others who also love it here and are realistic about how to maintain a peaceful, free way of life and protect it against those who keep wanting to “fix” what ain’t broken.

This nation was built by strong, freedom loving, independent men and women. I grew up knowing how to be one of them and I’m not about to let anyone change me now.

So where are the rest of you? I’ve come home and would love to get to know you. I have sooo many survival skills to share and many more to learn.

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  1. There are others out there, just a bit spread out or not wanting to break opsec.
    Keep looking and maybe organise some sort of meeting right in your area.
    If not you than who.
    If you want to chat about things hit me up in montana.
    [email protected]

  2. We too are also transplants to west TN with a very small group of, strangely enough, other transplants and a few natives to help. We meet once a month and have been doing so for about a year and a half now. It’s hard to meet folks when we’re scattered over half of creation. We are around Gibson/ Weakley/ Carroll counties. Feel free to contact through the message boards. Blessing. Scott

    • I live in Weakley County in the town of Gleason. Please let me know when/if you set up a meeting. I really want to get involved with an active, motivated group.

  3. That’s terrific, we are looking for new people. Would you be willing to meet me and a couple other members at someplace like Huddle House or Starbucks to sit and talk to see if we would be a good fit or not. I’d love to get you out to our regular Feb gathering to meet the whole gang.