Mar 252015

Hello everyone! I currently live in N. Central Minnesota and would like to move west. My job allows me to move litterly anywhere so I’m really not set in stone as to where I go. I’m looking for a community or group of like minded individuals who have started or who are starting a close knit group of decent people.

I am more than willing to discuss any and all of my bio, skills, financial, preps etc. With anyone I feel might be a good fit for me .

I prefer to discuss said personal info after initial contact. Then, after you review my information and after both parties agree, I would like to meet.

I’m just throwing this out there and I am kind of curious to see if anything ” sticks”.

I really enjoy this site and am very pleasantly surprised at the number of people that seem to think along the same lines as I do.

~Take care~ Be Safe ~Be Prepared ~

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Dec 312014

I’m looking for people or small groups to join me in building a reliable group to survive the future whatever it may bring. I am a 42 yr old male with kids and grandkids that I need to protect and make sure survive.  Although the I am capable of providing for them and protecting them against one up to maybe five, I do worry about security watch and so forth, I know I can’t do it all. So here I am, as hard as it is for me, looking for people that I can trust and rely on. So I’m looking for people and families to help and help mine survive. If interested let me know and we’ll go from there.

Dec 032014

I am new to the prepper website. I am considering forming a small militia group for my area in south east Iowa.

I believe that something will happen some day in the future, and I think it is important that at least some of the citizens here should know how to handle weaponry, organize others, and lead others who are not so prepared survive the incoming apocalypse. I am young and know that there is still much, much to learn and am looking for others to pool knowledge and form a small militia for the future of SE Iowa and around the country. Many that may choose to join my group will likely know more than me, and I am interested in learning there survival techniques and experience.

I will say I live in Henry County, Iowa but I would not like to disclose my exact town and I will prefer for now if people just call me Plains-Walker. If anyone would like to join please contact me at my email, my funds for this group are extremely limited but with a few trusted members we could pool wealth and support this group.

Oct 122014

I am just starting prepping and looking for a group or like minded people,I have many outdoor skills and good with firearms. I don’t know anyone who has the same mindset as I do, just seen doomsday preppers on tv, and my wife told me I was a prepper, now looking to join or start a group. I live in Clarksville iowa

Sep 082014

hello Iowa preppers I am one of the co’s of old glory a local militia in the Sioux city area. We are not a typical militia we are preppers as well, we also are a family  and community orientated militia. We have that bug out location if y’all don’t have one. We have a well that is never ending. We ask if y’all come bring as much food, medical supplies I.e pain killers, antibiotics , bandages, and bring ammo and guns. You don’t have to have any security training we can train you. The two people in charge are formor military we can and have the will power to protect you. With in the community we have what you can call a government by having one person from each family sit on something like a congress and you will make votes on what the best route the safe haven to do to keep the community safe from any potential threats. We also have our own law enforcement. For more info you can email me at starsandbars [dot] oldglory [at] gmail [dot] com

god bless you all and god bless America

and stay safe


Aug 302014

good morning to you all. Mike here. I am currently living in NW Iowa, and hoping to relocate to NE South Dakota in the next 6 to 18 months. I’m a retired lpn nurse, have studied and used herbs for well over 3o years, and believe in our God given rights as stated in our sacred Constitution. Looking for other like minded folks in the general area who want to share knowledge

Mar 182014

Mason City here, way North Iowa. I am 31 yo. with 14 years Army Infantry experience with multiple combat tours so far, still going at it. I also have a BS in Sports Medicine and am a practicing herbal medicalist. My wife is a BSN Nurse with extensive experience in critical care and cardiac care. We can bring a lot to the table and would love to meet up with like minded people here in North Iowa.

We are looking to put together a group for a knowledge base to draw from. To start we want to have monthly meeting at a central location with a learning goal in mind each month. Each member of the group will be able to contribute from their own subject matter expertise.

If things go well and people are able to bug out to a similar location we could have an amazing group to be co-located with when SHTF.

Please contact me through this site first, then we can work on a more personal e-mail/phone basis.

Nov 272013

My family and I have been getting ready for whatever comes our way for a year.  We are looking for like minded people near us to help plan and prepare together.  We live in northwest iowa close to South Dakota and Minnesota.  Anyone near by?

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Jul 192013


I wanted to reach out to anyone in the North-West Missouri and North-East Kansas area’s and let you know that you are not alone.

Since moving to the Kansas City area in the fall of 2011 my wife and I have discovered that there are many like minded people in the area.  Most of the folks we have met seem very down to earth and not over zealous by any means or on any level.

We have been fortunate enough to network with several of them and found there are several groups that meetup regularly and are very helpful to their fellow friends, neighbors and countrymen.  Several of these groups are looking to grow and are also looking for people with particular skills.  I have met all of them and my family and I have grown to trust and become quite fond of several of them.

If you are looking for a group of “Friends” to turn to as a support system in times of need, or just looking to network and exchange thoughts and idea’s, feel free to send me and email and I will do my best to assist you in whatever capacity I can.

pabarnes4038 [at]

Thanks and best wishes,


Feb 242013

I live in the Mason City area.  I’m fairly new to prepping but am well informed.  Looking to meet others in the area and maybe start a group.  I own my home and a small parcel of land.  Working to get off grid and become self suficient.

Feb 202013

New to the area, just moved here from Missouri and looking for like minded people to compare notes with and maybe help each other out.  Didn’t know if there were group meetings any where like we had in Missouir or how was best to hook up.

Jan 162013

Hi I live in central Iowa and have just recently (about a year or so) started prepping for whatever disaster may be looming in the future.
I have military experience, and many hands on skills that can be very useful if/when a disaster strikes. I have been working on my long-term food and water storage (seems to take quite awhile to get a good supply stored), as well as medical and general purpose items.
I’m looking to meet other people close by that share the same thought process. I would like to meet people that want to share ideas and techniques for storing stuff, and possibly for joining forces, after all there is strength in numbers. If anyone wants to know more you can reach me at schmit1983{at}yahoo{dot}com. Looking forward to meeting and talking to other like minded people!
Thanks for reading

Jan 162013

I am new and am looking for like minded people to compare readyness levels and prepare better.

Jan 022013

Hi, I am currently living in southern Iowa between Indianola and Osceola … My wife and I have 6 kids one of which is a tennager who comes and goes as he pleases. I have been prep minded for several years, ever since y2k I suppose. I am a Christian first and a Patriot second. We allowed a family to stay on our place during hard times once and it only took a few weeks before we realized why things were alwasy so hard for them.

After a recent sickness lasting about 5 days I realize that none of us will last if we can’t get along and stick together. If anyone is intersted in talking about joining their current group or starting a new group, please feel free to email me. We are on the poorer side of the economic scale, but truly intend to support ourselves and supply our fare share of whatever is needed and plan on helping however and whoever we can.

Looks like most people are only interested in saving themselves, but I was hoping to develop or join a group that was prepared to help the unprepared as much as possible. I am fully aware that we are under the control of a corrupt government and that they intend to disarm the american public. I believe that if any worthy resistance is to be formed that today is the day to act. We all have houses and jobs, but they have dropped the hammer so to speak (: