Sep 262015

The U.S. dollar has been the world’s reserve currency for 94 years, but after losing 98% of its buying power and the world realizing it’s fiat status, it has peaked and its days are now numbered. Once again we’re facing the threat of hitting another debt ceiling. Only this time, China has been dumping US dollar denominated assets at historic levels while Chinese companies have begun reducing the amount of dollars they borrow for international transactions. Steps being taken in preparation for China to become a world reserve currency. If you know your history, wars have always been created when world economies begin to fail.

When the politicians, the talking head “experts” and the MSM tell you to not panic, it’s time to wake the hell up … and probably time to panic. So, is it any wonder that the summer of 2015, yet again, set another record for the sale of firearms in the united States? But what good are weapons when we continue to stay divided by the machinations of the incompetents, which have usurped and altered our form of government? Have we become so ignorant and complacent by our pride, we no longer recognize the threats presented from porous borders? The miscreants that control us are well protected by our children we loan to them through military service, under the guise of patriotism, only to be returned to us either broken or dead. Then they are further persecuted or neglected because they hold the title of Veteran. What type of madness does a person suffer from that pays, in so many ways, for their own demise and that of their children? Is it really anti-government, to be anti-evil and have a distaste for secrecy which breeds corruption? The Scriptures tell us, ” Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.”  But even doves, sensing a source of impending danger, sacrifice their safety to protect their mate and nest… It’s not advocating violence, to put on His armor and stand in defense of His children and creation. When you are not violent by nature, yet, you are labeled a terrorist because of your faith, belief in the Constitution and desire for freedom. A label courtesy of the Demopublican cartel.

Where does your faith really lay when you acquiesce to evil supplanting their traits upon yourselves? Making your trust of one another far below their levels of trust. So far, in fact, we can’t even pull our families, friends or neighbors together to prepare for what’s coming. We have to create posts like this in an attempt to find strangers we can trust. And, that’s no easy task, either.

​Unless you have been living in the trees for the past four decades, you would have seen the mile markers on the way to Fascism/Communism/Marxism (whatever ism you choose). Revealing to you a world bound in secrecy, surveillance, corruption, and lies, culminating into a complete world of civil, moral and economic bankruptcy. If you know what the worlds economy is really built upon, then you know what it will take to survive what is coming and needed to rebuild it after the chaos… So what, you say, I’m ready for it. I’ve got my gold, silver, food, water, tools, weapons and ammo. Bring it on! Yep, you’re ready alright, except for the one thing that will prove to be more precious than any amount of gold you could ever hope to hold. More life saving than all the food storage and medicines you could possibly gather and more valuable than anything you could barter with. Because without it, you’re just another sheep huddled within a stockyard waiting to be singled out and taken to slaughter. Oh yes, listen to the experts, they’ll tell you your survival doesn’t depend on it being there, after all, man has lived without it for thousands of years. But did they? You can have the knowledge of preparing to survive, but having the knowledge does not mean you have the understanding of what will be needed to survive.

There is more and more indisputable evidence coming into focus that is contrary to what you’ve been taught in government controlled schools, which have perpetrated so many lies and illusions. It was once said, ” It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” If you still believe that slaves with ropes and wooden skids built the pyramids, a feat that cannot be duplicated even today, then you need to continue on with your own style of preparing. If you don’t swallow that Bovine Excrement, it shows that you possibly may be a thinker and you need to be aligned with other thinkers.

Two things we are finding many are lacking in their attempt to prepare for a multi-event scenario is lack of security and privacy… In a society without total surveillance amid the perceived threats by those in power, it would be a non-issue. But in today’s world it is very much a concern, and we need to become more prudent about what we put online. Face it, we have become 1984 in 2015 and have to come to terms with how we need to proceed in creating safety in numbers. Placing phone numbers, email addresses, locations and a list of your supplies, especially armaments, is considered, in not just my opinion, very poor judgement. These are things that need to be discussed as private as possible, preferably face to face. I’ve read numerous warnings from the admin of this site, stressing concern over two instances I have listed. If anyone should be listened to, it’s those that created this site.

Ever since the internet was released to the world, most people thought nothing  about revealing every detail about their person. They used their full name for their free email, created profiles to accompany them, joined social networks, posted photos of themselves, family, friends, acquaintances, even their locations and where they traveled to. Never once taking into consideration it could be used against them in later days, in order to track them and exploit every aspect of their existence. Only recently, people are beginning to learn they’ve become their own worst enemy, by falling into this now obvious snare of disclosure and apathy. If they would have only taken the time to research and learn where the internet came from, they may have been a little more discreet and less foolish. Which brings me to one of my favorite verses in the Scriptures. Repeated twice, word for word, in the same book, Proverbs. What are the odds? It goes like this, ” A prudent man foreseeth evil and hides himself, the foolish pass on and are destroyed.”  Did I also mention, they are the only places in all of the Scriptures, where the word “foreseeth” appears? If you were to recognize just the wisdom alone contained within those verses and they were written for these uncertain times, then it should be a no-brainier’s thought process to adhere to it.

Paranoia, is when there are no factual bases for fear, Common Sense, obviously, dictates the existence of those facts.
Please keep in mind, we are all about security and privacy. We will not divulge anything more than what our plans are, until we are sure about you are convinced we are on to something… Something most of the so-called experts conveniently left out or minimized the importance of. Send us a private message with any thoughts & contact info and we’ll be willing to discuss more with you.

Sep 182015

As a Bible believing Christian I feel like everyday is a blessing! I find myself thanking God for laughter on playgrounds and hugging my kids tighter, because the world as we know it is fading fast. I’m a Texan, who was planning my return trip home while moving here to Kentucky. My entire family (except me & kiddos) is in Texas along with all our prepping, because that’s plan A! Get back! But, if SHTF I won’t be able to get that far with 4 kids in tow. (14 & 10 big healthy boys and 4 yo twin girls). We are prepped to bounce– just need options! If it is close to us (Louisville)– we will work!! Especially my sons… Until SHTF we can contribute around school schedules. Man of the house is an electrical engineer. My degree is in Theatre, so I can act like whatever role needs to be filled! Also, as a theatre grad I learned to sew, build, paint, even weld! We created things! That’s what I do. Also teach. I also was taught the Bible and prophesies since birth from my father who was a pastor, passed away in 2007 (cancer).
Feeling anxious these days, so prepper friends might help me not feel so alone.
Reply here (Stori), or email me
luvstori [at] yahoo [dot com]

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Jul 212015

We are a family of 4. we have been hard core prepping for 7 going on almost 8 years now. We have two acres along the Alabama Florida line. We are looking for like minded families who are already preppers or is severely interested in prepping.We are looking for families or individual(s) to join us. One’s who would possibly move/live on site to share the work with us. Or help out on weekends who feel they may need a bug out location. We have added additions on to our house. We have turned a 3 bedroom 2 bath house into a 8 bed room 3 bath house. We are looking to do one more addition. We also have a mobile home which is almost completely remolded to house a family also. We want to place one more on the property also to house others. We have a extended stock pile of food. We also have over 100 chickens, 40 turkeys, They are housed in a 24 X 100 foot long pin broke down to 12 x 12 pins with tin roof covering the entire thing.14 hogs housed in a 36 x 36 tin roof covered pins broke down to 12 x 12 pins. With water ran to all animal pins. We have a 8 x 16 shed that houses 4 incubators and a bitty bruter for hatching chickens and turkeys. We have 50, 55 gallon food grade drums of grain corn for human and animal consumption. We have 50, 55 gallon drums of animal feed for our animals. We have a solar powered well free from the grid for water. We also have a complete solar system to power our entire house free from the grid. We have built a EMP proof room to protect the solar power components. We have a 5,000 gallon above ground pool that serves not only as entertainment but as a reserve water supply also. It has a screened in deck with a flat screen TV and DVD player for entertainment and relaxation, including a 12 person pick nic table. We have a 125 gallon solid fuel hot water heater. We have a 12 x 24 glass green house a garden area with a above ground sprinkler system. We have converted from electric to gas cooking with enough fuel to cook for at least 2 years. I have a shop area with tools welder cutting torch to build and fabricate what ever we may need.We are current putting in a out door kitchen. We are installing a 6 foot fence around the property. We do have much much more. we have implemented back up systems for almost every thing We work hard! We are very neat and organized. We are looking for others to join us for I know a single family cannot stand alone. We will not accept any freeloaders. We do not ask for any financial help. Only that you provide what personal stuff you may need for yourselves. If you feel you want to contribute that’s fine. If you don’t mind working hard caring for animals and getting your hands dirty a little we just might be the ones for you. We are looking for like minded individuals that know what is coming in this country and don’t mind working hard to survive it or defend it. We are dug in deep no plan for bugging out! If you think you got what it takes then you may respond here or email me @ Knightmagic101 [at] aol [dot] com. …Thanks Ricky J happy prepping


Edit: Phone number removed 30 Sept 2015.

Jul 132015

Developing a community and a nuclear bomb shelter,totally self-sufficient Christian community in mountains.
Seek physicists, truckers with own truck, plumbers, electricians, concrete construction personnel, chemists, welders,
emergency medicine specialists,nurses, aquaponic farmers. We have tractor, SurvivalStill, air filtration
equipment,many animals batteries, grow lights, non-GMO seeds.etc. and expertise but need more of same and preferably someone with at least $20K capital.
Need backhoe and diesel truck ! Please contact me with resume,amount of capital and be ready to move quickly.  This is a team effort;no one person runs everything. Please PM me if interested.

Contact either truefaith at jesusanswers dot com or georgertd2humphries at g mail dot com
All major retailers shut down by 3rd week in August. Look at “The Best Evidence for Planet Nibiru”
on YouTube.

Jul 062015

Hello all,

First off, happy 4th of July to all American preppers!

I am a part of a small, Ohio-based prepping network that are looking to extend our membership out to the other mainland US states! (sorry Alaska/Hawaii). We are very organized in our methods of prepping and want like-minded people who can contribute, to come on board!

So some more info…

What are we:

– An Ohio-based prepping network! What does this mean? Basically, we are a group of like-minded prepping individuals who share their knowledge, wisdom and experience with other members of the network. We have our own, private lines of communication to do this.

– What do we do? In ‘peacetime’ we mainly share information and news between one another. The local individuals do meet for prepping meets/range days/beers and we are looking to become more organized (and varied) with our meetings as we grow in size.

– What do we have? Besides the usual prepping resources, we have organization and (hopefully) a growing community! In all seriousness though, we do have a hierarchy. This is formed and enforced through a moderate selection process; each member has an assigned peacetime and post-SHTF role based on their skill set. We have contingency plans, bugout location(s) (working on a few) amongst other things. We pride ourselves in being very organized.

What do we want:

– Likeminded individuals: We do not discriminate based on age, gender, marital status, religion, sexual preference, or anything else you can think of. However, we do select based on experience and there is an interview/selection process as explained below.

– Experienced Preppers: We do have a selection process. This is essentially to prevent freeloaders and ensure that you’re a good fit! We do ask that people applying be actively prepping prior to joining, or have the means to do so after joining. Exceptions are always given on a case-by-case basis but generally we aren’t a group suited for brand new preppers.

– People with niche skills, such as:

  • Medical professionals: Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Medics, EMT’s, Combat Medics.
  • Former soldiers/military personnel: Particularly those who have undertaken both training and/or combat roles. Former ‘specialist’ MOS’s are encouraged to apply.
  • Mechanics: Particularly vehicle mechanics.
  • Builders: Especially those with experience building small houses (or similar)
  • Naturists: No, not the people who are naked all the time. We’re looking for people with experience in edible plants, alternative medicine and growing large quantities of food.
  • Electricians/Plumbers: As with the builders, experience with domestic buildings is a plus!
  • Chefs: Anyone with experience storing, preparing and serving food. People with experience in creating home made alcohol also a plus.
  • Farmers/Vets: Anyone with experience in keeping and maintaining the wellbeing of animals. Particularly farm/domestic animals.
  • Blacksmith: Anyone with experience in fabricating and welding.
  • Seamstress: Experience making and repairing clothes.

What we are not:

– A paid membership-based network: We are not ZERT! You will be required to only give up knowledge and experience to become a member. Besides what you spend on your personal prepping, we will never ask you for your hard earned cash!

– A militia: we are not an organization to help you plan your government overthrow. We are about sustainability and community. Yes, we are armed, but are by no means an offensive fighting force. We won’t be going to war with the federal government, teaching you tax evasion or helping you plan the assassination of your neighbor. So if that’s what you want – move along!

– A charity: Our members prep their resources for themselves. We share knowledge and training now. Post-SHTF resource sharing will occur between communities in line with our pre-approved plans.


I know I have posted a lot of info, if you think that this network sounds like it could be for you, please leave a comment below, tell us about yourself and leave your email address! I actively monitor this so will reply pretty quickly. Looking forward to seeing whose out there.

– JP



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May 242015

Are you just about ready to make THE move once you find your perfect prepper homestead community?

THIS could be the place you’d love to live even if the world never collapses … but if it does, life here will still be wonderful.    It is just so much simpler to thrive (not just survive) in the gorgeous North GA mountains.

We would love to share our beautiful, peaceful  176 Acres of pristine hardwood forest, pastures, and abundant spring creeks with a few pleasant, like-minded, well-prepped Christian conservatives who will love living here as much as we do… and who will cheerfully pull together to thrive through whatever comes.

Will be selling only a few tracts for each person/couple to have their own private homestead of several acres, with lots of space for their gardens, animals, etc.   The majority of the land will remain natural for enjoying common gardens, orchards, hydro-projects, ponds, never-ending pure spring water, firewood, deer and turkey … and forest trails for hiking, horses, and just relaxing. Also very open to ideas like ‘cohousing’ and other innovations; it’s a big property.

BUT… Just what makes is THIS land a “Perfect Prepper Paradise”?  (aside from us nice folks, of course ) Glad you asked!  :-)

Perfect Climate:   Our local mountain ranges create a wonderful micro-climate around us… four lovely seasons, and our moderate summers and winters are even milder than the counties just above and below us.  No humidity and no need for air conditioning with a good design. I (Rebecca) designed my mostly glass passive solar home (heated only by the sun and my wood stove) and have not needed AC in 20 years! Our growing season is very long (Planting Zone 7) with plenty of rainfall and lots of sunshine. Lush green everywhere!

Perfect Location:  Ellijay (in Gilmer County) is a truly beautiful and sparsely-populated agricultural community in the gorgeous, green mountains of the Chattahoochee National Forest, about 40 miles south of the GA-TN-NC  border.

Our ranch is off the beaten track near the end of a quiet dead-end road where you can vanish into your own private world. Extremely peaceful, private yet convenient location… quiet and secluded, but not dangerously remote. Truly God’s country.

We’re about 14 miles from the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail and 8 country miles to Ellijay, a very friendly small mountain town with mostly like-minded conservative, self-sufficient and welcoming people.   Three clean mountain rivers wind through the County; great for tubing, kayaking and trout fishing.

It’s a wonderful place to live and enjoy while life is “normal” and a very safe place to be if everything collapses.  (Think “Mayberry” in the mountains with a strong Constitutional Sheriff!)  Small family farms are abundant:  apple orchards, vineyards, organic grass-fed beef, chickens, etc.  Our neighboring family farm (4 generations) raises delicious grass-fed, hormone-free meat animals.

Perfect Land:   All the features you could want on one gorgeous piece of land!  This 176 Acres is blessed with ALL SOUTHERN Exposure, rich brown ORGANIC soil, and abundant gravity SPRING WATER… perfect for gardens, greenhouse, pasture, and Solar-designed homes!

Numerous pure drinkable, never-ending mountain springs, creeks and pond sites run through the land (we own to the watershed at the ridgeline!).  Plenty of drop for ponds, hydro-power, even fun projects like waterwheels.

The ridgeline runs along our North property line for great protection, which means ALL of the land faces south.  Several acres are already in pasture and open for gardens, orchards, etc.   The majestic old-growth forest with huge mature hardwoods, laurels, ferns and abundant wildlife is a serene sanctuary and provides great hunting (deer  & big turkey).

Because of the mountains surrounding our dead-end horseshoe valley, this location provides a lot of natural security, so we don’t have to be highly “militarized” (although security, military and gun skills are highly valued and needed). But the very best security is living in the right place… and being prepared for anything.  We can even shut off the only dead-end road coming into our mountain-surrounded valley if necessary!  The few neighbors living on our short road are assets; have their own provisions and would pull together for protection.

Most of the acreage is level and rolling up to high level plateaus with great mountain views!   The pastures are at 1750’ and the highest peak on the property is 2100’.  Excellent cell phone and high-speed internet coverage; cable available if you want it.

Perfect Homestead Tracts: Perfect because you’ll help design the perfect homestead YOU want, situated around the large natural areas set aside for common use.   Minimal sensible covenants will protect your investment, but not run your life.  I’ll work with each individual/couple to determine what area and how much land they want to buy for their homestead and then customize their tract to meet their desires.  Whether smaller or very large acreage, there are so many great choices here.  Obviously, the earlier folks will get the widest choices. Prices depend on the size and features of your tract, the terms, etc. All land is slightly different, so we’ll work out each case individually.

Us NOT-So-Perfect  (but pretty  darn nice) Folks:  We’re mature (at least most of the time 😉 ) friends, two separate singles and a couple so far, who have been prepping for varying lengths of time.   TEOTWAWKI can occur for any number of reasons, so we’re preparing for most anything and need a few more solid preppers with the skills to round out our community.

So far, we include a nurse, massage therapists, and many skills including beekeeping, canning and preserving, solar home designer, site planner, Master Gardener and Naturalist, general carpentry and repair, and experienced homesteading with livestock on this land.  We’re steady in a crisis, determined hard workers, easy-going, and love to laugh!  Good sense of humor and a creative, cooperative attitude are required!

In addition to working together on common or individual homestead projects and for mutual security, we want the solid foundation of a community built on good-natured, reliable, supportive friendships. Really get to know and like each other, quirks and all, by making the time to get together for cook-outs, games, music or whatever is fun!

Solid, caring friendships can be the glue that gets us through the rough times. Although we’re all strong, independent personalities, it is paramount to have a compatibility of attitudes, faith, ideas and goals so we’re all pulling in the same direction when it matters most, with the least amount of friction.   We’ll discuss compatibility as we talk individually.

I have lived on this land for most of my adult life and hung onto it through thick and thin “for just such a time as this.”   Been prepping since 2005 (lived here since the ’80’s) and have already been living a very simple life here for many years. I could go off-grid with a bit more time and effort; that’s the goal.

Over the years, I designed my passive solar home; built a pond off one of the springs; have a gusher of a well, plus back-up gravity water from another pure spring high up the mountain; cleared and fenced the pastures (have horses and a llama). You can do that too!  The others have moved nice travel trailers here to stay in until they build their homes.  Each person will have at least a year’s full preps stored away as quickly as possible (meaning soon).

Perfect Time:  Lately, it seems that the world is rushing even faster to compete for which disaster will be the first to hit the fan. You’ve been thinking, planning, looking.  NOW is the time to act.  Time is short, so if you are interested, please contact me very soon to discuss all the great possibilities.

Send me a PM here or email at:   MtnsofGa [ at ] gmail [dot] com.  I look forward to talking with you soon!

Rebecca  (BTW… Did I mention “Paradise”?? :-) )

May 052015

we are starting a small retreat village on our 17 acres in ne ohio and likeminded christian families are needed to be filled for a functioning village.  multi skilled prefered as we wish to keep this to a small family oriented community.

midwife                              doctor  (prefer with alternative medicine experience)                           nurse and/or emt

gardeners/farmers  with foraging and wild edible knowledge and animal husbandry            

winemakers/moonshiners           hunters/trappers/fisherman/butchers                            tanners/leatherman

blacksmith/welder to fabricate materials needed              carpenters with experience in small home building

survival skills instruction            martial art/self defense instructor              mechanic             gunsmith     

electrician and  plumber   with knowledge of alternative energy         weaver/spinner/quilters

experienced seamstress to teach clothes making           teacher  k-12          smokehouse workers

experience person(s) in cooking, canning,processing and use of freeze deied and dehydrated.cheesemaking,yogurt, etc.

veterans and police officers welcome and encouraged.

all persons will be trained to firefight, run security, garden, tend animals,sew, cook and can, hunt/trap/fish/butcher their catch, construct buildings and fences, and anything else the community needs.  all jobs will be cross trained.              

this community is to be a self sustaining, self reliant working village.

everyone works or they dont eat.  this even includes children as young as 5 years old at which they will be given chores to do.

only serious need apply!!!!!!!!  anyone wishing to apply to join this village will need to be interviewed to determine compatability within the group. community donations and community rules will be  will be given after the interview. remember thisis to be your home and community. everyone is important.          

Apr 212015

Landscaping work and a place to stay at our camp for right match. We are a Christian Family looking for like minded Christian Family to help us work our land and have a sustainable farm. We are not anti government….just want to be self reliant for upcoming hard times. We have a landscaping business and have a small farm. There is a place for your RV here or you may be able to use ours.

Email chardamos three six seven @

Apr 172015

Hi, My name is Renee. I am a 24 female nursing student. I live in Louisiana.I have 2 sons. I am new to prepping and knowing that anything can happen is what helped me decide to start prepping.  So, like any parent I would like to have a safe place for my family just in case SHTF.

I am looking to start a prepping group/community. I would like to have a large mixed group of open minded people from all walks of life.  Your race, age, religion, material status, family size or where you live will not matter. As long as you can offer a skill or two you will be welcome. and for those who don’t have skills you must be willing to learn. I would require a background check from your local sheriffs office, I’m not trying to get all in your business. I’m just trying to make sure everyone would be safe.  If you would like to explain anything you will get a chance to do so.

I would like to buy some land to build a bug out community. i am currently designing an above ground community and an underground retreat. I have started looking at some land in the Midwest states. I figured that would be the safest place in any SHTF scenario. I do like the land in Missouri.

If you are looking to join and you have land and you would like it to be used let me know.

I know most people don’t want a large group for various reasons. I figure we are all adults and are we are all trying to do the same thing ( have a safe place). so why not work together. It would hurt to have a lot of skills in one group. Plus if we did have to go underground we would need a lot of different people for social reasons.

So if you are interested in this, email me at ladavianw [at] icloud [dot] com

Mar 082015

I am looking to either organize or join a survival/prepper community in Southeastern Ohio.  I have resources and skills to bring to a group.  Currently living outside Columbus, but I am looking at rural acreage in the vicinity of Perry County.  I believe time is short and I would like to be complete by the end of the summer.  Please respond if you are serious about taking the next step.

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Feb 282015

Our Church is sponsoring our 3rd annual Emergency Preparedness Expo on 18 April 2015, from 10:00 until 5:00 PM. There is no charge to attend and there are a few tables available for displays/vendors. There are no sales at the Expo, although vendors may hand out flyers, brochures, etc. There will be displays, demonstrations and presentations by Red Cross, Adena Medical, water filtration/storage, food preservation, cooking, trapping, and many more. The location is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1918 North Bridge St Chillicothe, Ohio ( across from ALDI). For more info you may contact me at epexpo14 at g mail dot com

Feb 042015

obviously the clock is ticking on the grand scheme of things. Ive talked to some of you. And have had proposals from others so here’s my two cents.

. strength in numbers is something we have all heard over and over and over……so why is everyone so wishy washy about things whether its teaming up, mag, or what have you? Ive had plenty of folks contact me around my area only to disappear after a short while. Ive also had some people have ridiculous prerequisites to join a group. Not everyone has unlimited resources to acquire 8,000$ worth of food for each member of their family. So should good people with plenty of knowledge, skills, and a good amount of supplies not be considered? Basically my point is lets get some chatter going. There’s plenty of us around each other. Time to s#*&t or get off the pot.

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Jan 252015


I am in Southeastern Ohio and I am new on here. Looking to meet like-minded people.

Basically I have a general knowledge in a lot of survival/prepping skill sets. I also offer a good deal of knowledge on construction, farming, hunting, fishing, trapping and maintenance. I am wanting to start my own group here on Ohio.

I have been reading and researching different groups and also different survival communities.

Looking to meet new people and form new friendships. Basically looking to network with others and other groups, exchanging ideas, beliefs,  knowledge and setting up a communications network. Always looking for new members. Strength is in numbers we all know that. These way its going in the world today….who knows when the SHTF is going to happen.

Contact me anytime

southeasternohioprepper at gmail dot com

Jan 242015


I’m interested in finding some fellow preppers in Southeastern Ohio or surrounding areas. I believe that we all have to be ready for anything.  Not only for ourselves but also for our families.  If your a prepper or interested in survival please contact me.

I know that we as preppers are being watch, but we as citizens are being watched as well. Too much is going on now not to think about what is coming. We all have to be ready….ready for anything.

So if your interested contact me. I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day..



Oct 272014

hello all been on this site for awhile and been in and out looking for like minded individuals and such have many skill sets and resources that I love to share email is monstermilitia12 [at] gmail [dot] com

Oct 142014

22 Year old male living in Cleveland/Lake County area.  Looking for others to compare notes/ideas, work together, maybe form a group, and perhaps most importantly learn from others.  Seems that all my prepared friends have moved out of state this year.  Been preparing for about a year now any would love fresh ideas strategies etc…  Should be self sufficient for six months though being an apartment dweller there are limitations in implementing sustainable long term strategies and dealing with eventual resupply issues.  Lets talk.

As the name implies I like pasta…

Feel free to send message or email. tysando (at) wowway (dot) com {Checked at least once a day}


Oct 052014

I am a 47 year old male interested in chatting with others in the Columbus, Ohio area about prepping. I have not started prepping, but am thinking about it. Ideally, I would like to find another person or family who is also new and would like to work together. Not interested in anyone with an agenda other than simply preparing for a disaster or economic breakdown. I can be emailed at niceguy43215 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Sep 102014

Like to find some families in the lima area for like minded ideas, fellowship, and folks for prepping binkleypeter [at] gmail [dot] com drop me a email and we can meet up for coffee or at church or where ever laters

Aug 162014

Peace to all. We just moved outside of Athens, OH and in search of a preppers group. There are 5 of us and ages range from 9 to 60. 3 of us have some weapons training and 3 of us have knowledge on edible plants as well as the healing properties of plants. We are in the process of saving to buy a small piece of land to take our prepping to the next level. I’m nervous about reaching out because I know everything we do is being watched but because of the craziness of the world today I feel it’s worth the risk. I should not have to raise my son in a world like this but instead of bitching about it, I decided to do something about it. Thank you.

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Jul 232014

Haven’t seen much chatter from those in Ohio lately. Anyone in say a fifty-sixty mile radius of the Capitol care to chat? ggea0290 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jun 222014

Just started to prep for i know what is coming due to all the signs and what the government has been doing and the natural disasters just looking for a group, for strength is acquired through numbers. First time on the site so not really sure how this works im guessing reply to this if you are in a group or starting one or email me at Mcorpas12 [at] yahoo [dot] com and no i am not 12 years old due to the email name.

May 212014

Trying to start
Co-op – Land Purchase

. All members would have equal ownership of the property. A 10 member board could be elected to oversee the running of the club, and majority would rule.( What do you think? )
Multiple Use – Sugar Grove, OH
9291 Buckeye Troxel Rd Hidden Haven Shooting Preserve — 94.72 Acres with 3224 SF club house w/large gathering room, conference room, kitchen, & pro-shop. Built 2000. Large shelter house plus several outbuildings. Also, 3BR/2BA residence w/3-car garage. … 55#photo-1

May 192014

We are a young couple in central ohio looking to escape the rat race and start a self sufficient lifestyle together.It whould be ideal If we could work for a homesteader and continue to learn the skils we need to live the rustic life. But that is a hard thing to come by and I have only heard of a few lucky people who have ben able to be mentored by sucessful homesteaders.
So this is us reaching out for a hand, or to give a hand to you.
If you need a someone to do some hard work in exchange for an education in homesteading.
We want to start our lifes jorney somewhere in the nortwest but we are willing to drop everything and relocate anywhere in the great united states.
We are happy with minimal housing (no electricity nessary). The opertuneity to hunt and trap to provide for ourselves a minimal income for nessities is greatly aprecated. Most everything else is negotiable.
Anyone interested please contact us here or at
jdillolove [at] gmail [dot] com

Apr 262014

We are looking to add to our group or train others to prepare their own group. If your interested in joining a group or looking for a place to brush up on some of your skills get in touch with us. We have our own class room and range. You can contact us at walkingdeadrange [at] gmail [dot] com . Or find us on Facebook at walkingdeadrange.

Apr 152014

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer by trade, I’m well informed and educated and prepped. NOW I need to find groups in my area with which to work. Please contact me if you have further info. Talk soon…

Mar 272014

If anyone is looking to meet like minded people, we are holding our April 12th meeting in Seneca County. We’re not a doom and gloom group, but all share a common interest. We will discuss topics from Energy, Food/Water, Security,  etc. We will also teach skills such as welding, emergency medical, carpentry, electrical and plumbing to name a few. Most of us are newer (1-3 yrs.) to prepping. If you’re interested, please email me at repthebest [at] gmail [dot] com. I will send you an address and time of meeting.

Mar 102014

Columbus Ohio, meet and greet 3/19/2013

There will be a preppers meet and greet on March 19,2014 start at 5:30 and going until 8ish, you don’t have to be there at 5:30, stop in and say hi, this will be at PREPPERS DISCOUNTERS at 3061 Silver Drive in Columbus,will be a variety of people from different venues…

Feb 252014

If anyone is looking to meet like minded people, we are holding our March 8th meeting in Seneca County. We’re not a doom and gloom group, but all share a common interest. We will discuss topics from Energy, Food/Water, Security,  etc. We will also teach skills such as welding, emergency medical, carpentry, electrical and plumbing to name a few. Most of us are newer (1-3 yrs.) to prepping. If you’re interested, please email me at repthebest [at] gmail [dot] com. I will send you an address and time of meeting.

Feb 072014

I am looking for some like-minded people in the Lancaster area in Ohio.

I’ll admit, I was born and raised a city boy…I grew up on the Jersey Shore but I have been in Ohio for the last 5 years…I’ve since discovered the beauty of camping/outdoors and have also become a prepper in the last couple years.

I have my own guns and equipment, but I am looking for people who are willing to work with me and we can help each other increase our survival skills.

Sadly, I don’t have any land or I would start my own prepping group, but I would be more than willing to join an existing one…Like I said, I don’t have the most experience in the outdoors, but I am trustworthy, a quick learner, and still have my basic human instincts….and I’d say that is more than most people have these days.

Drop me an email and let me know if anyone has any information for me please

QBcrusher92 [at] aol [dot] com