Apr 152014

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer by trade, I’m well informed and educated and prepped. NOW I need to find groups in my area with which to work. Please contact me if you have further info. Talk soon…

Mar 272014

If anyone is looking to meet like minded people, we are holding our April 12th meeting in Seneca County. We’re not a doom and gloom group, but all share a common interest. We will discuss topics from Energy, Food/Water, Security,  etc. We will also teach skills such as welding, emergency medical, carpentry, electrical and plumbing to name a few. Most of us are newer (1-3 yrs.) to prepping. If you’re interested, please email me at repthebest [at] gmail [dot] com. I will send you an address and time of meeting.

Mar 102014

Columbus Ohio, meet and greet 3/19/2013

There will be a preppers meet and greet on March 19,2014 start at 5:30 and going until 8ish, you don’t have to be there at 5:30, stop in and say hi, this will be at PREPPERS DISCOUNTERS at 3061 Silver Drive in Columbus,will be a variety of people from different venues…

Feb 252014

If anyone is looking to meet like minded people, we are holding our March 8th meeting in Seneca County. We’re not a doom and gloom group, but all share a common interest. We will discuss topics from Energy, Food/Water, Security,  etc. We will also teach skills such as welding, emergency medical, carpentry, electrical and plumbing to name a few. Most of us are newer (1-3 yrs.) to prepping. If you’re interested, please email me at repthebest [at] gmail [dot] com. I will send you an address and time of meeting.

Feb 072014

I am looking for some like-minded people in the Lancaster area in Ohio.

I’ll admit, I was born and raised a city boy…I grew up on the Jersey Shore but I have been in Ohio for the last 5 years…I’ve since discovered the beauty of camping/outdoors and have also become a prepper in the last couple years.

I have my own guns and equipment, but I am looking for people who are willing to work with me and we can help each other increase our survival skills.

Sadly, I don’t have any land or I would start my own prepping group, but I would be more than willing to join an existing one…Like I said, I don’t have the most experience in the outdoors, but I am trustworthy, a quick learner, and still have my basic human instincts….and I’d say that is more than most people have these days.

Drop me an email and let me know if anyone has any information for me please

QBcrusher92 [at] aol [dot] com

Jan 292014

If anyone is looking to meet like minded people, we are holding our first meeting Feb. 22, 2014 in Seneca County. We currently have 7 people attending and seek a couple more. We’re not a doom and gloom group, but all share a common interest. We will discuss topics from Energy, Food/Water, Security,  etc. We will also discuss skills such as welding, emergency medical, carpentry, electrical and plumbing to name a few. Most of us are newer to prepping and have some type of skill along with having fruit trees, bees, guns, and make fuel. If you’re interested, please email me at repthebest [at] gmail [dot] com. I will send you an address and time of meeting.


Jan 262014

I am 41 with a wife (32) and 3 kids (3months, 5, 8). We all know there is strength in numbers. We don’t have alot of money so our preps aren’t vast. We are starting to freeze dry food for long storage. We have supplies for water filtration and starting our medicine stockpile which includes antibiotics and natural herb medicines. I have good knowledge of edible plants and plant I.d. As well as medicinal herb usage and dosage. A vast knowledge of wilderness survival and construction of anything with any supplies. A good knowledge of weapons although we do not own any….. .yet. That’s in the plans. We live in a place that I don’t feel will be safe so id rather not bug in. I am also building my knowledge of solar power and at the moment have a solar powered 12volt battery charger with power inverter. I feel I would be a great asset to any self sustaining community.

 Posted by at 3:02 pm
Jan 082014

Is anyone from Central Ohio planning to attend? This is the first show here and I’m not sure what to expect, I’ll check out some seminars if they seem worthwhile and of course cruise around and check out the vendors. I’m not sure if this would be a good place to possibly meet others from the Central Ohio area, the logistics may not work if folks are checking things out for themselves and possibly sitting thru seminars. I’m just throwing this out there, perhaps others will have ideas or input we can toss around. For sure I’d want to keep things a bit low-key, how would anyone know who’s who? Time to meet, where to meet? All of this is an unknown since this is a new show in a building I doubt I’ve ever been in. Again I’m just tossing this out there. If anyone has any input or would like to discuss it I can be reached here.   ggea0290 [at] yahoo [dot] com        mention SS in your email. Everyone take care.

Dec 292013

My wife and I are looking to expand our preparedness group with other skilled individuals here in the NW Ohio / NE Indiana area. We’re real down-to-earth people who see the potential for bad things on the horizon and we want to be in the company of other smart, skilled individuals.

For more details, contact me directly at RSOP (at) RadicalSurvivalism (dot) com

Dec 292013

Greetings!!  I am the newbie here but i am not new to the “prepping” culture.  I  live in the Cleveland Ohio area and ashland/mansfield ohio area.  i served over 16 years in the USMC with deployments from Bosnia to the Stan.  My MOS was 0321.  i have been around weapons for over 28 years, have martial arts training (combat and brazilian jiu jitsu).  I am looking for like minded individuals that are willing to train more than once or twice a year.

my brother has several thousand acres in the Mt. gilead Ohio area that we train at.  i also am down in the Hocking hills area…if you are interested let me know.

Dec 232013

My family and I live within 15 miles of Canton, OH. We have been prepping for about 2 years now. I’ve also been looking for people that have an interest in prepping and potentially creating a group that could get together in the event that something happens. I’m also looking for individuals or groups that are interested in sharing knowledge, research, getting together for coffee, etc.

Right now I have a group consisting only of family members ~8 people and am looking to start conversations via email to share knowledge.
A little info on myself. I have a significant amount of knowledge in the following areas:
Construction (I built my own house and barn myself), mechanical repair, electrical repair, automobile repair (I perform all maintenance and troubleshooting on my own vehicles, including computer diagnostics), have 10 years experience shooting, maintaining and learning about firearms, adaptable to multiple situations, analytical in nature, leadership skills

Along with my own skills my group brings some medical experience as well. I have a wife and two teenage children who are also interested in prepping. All have firearms experience enough that I would trust them to protect us and our property if necessary. I’m not one of the over the top preppers that you see on the Discovery Channel, but I do take prepping seriously. I’ve also started writing a book on getting prepared and plan to publish this online in the near future.

If we are missing anything it would be hunting experience. Feel free to reach out to me at scott dot shearer AT hotmail dot com


Dec 192013

As that a family emergency came up last weekend and i could not go to the first coffee meet and great i would like to plan another one for the 25th of Jan 2014. it will be held at Java Central in downtown Westerville at 1630 in the back meting room. My name is Wayne and i will try and get us a little area so we can talk and drink some of the best coffee in Ohio. Please understand this is not a planed event but just a chance to see who in the area would like to get together once a month to share, teach, learn about how we can be ready for what ever may come down the pike. My e-mail is waynleonard [at] aol [dot] com if you have any questions. Please no para military or end of the world folks. After 54 years of life my feeling is that no one person can make it alone.

Dec 182013

Im a veteran. 0311. Currently living in Cleves Ohio. I dont have much resources to offer as im on a fixed income currently. Ive done one tour and been to Camp Justice Camp Anaconda Camp 91. Ive made sharpshooter and take pride in my time of service. Although I know some one person can not know all. We are all human. Looking for serious like minded individuals to establish a group. You can text anytime just include youve met me on here. 5one3-3three5-65threezero. Dave.

Dec 122013

Hello my names mike I live in toledo area and am new to the site and am just learning about becoming prepared. Ive recently been reading books and blog posts on several survival sites and intend to start learning new skills and making my well preperarions anyone in the area who is interested in starting a group or just learning more about my self can email me at mialnj4492 [at] aim [dot] com.

Dec 122013

We are holding the first Prepperfest and Gun Show on January 17th, 18th and 19th 2014. All are welcome. Please see the website www.prepperfestcolumbus.com. We are attempting to organize individuals in the midwest region by introducing people and vendors for survivability in case of an economic event. 5K to 10K people are expected. Many vendors and professional speakers.

Dec 102013

Looking to join or start a prepper group to discuss topics, teach, demonstrate. Maybe a once a month or so type meeting style. Not sure what’s available, however I do have other people interested in joining/starting with me. Send me a note at: repthebest [at] gmail [dot] com

Nov 212013

Tried to help a family the other day by looking at how they could put a side a little bit of supplies in case of a bad winter storm here in central Ohio. After a hour of being told that this and that would not be needed I smiled and wished them good luck and left. Now let me say that there 3200 square foot home is out in the country on about 5 acres with half in woods and a small pound but that is it. No back up power source, no back up of food or water, no defense items or plan, and most of all ” NO BRAINS”. Love them and meet them at my church were they found out that I had a little bit of a back ground on being prepared. Yes I was in Boy Scouts, Each time I brought a item or plan up they just looked at me and gave the same statement we have all heard, ” That will not happen here, and we will just deal with it as it comes up”. Ok for starters the two very expensive cars in the drive, the very well kept yard, and the sign over the front door saying” ALL WELCOME”, might be a dead give away there might be something to this place “let’s go and see” says the three bad guys looking for a good time. Can I say as each day goes by and we see more and more shootings, stabbings, break ins, rapes, and bad weather we all need to just look around and lower our “here I am and I have great stuff come on in attitude”. Not saying we should not help others but please take time out and talk to others about the simple things they can do to be able to help themselves in time of need and then others. Don’t tell others about all of the great stuff you have but let them know were they could find some great stuff. Don’t tell them your plan for bugging in or out but tell them a great web site they can go to for info. Most of all pray for everyone to plan ahead and be able to keep them and theirs safe when needed.

Now on the second Sat of Dec in Westerville OH, around 1630 I will be at a coffee shop downtown. If a few people would like to stop by and talk about starting a group were we would meet to share, teach, help, and listen about being ready let me know. E-mail me through this site. some have already said they might like to do this but I would like to here from you again. NO-Para-military types, NO – conspiracy types, only folks who would like to meet and talk about ways to be ready for anything that comes down the pike.

Nov 162013

sometime in the next 30 days I would like to have a information meeting for people who would like to meet once a month and talk about prepping, camping, hiking, maybe about starting a help group. no wacko’s no Para military, just down to earth folk who like to share, learn, and meet people. A very non stress, non OPESC meeting. if you would like more info feel free to e-mail me at waynleonard [at] aol [dot] com. it would be at a coffee house in Westerville Ohio.

Oct 292013

MVP Network will be holding its first preparedness meeting

Sunday November 10, 2013 at 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm.

This meeting will be held at the Gander Mountain in Huber Heights Ohio.

The topic for the night will be the:

  • Introduction to the Preparedness Life Style 101.

Everyone is invited. Admission is free. Please let us know if will be attending, so we will have enough materials available.

You can contact us by Ph.  937-681-6432

E-Mail: [email protected]

Join our Face Book Pg:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miami-Valley-Preparedness-Network/680335375323940

Hope to see you there

God Bless America & Long Live the Republic

Oct 172013

After 21 years in the navy as a hospital corpsman and with the corps i can tell you that it will take more than one to get through any coming rough times. if anyone is just sitting back and thinking about putting up a few supplies and maybe looking into how to grow things i can tell you that you will need help. it took me a few years to learn 4 to 12 people is best. I am thinking about starting a group that would start meeting at a local coffee shop in Westerville just to share and learn. you can resopnd to this posting and we will go from there. We came close this week and it will get closer yet so why not meet with like minded folk.

Oct 162013

Hello everyone I am looking for some like minded people that is wanting to have a group of people in the area to learn from each other. I am looking for people that is wanting to train for when the SHTF and people I can trust to have me and my families six.

I am a 34 year old Marine Corp veteran that thinks our country is going to have major problem in the near future. I think that if you are going to survive when the SHTF you are going to have to be in a group of trusted peers. I have an arsenal of weapons that I am still growing. I have some other supplies that I have been growing. I am strong in the tactical defense, Medical, and self – defense. I was an EMT-Basic and volunteer firefighter. I am wanting to learn more in a lot of different areas. So if you want to know more about me and wanting to learn from each other please drop me an email at devil_dog_prepper79 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Sep 132013

looking for like minded preppers in ne Ohio, preferably Youngstown area.

People who want to be active in meeting, practicing skills, training, learning, teaching, sharing, building friendships, and anything that can contribute to preparation action and survival.

About myself:

32 male. educated with a bachelor in biology minor in chemistry and environmental studies (graduate this December). Physically active. Currently expanding arsenal and food supplies as well as self help books.(let’s not forget when the shtf we will not be able to rely on YouTube and the Internet for questions and help so books are a must have). Also i’m storing a little bit of propane and I live near a lake. I’m into camping, hiking, learning, travel, shooting, fishing.

Would like to learn:
More about farming, hunting, tactical defense, primitive survival skills, raising animals, crafting trades.

My email is xxxkometxxx [at] gmail [dot] com if you would like to chat, swap ideas, from a group, or even invite me to yours.

Sep 032013

Hello I am a Marine that served in the Iraqi war and now a Prepper looking to find a group of people that are wanting to survive when the SHTF. I feel that you are going to be more likely to survive if you a group of Preppers that are all on the same page. I am from central Ohio and looking for some good people that have skill sets that are going to be beneficial to me and my family to survive. If you are wanting to get in touch let me know by emailing me at pjkruse79[at] hotmail[dot]com.

Aug 312013

My wife and I are both experienced Military Honorably Discharged seeking others with Weapons Tactical Operations medical, Martial, growing crops food preparatioin canning making cheeses, hunting skinning etc;;;;;
We are SERIOUS tired of BSers….seeking 4couples willing to financially pitch in for a beautiful cabin/lodge in the Mountainous Areas possibly Alaska, Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia couple other areas..and leave city life behind……If your serious please have 150K to 200K do put in to the pot….. potential properties already selecte
dino.wantsome at live.com

Aug 292013

Family moving from Delaware, Ohio to Harmon Road is looking to network with other hardcore preppers. hardcore means you have money and time invested in it. 740-815-6826. military, communications, medical, fabrication, or other skills welcomed…This is a collaboration offer…don’t tell me, show me.  See Map

Aug 202013

Hello my name is robert and I was wondering are there any prepper groups I can join I have 6years as an infantryman in the army Im an expert shooter I know first aide combat lifesaver I can help train and also learn from the group just wanted be apart of a group ,I’ve planning for over a year and been buying supplies for about 6months hope join a group thanks

Aug 182013

I recently moved back to the area and was going through the old posts. There seemed to be a lot of hi, how are ya”s and welcome to the board comments from preppers in the area but very few offered up contact info like an e-mail addy. For sure I get opsec but it would seem difficult to meet and greet or grab a cup of jo with like minded folks if there’s no way to contact them. So I’ll throw this out there since I haven’t seen any new post’s from the central Ohio area. I’m in the area of Delaware, Morrow, and Knox county. Looking for others who are concerned with past and present issues and who are truly serious about meeting others and sharing info and ideas. Folks, those looking to start a full blown group at this late stage in the game I’m afraid are sol. At best I see people, serious people getting together and putting together a MAG. Of course I’m open for any and all suggestions. I’m not interested in the groups in other states. I’m currently meeting with a few other folks on a regular basis so if anyone is interested you can drop me a line at ggea0290 [at] yahoo [dot] com               No nutjobs, no Rambo’s and no militia leader wannabe’s.

Aug 182013

Hello, I am former military, & law enforcement. Survival trained sniper capabilities, combat lifesaver trained, certified 1st aid and CPR Certified Weapons Instructor looking for other preppers

My wife and I own a small farm in a VERY rural area of SE Ohio with very defensible location with a large cliff on three side and only one way into the main area of the farm. We have raised gardens canned and preserve food for years.

We also own a gun store and carry alot of prepper supplies include food rations weapons ammo and night vision.

We are wanting to find other like minded people