Mar 072022

guys. we should put this to use.
Nice to meet you Im mike,
ok so theres a land site remote, north of kingman at a place called dolan springs,
paying monthly for it. 100 per month.
total price 6 k,
theres nothing on it, its remote, was there the other day. for first time,
‘we should build on it a cabin, i can build it too.
this would be easier with a friend or two that wants to help its a lot of work, but its a very, remote place and would be a good place to go to.

  3 Responses to “arizona near kingman”

  1. Hello Arizona Prepper,
    I lived in Arizona for 22 years, last in Prescott. Keep me posted on the activities taking place. Wardog

    [email protected]

  2. I’m interested to learn more. My email is [email protected]

  3. Hi Mike, I live in Brooklyn, NYC. I’m from Ireland originally, I’m 43, not young but not old.
    I was actually considering Dolan Springs myself. I know something is coming and I want an out.
    The word is digital currency and collapse around Oct or Nov of this year.
    Anyway, let me know how things go for you. I have a little experience in construction myself. I once worked in procurement for a construction company.
    Here’s my email: [email protected]. Thank you.