Mar 072022

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New to the area and trying to find other like minded people. Community gardens,  buying bulk dried goods, community, etc.

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  1. I hope you get this reply . My name is Chris I live in Montgomery Tx and currently forming a mutual assistance group . I’m building my website which should be live within a week . I’ll use this site to start a vetting process to pick well rounded educated individuals who think like you and I . I want to form a board and go from there . Don’t really want to say to much on a open site like this ( kinda why I paid big bucks for the domain I got please check the site after Easter to get you on board . Thanks

    • Chris – I looked up your website and just want to make sure you have it up and going. It ask for my phone number, address, etc.. and I am just a bit leery about putting that out there.

  2. New to this. Looking to learn and be ready for what is inevitable

  3. Looking forward to hearing more about the Ghostprepper site, and building some kind of community, and at the very least some connections in the area.

  4. We are looking at joining or forming a group, we are in The Woodlands area. We could meet and discuss.

  5. Thanks for the reply. Will do.

  6. Tuesday & Sunday’s I’m not usually around, afternoons any other times is usually pretty good ([email protected]).

  7. I have tomorrow left or most days next week.