Mar 182018

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Seeking to form—Small Christ centered conservative preparedness group of like minded individuals / families.

We are seeking only 3-5 couples or families to join together ahead of time to prepare a small group and land before a collapse.  

The type of people / families that we would like to find can be from anywhere in the USA and be willing to move in the next year to begin to build the retreat.  All must be firm Christians with a solid scriptural foundation and like minded to some degree. As families begin to join one another then bylaws will be created with all adults working together to form a Christ centered and constitutional view.  In other words we are all equals in this. Very specific requirements for supplies of food, gear, seeds, and essentials will be made. A higher goal than most of 3-5 years of the above would be on my list for all to obtain. 1 year as an initial in order to be considered.  Must be living a life free of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and {sin to the best of your ability}. My goal here is not to be a lord / ruler, but to be a band of brothers helping each other and being more of a small tight knit family. All must be able to work together and not be the types that try to control and make everyone do what they see best.  That may even be of utmost importance for success in this.

Currently we are shopping for 100+ acres of land in some strategic locations with the following characteristics- Mountainous or hill country area that is defensive.  Region with mild winters. Land that is good for farming with surrounding population of people that farm.  As low as possible of a population with no large cities anywhere nearby and away from smaller cities. Must have good quality year round water source on site. Away from major roads. Ect. With that said we do have some areas in mind but are also willing to work with others if they want to help with choosing the area with all that goes into such a strategy.  When it comes to buying the land this could be done in different ways and it is something that we can work out. We are buying land anyways regardless if we find someone here unlike some who are looking for others to fund their mission of buying land or building a bunker ect.  Most important skills for a collapse would be farming, defense / real military operator skills that only 10% of those in the military have, and emergency medical care (not your typical family doc stuff).  Other important skills but lesser on the list would be JOAT’s, carpentry, electrical, communications, mechanical, and macgyver types who can rig anything from a pile of junk.
If what I have said here fits who you are and makes you want to know more please PM me.

Sep 082016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

I am the owner of a unique 400 acre estate of 5 homes in the mountains of North Eastern Pennsylvania. I am a born-again believer and I believe in the pre-tribulation, and I believe Christ is coming soon. I am looking for retired couples or skilled individuals who are financially self-sustained and are looking for a safe remote place where the goal is to become totally self-sustained by raising livestock and growing food. Also, develop concepts and ideas to raise additional funds. Survival skills, security/defense skills are a bonus, but there is something for us all to learn from each other. The ultimate goal is to live as peacefully as possible in harmony in the remaining days before Christ’s return.

I have 400 acres for sustainable living connected to an additional 40,000 acres. We are blessed with pure drinking water, a Class A stream running through the property, four ponds for raising fish, and a river to the East of the property.

The property is well protected and secured. We have a 1 1/2 mile private road entrance. Two beautiful rustic mountainside houses that come with security and safety room, and we have the potential of putting in additional homes. We also have a 3500 foot grass airstrip, and I have facilities to support Class A motor home. We are also well equipped with farming equipment.

We have the beginnings and capability of hydroponic and aquaponic food by combination of greenhouses and LED hydroponic facilities to maintain temperature all year round. Noted that a green thumb is also a bonus, or quick and willing to learn. Talented mechanical abilities helpful for maintaining alternative energy on the property.

Looking for other people who have interest in the land and self-sustainability, understands the meaning of sound doctrine and enjoy other people. Increasing the group enhances ideas, resources, skills, intuition, perspective and wisdom.

Don’t wait until its too late! Serious inquires only to pretribprepper207(at)gmail(dot)com