Apr 192022

We (family of 3) have been in North Idaho for almost a year and are looking to seriously connect with like-minded Christian-conservative preppers that are local to us in the St.M -Medimont area. We have homesteading skills, gardening, raising small livestock, fencing, light carpentry, food preservation, some basic medical knowledge and are firm 2A proponents. Wife is a former nurse and  husband is a master electrician, specializing in off-grid-solar, generators, etc. Also, looking for bartering partners and to purchase a few acres of rural land or possibly do a group land purchase (sky-high land prices are becoming more prohibitive in Idaho) in the North Idaho area-Bonner, Boundary, Benewah or Idaho counties. Anyone in our area, please contact us and we can discuss if we may be a good fit. Thanks!m

  2 Responses to “Looking for MAG-Prepping Community in North Idaho-Benewah Cty. area”

  1. Hello, my name is Brandon. My wife Rebecca and I are looking for like minded off gridders in Idaho. Been prepping like crazy, heavily invested in freeze dry. We do half long term and half rotational. We are seeking like minded individuals or families who want to create a community that we can thrive in