Apr 022023

I want to join a prepper group in North Florida/ South Georga area, preferably in or near Columbia or Suwannee county. I live near the intersection of I-10 and I-75 and have enough land to camp on for members traveling to group meetings. I am prior military, a jack of all trades including farming, animal husbandry, herbs & oils, homesteading (old fasioned “women’s work”), carpentry, masonry, weilding, and some mechanics. I want to expand into aquaculture, hydroelectric & perpetual power generation, and become confident in construction of retaining walls and wells.

  3 Responses to “Seeking to join or start N FL or very S Gagroup”

  1. We are in the Jacksonville area and looking for like minded folks. Appears you have many interesting skills. We will be in Waycross this Saturday but could meet up later on Saturday or Sunday depending on how things go in Waycross. We have some property we are working on.

  2. I am in Panama City Beach FL. I am also searching for groups in the vicinity. these two groups are nearby , while in search for other like minded patriots.