Dec 272022

My family and I are just a little past the “beginner” phase of prepping. Covid pressed our skill set like it did for many people.

20+ years ago I got my FCC GROL License for work and never used it. Fast forward to Christmas 2022. I received a TH-9800D Transceiver. Since I got my license the names and some guidelines have changed. I’ve read through the FCC website and it’s not exactly clear.  Bottom line, what can I do with this radio AND do I need a need a new license to operate this radio as a mobile station?

It’s my understanding that due to the power output and operating range no license is required.

Can someone please validate this for me?

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  1. I got the opposite take: Yes, you would need a license to transmit

    Best advice would be to send an email and ask your local club and ARRL directly, if not the FCC.

  2. UPDATE:
    You do NOT need a license to receive and listen. There are specific band widths that DO NOT require a license, they are kind of like emergency frequencies. To transmit in the whole spectrum you do need a license. It took at least a dozen or more websites and ham radio clubs to slowly build this information. The FCC like most government agencies was less than helpful and only made things more confusing. There isn’t a cross reference chart that shows what GROL Element 1&3 have been “converted” to and there’s no public website that I have found so far. Like I said, this is what I’ve been able to filter and piece together. Best bet is to contact a local HAM Radio Club. They love the hobby and are eager to get more people interested. From a prepping point of view they claim that between 75 & 95% of our time should be spent listening which doesn’t require a license. One group of internet lawyers claim that during a natural disaster or state of emergency (hurricane, massive earthquake), licenses are not required on all band widths. Take the internet advice for what it’s worth and do your own research. If you can break the red tape double talk on the DCC website, congratulations!! You’re one of the few.
    If I can come up with some sort of licensing matrix I’ll post it here.

  3. I am just now studying for my first ham license. Still more to learn but I have been listening for many years.
    I looked up the radio you listed and it certainly looks cool.

    Just remember if you transmit during bad times others will know where you are.

    This would be good to put on the prepper forum connected with this site.