Dec 252022

Hello. My name is Beverly. I am an RN with almost 27 years of experience. I have 2 years worth of food. I keep buying more because that is what I do. I am willing to help out but I  do not have the stamina I once had. I am smart. I am a person who has the fortitude to help when needed. I would say that I am most suited to a group who has young people who can do the heavy lifting. I am 62 years old. I am medical ready for most situations. I want to belong to a group who could use my skills and know that I am willing and able to help with anything that is asked. I live in the Broken Arrow area and would just like to know there is somewhere that would want my skills and respect that I would do what I could but it would not be like someone in thier prime.

Thank you for considering,


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  1. Medical skills are a big asset. People talk a good story but when they are hurt they want help.

    My wife is a retired nurse and after working in everything from neo natal intensive care, urgent care to long term care she has a wide ranging skill set.

    We have been stocking steri strips, disenfectant, ibuprofin, lots and lots of bandages and gauze….the list goes on.

    • You are right. Medical skills are a big asset. I think most groups want someone younger than me with my skills. Well when you are younger you just don’t have my skills. Thanks for replying.

  2. Hello Beverly,

    I think it is great that you have two years of food stored up. More people need to think ahead like you are. Currently I don’t have that much stored up, but I do have some. I’ve been a gardener my whole life and can quit easily grow several years worth of food in a single season. I have actually been looking for a group myself to share my prepper skills with. Finding a group that you fit into can be challenging regardless of your age.

    I will agree with what Ryder posted above about your nursing skills being a valuable asset.

    welcome to the group!

    • If you are a gardener you are one of the few who will survive. Seeds are easy to save, easy to replant and just replenish your garden year after year. I have tried gardening for the last 2 years in raised beds. I will tell you I am not the best, have spent a lot of money but I will keep trying. Love me some home grown tomatoes. I love that as things are now I am very self sufficient. I can work, I can buy groceries (no matter how high they are) but I am always looking for same minded people. Whether I would do anything about it if I found them I don’t know at this point. I found one group from Oklahoma who sent me a questionaire to fill out. Never could figure out how to do that. Thank you for commenting. Bev