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Hello. My name is Beverly. I am an RN with almost 27 years of experience. I have 2 years worth of food. I keep buying more because that is what I do. I am willing to help out but I  do not have the stamina I once had. I am smart. I am a person who has the fortitude to help when needed. I would say that I am most suited to a group who has young people who can do the heavy lifting. I am 62 years old. I am medical ready for most situations. I want to belong to a group who could use my skills and know that I am willing and able to help with anything that is asked. I live in the Broken Arrow area and would just like to know there is somewhere that would want my skills and respect that I would do what I could but it would not be like someone in thier prime.

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  1. Medical skills are a big asset. People talk a good story but when they are hurt they want help.

    My wife is a retired nurse and after working in everything from neo natal intensive care, urgent care to long term care she has a wide ranging skill set.

    We have been stocking steri strips, disenfectant, ibuprofin, lots and lots of bandages and gauze….the list goes on.

  2. Hello Beverly,

    I think it is great that you have two years of food stored up. More people need to think ahead like you are. Currently I don’t have that much stored up, but I do have some. I’ve been a gardener my whole life and can quit easily grow several years worth of food in a single season. I have actually been looking for a group myself to share my prepper skills with. Finding a group that you fit into can be challenging regardless of your age.

    I will agree with what Ryder posted above about your nursing skills being a valuable asset.

    welcome to the group!

    • If you are a gardener you are one of the few who will survive. Seeds are easy to save, easy to replant and just replenish your garden year after year. I have tried gardening for the last 2 years in raised beds. I will tell you I am not the best, have spent a lot of money but I will keep trying. Love me some home grown tomatoes. I love that as things are now I am very self sufficient. I can work, I can buy groceries (no matter how high they are) but I am always looking for same minded people. Whether I would do anything about it if I found them I don’t know at this point. I found one group from Oklahoma who sent me a questionaire to fill out. Never could figure out how to do that. Thank you for commenting. Bev

  3. @Onlybev, where are you located in OK? I’ve been informally organizing a MAG here around the Okmulgee/Tulsa/Creek county confluence. Skills, rooster swapping, GMRS freqs, and the like. Drop a line if you’re near this area.

  4. Yes I live in BA. I work in Tulsa. Thank you for responding to my post.

  5. Have you ever gone to the 1st Tuesday Prepper dinner at El Viejo restaurant in BA?

    • Never heard of the prepper dinner.

      • Neither have I. Apparently, it’s an open dinner meet-up of like-minded folks. 1st Tuesday of the month. I can’t drive after dark, eyes are bad.

        • They’re FB page says its from 6 – 9pm.

        • Where do you live?

          • Big city of Mounds! South and west of town. My property line is the Okmulgee/Creek county line. 5 ac.
            I would like to know if that 1st Tuesday meet is a thing before I burn the gas to drive all the way over there. I’m 68 and I’m down to one eye, it’s not fun to drive anymore, and impossible after dark.

            I don’t do regular social media for the usual reasons. FB makes me turn off my vpn to sign up. No can do. That group appears to use it as their default platform.

  6. I live just north of Tulsa. I am an older married working man. I have 2 young children wanting to reach out to others.

    • We all work. What is your skill set. That’s what most people want to know. Do you have a plan. I am actually from Collinsville originally and I have a sister who still lives on the old homestead. I have always wanted to be self-sufficient, but I also know we aren’t able to maintain our way of life by ourselves. We need a community. We need interaction and we need people who have skill sets that we don’t have and never will have. My whole reason to get on this forum is to let people know what my skill sets are and see if there is a group that I could fit into. If SH T hits the fan, I won’t be much use to anyone if there is not a group.

  7. I have been in maintenance all my adult life. I am a pretty good troubleshooter and can fix most anything. If parts are hard to come by I can get creative. Skill sets? I can cook and I can clean and I can do most anything. For example: When my brother bought an old big green van. We named it Shrek. We reconditioned the engine. He reconditioned the transmission while I repaired the heater motor. Wired all the tail lights from engine compartment to the back. I installed a constant load relay and wired it so the engine battery was isolated from the house batteries. When the engine was running the house batteries would charge. We then put 4 solar panels on the roof and 2 solar charge controllers for the house batteries. Wired 12v lights inside and a couple outside. Then when we found the steering column had issues and the turn signals were affected, I tore the system apart. Found there were redundant contacts inside. I wired them in parallel. Drew a schematic so we new what was what and then finished up the wiring for the lights. The lights mounted in the fiberglass hood didn’t work well. I determined it was a bad ground. An after thought was to wire the house battery solenoid to a push button that would engage the relay and be able to use all the batteries to start the engine if needed. The door lock didn’t work and I took it apart and fabricated a piece to make it work. Then we wired an inverter for a 120v. circuit. Then we removed the roll up door and modified a 36 inch steel door installing in the rear. Built a bed and installed a mini fridge. Installed a hatch through the roof and a fan.

    I am a building engineer and operate chillers and boilers. Work on everything in the building you can think of. I know a lot about electrical, plumbing etc etc. Skills? My kids are starting into Algebra and I am teaching them because the teachers seem more focused on social issues. If your a nurse you have probable called a few guys like me to work on issues.

  8. James Wesley, Rawles (see his home webpage and he explains why he spells it that way) is a great SHTF/EOTWAWKI writer, lots of good practical information buried in a compelling set of stories. Interesting sidebar to his books is:

  9. medical skills are a HUGE boon to any group. I know very basic first aide. Any group would be damn lucky to have you in their midst.