May 202015
Me & my wife have been prepping for the last 2 years & we are looking for other preppers or prepping groups to join. We wanna meet other serious preppers & share ideas. I have 7 years experience in the Armed Security & Personal protection field. We are in the Sarasota/Bradenton FL area so if there anyone would like to contact me you can reach me via email at Carlosgutierrez92688@gmail(dot)com or at (941)447-8766
Apr 302015

I live in Key West, Florida, but am willing to move to work for and with the right group. I am terrified of what is happening in this country and around the world. I don’t have much money, but I have a strong back, willing hands, and a sharp mind. If you are willing to let me join your group, you won’t be sorry.

Apr 292015

We are a family of 4. we have been hard core prepping for 7 years. we have two acres along the Alabama Florida line. we are looking for a like minded family who is already preppers or is severely interested in prepping.We are looking for a family or individual(s) to join us. Ones who would possibly live on site to share the work with us. Or help out on weekends who feel they may need a bug out location. You may respond here or email me @ Knightmagic101 [at] aol [dot] com. or text me at 850 982 1530…Thanks Ricky J happy prepping

Apr 262015

I am a pretty new prepper (only been at it for about a year now), and was recommended to join by members on another website I follow.  Are there any local groups that meet and exchange ideas?

Apr 212015

Landscaping work and a place to stay at our camp for right match. We are a Christian Family looking for like minded Christian Family to help us work our land and have a sustainable farm. We are not anti government….just want to be self reliant for upcoming hard times. We have a landscaping business and have a small farm. There is a place for your RV here or you may be able to use ours.

Email chardamos three six seven @

Apr 202015

Hi, im new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Josh and i live in the Florida Panhandle. I love to fish and hunt and am looking to meet like minded folks to learn from and share ideas.

Apr 172015

Hi, My name is Renee. I am a 24 female nursing student. I live in Louisiana.I have 2 sons. I am new to prepping and knowing that anything can happen is what helped me decide to start prepping.  So, like any parent I would like to have a safe place for my family just in case SHTF.

I am looking to start a prepping group/community. I would like to have a large mixed group of open minded people from all walks of life.  Your race, age, religion, material status, family size or where you live will not matter. As long as you can offer a skill or two you will be welcome. and for those who don’t have skills you must be willing to learn. I would require a background check from your local sheriffs office, I’m not trying to get all in your business. I’m just trying to make sure everyone would be safe.  If you would like to explain anything you will get a chance to do so.

I would like to buy some land to build a bug out community. i am currently designing an above ground community and an underground retreat. I have started looking at some land in the Midwest states. I figured that would be the safest place in any SHTF scenario. I do like the land in Missouri.

If you are looking to join and you have land and you would like it to be used let me know.

I know most people don’t want a large group for various reasons. I figure we are all adults and are we are all trying to do the same thing ( have a safe place). so why not work together. It would hurt to have a lot of skills in one group. Plus if we did have to go underground we would need a lot of different people for social reasons.

So if you are interested in this, email me at ladavianw [at] icloud [dot] com

Apr 072015

I’m looking to meet other Christian Preppers in Seminole County, FL (or near Seminole County). You don’t have to be an expert in anything. I’m more concerned about meeting people who have a similar value system, see the potential dangers facing us all, and want to prep. Please email me at hreardon90 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Apr 052015

Hi my name is Tricia. I am just starting out as a prepper I’m not a doomsday prepper. I just want to get ready for any hurricane that could hit. I have a family member that is legally not allowed to evacuate. So I am looking for the best way to keep my family safe. Any and all advice is welcome. Thank you

Mar 282015

knowledgeable in firearms, hunting, fishing, horticulture, construction, food storage, preparations and cooking. looking to move to permanent land to process, make and keep preppared and ready for ease of life when said case happens. looking to help and be a part of a sustainable community. have weapons funds and transportaion. mainly looking to farm secure and carry out any construction duties and contribute funds  serious inquires only.


Feb 242015

Greetings, we are seeking to purchase land in Florida, Arizona/Utah area,  and Oregon/Washington area and we would love to connect with others to share our land with and create a community of self-sustainable open source happy preppers, that are not just focusing on preparing for a crisis or disaster to hit us but are also focusing on enjoying life, living off the land, self development and having fun. If you have or know of land that would suitable for us please contact us or if you are an individual group or family interested in creating/sharing a network of safe retreats across the US please get in touch with us at isicr888 at g m a i l

About us:

Multi-cultural married couple, no kids, in our 40’s, financially stable, world travelers, fit, with many survival skills, fluent in 4 languages, and happy, living between silicon valley and Florida at the moment.

the land must have:

Some type of body of water such as a lake, river or spring. A combination of undeveloped forest  with trails, ponds, swamp, meadows, hills, pasture, shrubs, natural forest, or planted forest is our ideal property. The land must be suitable for growing since we intend to have a botanical garden,  fruits and veggies enough for us never to go to the shops again. Must have wild life and low yearly taxes Border a State forest or preserve, with thousands of acres of GREENBELT (MUST HAVE)
Access to good internet connection (we all work from home and this is absolutely necessary)
Must be in a remote location (MUST HAVE)

Must not have:

Too many neighbors, deed restrictions, HOA fees, proximity to any of the bombing ranges or military base or atomic plants in the state, proximity to any freeways or traffic noise, closeness to the ocean, must not be in flood zone, not close to any industrial polluting factory, or noise pollution source,or  land fill.

Does not matter if it has or does not have:

Electricity is not necessary, septic is not necessary, Any type of proximity to towns or cities, the more remote the better, paved roads  Zoned or with possibility of zoning for agriculture, residential.


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Feb 052015

looking for like minded individuals. I am an engineer with knowledge of firearms, building and fabrication, mechanical and a above average knowledge of  horticulture. Ideally you would have knowledge helpful in an area of survival , medical, or other helpful trait. You should have the ability to purchase enough supplies to sustain yourself and family for at least two years. I am either purchasing property or looking for someone who already has property so we can begin a bug out camp. I am located in east Tampa swill be moving to a location nearer the bug out. I would be willing to join a group that also has same or similar ideas. It is me my wife and kids wife is on board all the way.

Jan 202015

I am looking to start, help form a group in the New Tampa/Wesley Chapel area and possibly other close ‘burbs.  If you’re in the area and interested, let me know.  At this time, we have no Bug Out Location but we’re looking to buy land soon.  I’ll be posting more soon about the group but just wanted to put some “feelers” out there and see how many we have interested.

Contact me at TampaPrepper at gmail dot com.

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Peacekeeper out

Jan 142015

I currently live in south west FL. Looking for people to get together with. Spread knowledge and learn some things. I have recently started prepping more and trying to get in the swing of things. Tips etc.

Im well rounded in the outdoors. Bushcraft, camping, hiking, fishing, trapping etc. Family of 5 here, wife and I are in our 20’s and then we have 3 little rascals.

Just looking for some people with the same mindset of preps.


Thanks Guys,



Contact PM or A [dot] Giacalone [at] outlook [dot] com

Dec 272014


My wife and I ( Megan and Austin) have been stationed overseas for the last 4 years, and have recently moved back to the states, and have began collecting supplies and improving our training. While yes we do both have military backgrounds niether of us are the “special forces” type, we hold the belief that “gear does not make the grunt”, training will always trump gear . We are both certified through red cross in several types of medical training and instructors, and my specialty in the military is law enforcement and security, my wife’s is communication, organization and fire safety. We live in New Tampa, right on the Hillsbourgh/Pasco county line. We are serious about prepping and have no kids, please let me know if you want to meet.

Special K
(813) 833-8946

austinkos at live dot com

Oct 162014


I’m new to the whole idea of the prepper world and was wondering if there’s anyone in either Hernando or Pasco counties that have any groups or would be willing to get one started. I have both military and medical backgrounds i can bring to the table and would be willing to train. Please comment or PM me Thanks

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Oct 032014

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jim, been a prepper for roughly a year. I have a lot of skills to bring to the table as well as access to prepper orientated training (not your average “how to handle a gun” type training that many others push, but actual training) I only mention this because, it is ridiculously hard to come into an existing network of people if your not ex-special forces or a doctor or something.

So, with this said I am looking to start my own group locally and I went out own my own to bring other pieces together first.

Just need like minded people :), Really the only requirement is that your serious, no one likes a time waster….

I see a lot of people from North or South Florida, but are there any in Central Florida that would like to get together? If your interested, please PM me. or send me an email at centralFLprepper (at)

Sep 232014

Beginner prepper looking to reach out to other preppers in the Jacksonville and surrounding area.
Would like to exchange ideas and see if there are any groups or informative meetings

Sep 092014

While I have been living the preppers life for a long time, I have found myself becoming more worried about my families welfare should something happen. I have began my prepperations alittle differently than most. Instead of buying a bunch of guns I have taught my family about Archery. I have focused on sustainable living such as Aquaponics for food, Raising Rabbits for food, Methane Digesters for heating and power, and just overall common sense. I am currently looking to build safe rooms and bunkers to help fund my plans for a completely self sufficient bunker of my own. I am also selling my Aquaponics systems to help others take care of their food needs. If you have any Questions please feel free to email me at Coreybluewelder [at] live [dot] com

Aug 122014

My wife and myself live in the  bay area but have had a bug out location in north fla.for the last 5yrs we have been working on.not going into detail but we are doing ok. As far as preps go.Feel that it’s time to make contact with other live oak peppers.Feel the time is near.Over all security and others to barter with are a couple of things that interest us.We tried the group thing to a certain extent before down here,but,they were not serious.No time for amateurs anymore. We can grow food raise chickens shoot straight.

 Posted by at 1:04 pm
Aug 112014

My husband and I are new to the area and looking to meet like minded Christian prepper couples. Safety in numbers and all that :) We are relatively new to prepping (about 2 years in) and have a pretty good food and water basic prep; we are working more towards long term survival skills (gardening, solar power, etc). Please give us a shout if you are in the area. Thanks!

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Aug 032014

We have had two meetings in central northern florida.  The next meeting is August 9th at 2:00 in lafayette county on trauma/ medical/ first aid.    If you are interested in going, we want to get to know you beforehand.   This is a group formed for learning new skills.  Every meeting will have hands on training taught by members of our group with experience in related fields.


please email vervclan at hotmail dot com.   Thanks!

Jul 202014

I just moved here from Ohio. I have no “prepper friends” down here. I have a location In Ohio still, but that doesn’t help me if the shtf and i’m in Florida lol. I Would be really interested in meeting with some people that are like minded. I’m 33/male and educated. I’m pretty decent with firearms, I own many and ammo, but all in Ohio except one handgun.  Only medical knowledge I have is CPR, other then what I’ve learned in college.

Looking for people or an active group that would want to train, learn, and teach. Please let me know if interested!

Jul 102014

Good morning everyone!! I am a new prepper! Im currently living in Jacksonville, Fl. I am currently looking for some men (does not matter where are you from) to exchange numbers so we can connect and talk about prepping. Ever since my eyes have been awakened i have been doing tons of reading and also following up on all the crisis in america that could lead us to a collapse. My wife is in full support of my prepping but she gets scared when i talk about it which is why i would like to connect with other like minded men. I am looking to exchange my number with a few people who would like to connect and talk about our plans, advice, tips, and even discuss daily about the current events. Its hard to find people to talk to about these issues because so many of my friends are close minded. I am 28 years old with a wife and 2 girls ages 5 and 3. If you are like me and are looking to connect with others and talk prepper stuff then feel free to send me an email and we can exchange numbers. I only ask for men out of respect for my wife. Email me! Jeffreyseda [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jul 032014

Hello I am currently living in Jacksonville, FL. I am a new prepper. I finally have been awakened to all the craziness happening in our country with our government, economy, stock market, potential major wars, you name it. I realize there will come a time where we would need to prepare for the worst. I am looking for some local preppers to connect with, talk with, share ideas with, e.t.c. I am a husband with 2 little daughters so my biggest goal now is to begin preparing my family for the worst. Feel free to message me or email me at jeffreyseda [at] yahoo [dot] com so we can connect!

Jun 142014

Hi I’m looking for prepper Minder people in The Bay County, FL area, I will like to start a new group!  I have been prepping for many years & I do meet with a group right now but have to drive so far to meet with them in Crestview and I need people around my area , “if something happens” I can count with my group for support. Please PM me a  private mesaage if you are interested , I like a Drugs Free Environment only.

 Posted by at 1:06 pm
Jun 032014

I am seeking fellow Survivalist’s , for a small “Bug-Out” Survival Team.
I am looking for prior Military Experience / Law Enforcement / Medical – Para-Medic

Must live in the Central Florida Area, to be seriously considered.

Please contact me, if interested

Serious Inquires Only

E-Mail Address – chris2karen [at] gmail [dot] com

May 082014

Hey guys, Scott here. Part of a small group, just a couple families, who are looking for like minded people in southern palm Beach to possibly meet up and chat with. If need be we have the ability to self sustain and defend ourselves. Aside from obvious means of protection, we are trained martial artist who favor realistic self defense training.  Hope to hear from you soon. Contact us at spatrowich456 [at] gmail [dot] com