Apr 172014

Looking for a group in Live Oak Florida area. Moving to the area next week. I will be a single dad, so money is tight. My soon to be ex and my 2 girls will be moving down in June. I am new to this but willing to get my hands dirty. Ex military.

Apr 082014

I’m an individual looking for a community to join and add my effort to. Somewhere warm would be preferable, South of the M/D Line. I’m best with animals, both farming and hunting. Looking for a community in an area or with members who have thriving small businesses I might find work with as an Administrative Assistant. I can forward my resume to anyone interested. ki.ritter813 at gmail dot com.

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Feb 182014

Hello my name is Bill C. we do Air soft Tactical training with air soft gun we also do tactical training with real steel I am 07 fire arms manufacturer we would be honer to help in any way we can .We train with OP.31 in Punta Gorda FLA check us out on face book here’s a link    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shadow-Company-Milsim/378607312201106

Feb 082014

Hi to all. I am a 54 year old male with substantial farm and animal husbandry, interests in Permaculture, food forests, aquaponics, small “low maintenance as possible” food production models. I have lived in community (twice) and learned alot (one good one bad experience). I like the idea of private land but with cooperation between neighbors who are geographically close. I have scaled back my own ideas of sustainability–after a false start buying some bad land, I now know that I can support myself on about an acre and that four people is a good number to cooperate on a small farm system. To me, prepping is not about hoarding food and bullets and hightailing it out of the city but to already be where you want to be, producing and eating healthy food, and living a sustainable life, in both good times and bad. I am looking for a few good people and a few acres in Texas. No racists, anarchists, apocalyptic-hopefuls, just some nice people, individuals, couples or a small family that wants to develop a mini-farm, and live well. I am in Austin. If there is nothing suitable in Texas I would say that I am willing to consider Arkansas, Tennessee, NC, SC, GA and Alabama. Thanks for reading. Good luck to everybody who is seeking a sustainable, sane future……

Jan 302014

I am looking for any preppers/survivalist in the Pensacola, fl area that would like to get together and share ideas, train or get a group together. I have a family of 3 and have been preparing for the last year and have been trying to further my knowledge. My email is phillyflip7 @ hotmail .com


Jan 182014

I’m moving to FL the first of April and need help finding like minded people to share my talents, etc. with. I think I’ll be living in Orlando or Tampa. Could use advice on where is best for a prepper woman to be as well. Thanks

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Jan 152014

Hi Folks,

My name is Harry, and I’ve been a Prepper for about a year. Although I don’t have a HUGE Compound, and Thousands of dollars in Supplies, I am working in that direction. I am Ex Military, was in the Navy for 4 years, as a “GunnersMate” on board the USS Sumter LST 1181 and maintained ships Armament from Small Arms to the Heavy 3″50cal Anti Aircraft guns, as well as 5″54, and 50 Cal’s. etc, and to this day Love Guns & most Weapons.

Was a Land Surveyor for 25 years before finally settling down and bought a Cigar Shop here in Titusville fl. (www.harrysmooth.com) But having Land Surveying in my Blood, and the time I spent in the field, I do have extensive knowledge of Fauna, Morphology, Botany, Astrology, and tracking, as well as just a damn good Woodsman! Spent 25 years stomping around in the woods from Dawn til Dusk, so I reckon I couldn’t help but get pretty good at it! LOL

Looking for like minded individuals to get together and learn from each other…maybe start a group here in Brevard County FL. or somewhere close, I would prefer not to travel to far…

I have compiled a pretty good “Bug Out Bag” with everything I would need to last me around 10days or so…but I am a “Good Ol Boy” , born & raised here in FLA, fishing, Hunting and camping, so I don’t think I would have a BIT of Problem “Living off the Land” if need be. With my extensive Land Surveying Experience, and my Fishing/Hunting/Camping experience, I truly believe I could be an asset to most any endeavor.

Would really like to meet some folks here in the Mims/Titusville FL area of the Space Coast and organize a group of Like Minded people with various Skills needed to make it when the SHTF. And we ALL know it WILL! Not a matter of “IF”…its a matter of “WHEN”! So drop me a line, and lets get together. OR if there is already a group in this area, I would LOVE to meet you and hopefully you would consider me for a membership in your existing group!

Thanks and have a GREAT Week!!!….Stay WARM!!!!!


harry [at] harrysmooth [dot] com

Jan 112014

I just moved here from Ohio. I have no “prepper friends” down here. I have a location In Ohio still, but that doesn’t help me if the shtf and i’m in Florida lol. I Would be really interested in meeting with some people that are like minded. I’m 32/male and educated. I’m pretty decent with firearms, I own many and ammo, but all in Ohio except one pistol.  Only medical knowledge I have is CPR, other then what I’ve learned in college.

Looking for people or an active group that would want to train, learn, and teach. Please let me know if interested!

Jan 092014


my name is max 28,I live in sunrise area, i want to start a group of preppers that are on a budget or just can’t invest everything they have for prepping, we are not all wealthy or can afford a property with a bunker,or  their partner doesn’t really think anything will happen.

so the plan is to get a group of 5-15 preppers have meetings about what items are needed ie “food,ammo,weapons,gear etc..” and once a month we can all make a pot of $50-$100  each to buy bulk items and split it among us, it will be cheaper for everyone, i have an account with restaurant depot or can get an wholesale account anywhere because i own a small business, so it will be easier to buy bulk.  Every one has a doubt if they should make a group and buy stuff and pile it in one big location, but the truth is in a crisis we might not make it to the bug out location.

so i think this group idea is great, and if SHTF are prepps wont be all in one location that we might not be able to get to it and spend thousands for nothing.

whos in ? Broward dade palm beach areas

contact me at mickyb_b [at] yahoo [dot] com or post a reply to this post.

Jan 052014


I want to find people in this area interested in starting a group.

Thinking on starting up a non-profit company or an LLC (with fellow members) to buy a bug-out home with a few (~20+) acres in northern Florida. Away from large cities, better weather, hilly, not that far away.

Members could sell if they want to leave  the group.

In the mean time, want to start training and sharing critical skills and information.


Jan 052014


I live in Naples, Florida and I am looking for like minded people to begin a prepping alliance. I own my home and live on and acre and a quarter. My plans this year will include the addition of a pig pen And at shooting berm. I’m just beginning with prepping but have been enthusiastic about starting for some time. I have recently begun making beer, wine, and mead. I’m looking for like minded trustworthy people to join in my efforts and future projects to assist myself and you. Let’s talk and meet up.

Dec 252013

I am a crusty old coot that just got my first AR platform rifle and I am looking for some AR savvy person to teach me the care and feeding and the proper way to field strip and clean it. I’d also like some insight on what spare parts I need to store.  I figure 90 min. should do it if you are good. I have $50 to spend.

There are schools in the area that teach these skills but they all want to teach safety and tactical handling of the weapon too. I’ve been shooting long guns for over half a century. I currently am using a Ruger Mini 14 tactical. I also reload. So far I have managed to not shoot myself or anyone else, and I have no interest in combat firearms training.   With these extra skills they want to charge me $200 plus. I do not want to get my training from You Tube.

I can come to you or you can come to me, I live in Poinciana. If you come to me, I provide lunch.

I prefer a Vet, because I am one but anyone with the knowledge will do. (I was in the Navy. We never trained on the AR Platform (M16). In fact most of the guys I talked to on the ground in-country dumped the M16 under their rack and used AKs captured from the NVA. I am told they have improved and that’s why I wanted to get one so I can make my own mind up.

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Dec 102013

Like minded prepper in Tampa Bay area, Never served but grew up in it and my son is in. Skills (Scale of 1 to 10)? NRARO:10, rabbits:10, Tilapia:10, vegetables:10, Aquaponics:10, Hydroponics:10, food/water stores:10, firearms and ammo:10, blacksmith:5, mechanic:5, construction:10, woodworking/cabinet making:10 and still learning new skills.

Looking to join or start a group

Oct 232013

Hello. Many of you know that “bugging out” can be dangerous. First of all just getting there can be dangerous never mind now being in a location you are not familiar with. The safest place can sometimes be in your own backyard. If you wait till SHTF to start your garden and practicing self sustainability, you are putting your family in danger as well. Many of us have lives right here right now… and not knowing when SWHTF we need to concentrate on incorporating our goals for our life with the aftermath with the life we have right now. That all being said, I live here on the Treasure Coast. My ex husband is a wonderful hunter and prepper but has a job here that he can’t leave. My fiancé has a job here as well that he can’t leave. I have friends and so do my kids… and we know this area like the back of our hand. I want to find property that we can share with like minded individuals and families that we can all start working towards self sustainability. Currently we use hand pump wells, grow gardens, raise chickens, have partial solar power. If you are interested and have a way to contribute (no freeloaders please) contact me. I am currently on the search for the right property to start.

Oct 172013

Hi, I was wondering if there are people in the fort Myers, Cape Coral area wanting to meet up and learn primitive skills and then work are way up into using purchased camping equipment, such as setting up a tent, collecting water and filtering it, starting a fire, etc. Once we feel comfortable with surviving in the south Florida natural environment, I was thinking we could prep for a more probable case, such as a recession or even a depression where maybe we won’t end up in the streets, but could still face hard times and therefore be peppered on how to save energy, store food, grow food etc.

So in conclusion I would like to train for all level of disasters, and have fin whole we do it. I’ve already bought quite a bit of bug out equipment, even an army manual, now I just need to practice with a group of people.

Thank you Guys and gals hope to hear from you.

Oct 152013

Looking for other like minded conservatives to network with and support each other in order to prepare group resources for upcoming events. Prefer you contact me through Bitmessage at this address: BM-2cUZhUdtEvA4mpKedFyV6PEZQbrWX58H44

Like most everyone on this forum, we believe that we are in for some hard times ahead.

Would like to start organizing some meet-ups in the Highlands County Area.

I also welcome members from other geographic areas to contact me to develop a network to help keep each other informed of current regional activities and dissemination of information.

Again, please use Bitmessage available at bitmessage dot org, and I also use gpg4usb available at gpg4usb dot cpunk dot de for communications through bitmessage. I can help you set them up if you need help. There are also tutorials on youtube. If all this is too much to bother with, you are not truly concerned about security.

Oct 142013

Hi I am interested in communicating with Preppers in the Largo, Clearwater area, of Florida. I have a little manufactured home in Largo, and travel there on a very regular basis. I love Florida, and have been coming there to our house for 30 years. I am canadian living in Canada most of the time. I am active in prepping in Canada. Just joined some prepping groups in Canada, and boy they are really doing some very interesting things, workshops etc. I really like the American people, and love the time that I spend in Florida. I love, Clearwater Beach. I frequent Natures Food Patch Health Food store on a very regular basis. I am there every few days, and I know several workers there. I do feel concerned  coming to Florida with what we are seeing going on at the present time, because I have made no preparation there in the event anything was to happen while I am there. It costs money to prepare. Food storage, water purifier etc. I would love to get a Berkey water purifier for down there but I need to purchase one for up here. But I sure would like to do whatever I can to be prepared down in Florida also, so I really look forward to speaking to lots of Preppers, and discussing how they  are preparing for whatever may be coming down the tube.

Oct 062013

I worry about where this country is heading. Massive debt. A country dividing itself. And what can an individual do when a natural or economic disaster happens?

So I am starting the process of hopefully creating a “Conservative Utopian Community”. The idea is simple: Should a disaster occur I will not be able to protect myself or my family all by myself. So I am interested in starting a group that will hopefully grow to 30, 40, 50, or more individuals with strong conservative values interested in pooling a small amount individually (say $3000 – $5000 each) and the group buy a large tract of land (size depending on group members but minimum of 25 acres but maybe over 100 acres with enough members) in Central/North Florida like Lake County, Marion County, Putnam County, or surrounding area.

visit my website at www.patrioticconservatives.com for more info.

In the unlikely event of a catastrophe all members know they can get to the property as quickly as possible with whatever resources they have but then the group can work together as a community for protection and “working the land” to survive.

The more likely scenario is an economy that goes through its “ups and downs” but we have a small dedicated group with similar mindsets that owns a large tract of land that can be used for hunting, fishing, camping, trails, ATV, etc. as well as making a dedicated 1 to 2 acre outdoor shooting range that can be used by any member of the group at any time.

Imagine being part owner of, say, a 50 acre tract of land that can be used by any member at any time for a minimal investment. But at the same time having a dedicated piece of property owned by the members in the event of a catastrophe would be very beneficial. In that unlikely event imagine society running around with no plan while our group gather our personal resources (food, guns, ammo, copper/silver/gold, etc.) and quickly meet at the large tract of property to develop a defense position and start working together as a group to sustain ourselves.

I have had this idea for several years and finally acting on it. Imagine if the group expanded to, say, 200 members and able to buy 200 or even 300 acres to use?!?!

We would set up a Real Estate Investment Group so each member would have a proportional ownership of the land purchase and of course if down the road wanted to sell their proportion there would be methods available where their proportion could be sold back to the remaining group, or to another individual, at a price equal to its value as of the last appraisal. Of course there are many details that would be discussed and understood by all as we proceed but wanted anybody interested to know this would be a well thought out group setup with clear rules and understandings. But for now looking to see if there is an interest by others.

BTW, if NOT interested in potentially being a part of the group but want to support the idea I am selling some items on the website above whose proceeds will go to this project. I sell Pocket Constitutions, Copper Coins that say 2nd Amendment and “Don’t Tread on Me”, and other Patriotic and Constitutional items.

If interested let me know. Of course an interest is not a commitment and would be a couple months before anything would be considered close to “finalizing” or a Real Estate Investment Group be developed and a group account setup for the transaction and future property taxes/etc.  but for now trying to get a “feel” as to how many might be interested.

Thanks for your consideration and let me know if this interests you!!


Sep 242013

Hi I am new here, I have been prepping for just over six months.  I wish I would have stared sooner, however, I do what I can and leave the rest in Gods hands.  I am a single mom of two teens and Have no firearms or weapons training and I am very concerned with the protection of my children and myself of course.  I am in Alachua County and looking to hook up with like minded people to prepare for the big one.  I am a Jill of all trades and  I am very industrious.  I am just 5 credits away from a degree in Horticulture.  I am very knowledgeable in growing and identifying  plants of all kinds .  I have about 40 chickens.  I can use several different power tools which I own.  I have been trying to focus on really surviving without electric. I have two means of cooking with portable propane tanks which I have been buying and storing.  I have been storing food, water, medicine, first aid items, bleach tabs for disinfecting .  I can work hard and I learn fast.  I put all my hope in the Lord Jesus, I believe He is instructing me to get ready for a disaster.  So this is what I have been doing for a while now.  If my prepping is not for me, it will be for someone who will need it and be so thankful to find it.

look forward to talking with anyone

Sep 162013


I’m a 38yr old single mom of 3 ages 5(girl), 13(girl), and 20(boy). I am fairly new to prepping and would like to learn more to be more prepared. I’m still not sure if I want to create a group (team), join one, or just network and maintain solo w my family! I am a nurse with 7yrs of ER experience, currently attending school for nurse practitioner to practice in urgent care setting in the future. My son has two yrs of Wyotech, 1yr for diesel mechanic for heavy equipment machinery and big rig trucks and 1yr of advance diesel marine inboard and outboard and power sport engines with one yr of work experience.

Other things that I can do:

I’m very resourceful
I’m no stranger to any power tool and can always learn what I don’t know. I am a “handy woman” no job too big or small, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and a little elbow grease. I can make soap, I’ve done some canning, I can sew, and eventually will start learning how to work my loom. I’m creative and crafty which I feel will help in emergency situation to be able to improvise. I’m also bilingual .

What I have/working on:

I have a bug out trailer, it has all camping equipment ready to be hitched at anytime and be mobile, although I don’t have a bug out location.
I have a greenhouse fairly large (20ftX20ft roughly) made of glass, currently nothing growing, although I have yielded nice produce in the past, I just don’t have the time now. In it I have two hydroponic systems plus traditional planting (dirt) all w irrigation system and exhaust(ventilation).
I also have a variety of citrus trees, lemons, oranges and tangerines.
I have a large chicken pen that has housed a 100 chickens in the past but currently have no chickens, again I don’t have the time or money for them.
I also have a hog pen to raise at least 2 at a time.
I have storage area to store prepping food and supplies but it does not have much yet.
I also own fire arms and have learned to use them. Currently looking for archery supplies.
I live of 5 acres mostly secluded by trees with very few neighbors.
I feel that I have the beginnings of a good setting that I need to expand and create a solid system.

Again not sure what direction I want to take in regards to joining a group and how to incorporate what I have.
It would be optimal if I can get people to help with yielding crops and raising some life stock since I can’t do it on my own at the time. However, my problem is trusting someone enough to help me do it.

I do want to meet like mined individuals that have experience in gardening and what it takes to start and maintain crop inside a greenhouse as well as outside crops.
That know how to care for chickens, pigs, turkeys, ducks, goats and so on. In addition individuals That know about storing and prepping that can advise me as to what and how I should store. I have a basic idea to all of this but I’m looking to go beyond the basics.

Sep 102013

Im new to this site. Ive been living in the daytona area for about a year now. I was hoping to meet someone around here who shares this intrest. if shtf i would like to be able to team up with someone to bug out (or in depending on the situation) to better my chances. I am a pilot, a skilled driver, pretty handy, informed on world affairs, and a pretty good shot. Reply back if interested.

Aug 282013

Hi everyone,

I live now in miami fl and am new to prepping. I am looking for similar individuals to share ideas and plans with.  I am from the uk and have a back ground in construction, I also hold a gun licence here in the us. I am married with one child a baby girl and my wife knows very little about what is really going down.

I am a survivalist and outdoor enthusiast and therefore am looking at available opportunities in case the sh#t hits the fan.

I hope to hear back from other preppers

One love



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Aug 242013

I lived in lakeland FL I have lots of experience in weapons; hand to hand combat, first aid, communications; survival in all kinds of terrains(I only lack on tracking abilities as I been out of practice in that area for a while). I’m an ex infantry soldier currently serving as a coast guard man. I finally convince my fam to start prepping and in the next few months will be purchasing lots of gear and foods. I only have about 3 months of food but; lots of water. In my career I seen almost everything you can think off; I’m in an leader position but can also be a great follower. Im a litte book of random knowledge as my wife says. My prefer email is wsorrentini [at] gmail [dot] com  if u want to learn more about me.

Aug 212013

My wife and I are just starting serious prepping.  We’ll be taking some time since finances do matter, but as we take the skill classes we want and accumulate the items we might need we’d like to connect to folks in the general area who are also preparing.  We’re both in our 60′s.  We have family further south (in Sarasota) and across the country in California.  If we live to see a collapse, be it economic, weather catastrophe or a war, we feel being part of a community would be a good thing (and we feel we could bring some value with us.)

Now that we’re signed up with this site I’ll be checking in regularly, reading the posts, and I guess we’ll see what happens from there.

Jul 182013

Anyone on the Treasure Coast interested in establishing a network of like-minded for sharing info/skills/support? Doing it ‘alone’ is much more difficult and it doesn’t need to be that way.
So, how ’bout a contact to: lanagram37 at att dot net, and we’ll see if there are others who wish to connect as well. May be able to find a convenient location for those that respond to meet. [If you respond, please include valid contact info]

The Future is in Our Hands

Jul 102013

If you love God. And love your country and your constitution and independence. We are looking to set up a barter and trade route. And establish some type of relations now while things are easy. community bulletin board will be established for things to sell or needs. Meetings to establish trust and make friends. Creating are own economy is a smart thing to do.

Jun 072013

We have a small group of people with a lot of skill including docs, nurses, mechanics, ham radio operators, vets and a few others. We are looking for people with skills to join us in Lakeland.

We are currently looking for BOL.

If youre interested in meeting please email us (M35A2Driver [at] aol [dot] com) Tell us a little about yourself and skillset.