Sep 252013

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Sep 022014


We are looking for honest, hard working people to join our group. We are a christian base group focusing on prepping, survival, farming and helping others.

We do have a location,  and we are looking to grow, We are looking to build a community of preppers/survivalist self reliance  in the event of any disaster.

We have some former military members along with your everyday people. We are always looking to build our club with people from all walks of life and different skills.

If you have any questions please contact me  at

prep3030 [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks  Have a Bless day


Sep 022014

Hey Everyone!:)

My husband and I (23) are new to prepping, well we haven’t even really started but plenty of discussions on what we think will happen etc. And even what we need to start buying And writing lists/budget.

Does anyone else have any information on good prepping starter stuff!? So some essentials we really could start with? We have a small list but would love some suggestions? Maybe a website with pre-done lists for prep beginners?

Also- in Perth how many people are prepping? I wonder because Australia doesn’t seem to be big on the whole thing. When I mention to people the Government all around the world is corrupt people think I am paranoid :/ but I feel it’s completely logical and likely we will one day face a civil war or attacked by another country- well the possibilities are endless really.

I also was wondering if anyone knows of websites that keep you updated on Government activity and natural disasters etc.

Thanks in advance for the help :)

M and M

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Aug 312014

Hi All,

I have been exposed to preparing for disaster since the 90′s, as my brother lives in California, the land of earthquakes. They always had water and food stored in case supply stopped.

This got me thinking about what could affect supply here, such as cyclones or bushfires, and maybe we should have emergency supplies. Ever since I have been preparing on a low level.

As population increases, and the world is in a sense, getting smaller..more types of societal break-down can and will affect us. I have been actively ‘prepping’ for a couple of years now, but am spending much more time thinking about it now.

I am looking to share ideas and information on products and survival techniques with other like minded people.

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Aug 302014

I’m not sure if this is where I’m suppose to post or not.  I’m on my phone and its hard to tell.  My husband and 16 month old son and I live in Louisville ky.  We are looking for other Christians in this area that we can connect with.  We just moved here and have nothing as far as prepping goes.  I’m nervous and really would love to have the security to know that we have a place to go when things begin to happen.  We are both in our late 30s and don’t mind hard work.  Our families are several states away.  Thanks and please don’t get too angry if this is on the wrong spot.

Aug 302014

good morning to you all. Mike here. I am currently living in NW Iowa, and hoping to relocate to NE South Dakota in the next 6 to 18 months. I’m a retired lpn nurse, have studied and used herbs for well over 3o years, and believe in our God given rights as stated in our sacred Constitution. Looking for other like minded folks in the general area who want to share knowledge

Aug 302014

Hi my name is Anthony, im currently in the US military and would like to form a prepping group when i am done with my enlistment. Looking for people who could help form and contribute to the group while i am away serving. My main focus on prepping is GUNS, AMMO, WATER, and maybe a communal safety net fund. comment if interested.

Aug 282014

Hi there,

My name is Terry, I have been trying to find a place were I fit in with my kids, because of the whole prepping thing. I have many skills that can be of good use. I use to teach Martial Arts, and remodel and build houses. I am a great cook, and a great builder lol. It’s kinda hard trying to find a good place or group being a single father, soI figured why not join a Preppers online community. Thank you, hope to hear from you guys and gals.

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Aug 262014


Hello again to everyone out there. We are inviting anyone that is interested in forming an intentional community to prepare against the coming calamities. If you live in the Colorado area or are willing to relocate we want to hear from you. There is alot of work to be done and alot of reward to be had from doing it. The living arangements would be your own responsibility. We are not asking for rent. Your work would be your board. Details would be worked out between us and anyone interested in this life.

The community will be aiming toward total self sufficiance and communal living. Obviously money in this society is a major issue. Our plan, and this is to be discussed with the first members and ironed out, but would be to ask a small tithe type influx of funds to start food storage for each member. . . 10 dollars a month per single person, 5 dollars per month per person in each joining family. For repairs and improvements to the community we would ask a small percentage of  their income. Never to exceed 20 dollars a month per single adult, and 50 dollars a month per family. Families greater then 4 members would add 5 dollars per family member. Plus whatever each family/person wanted to contribute in excess of that to speed the process.

First focus would be assisting individuals and families in low impact self sustaining homes. Then we would focus on communal properties i.e. lumber yards general store, defense, etc.

Please email for more information and better contact info. . . jmlwickedprepper [at] gmail [dot] com and jmlwickedprepper [at] yahoo [dot] com


Goku, YaYa and Pipes

Aug 262014

my name is Dave i am a survival expert, with extensive knowledge in self sustainability, Com- Block weapons, and NATO weapons in general, with knowledge in reloading/ bullet manufacturing, firearms manufacturing,  Blacksmithing / knife making , firearms accuracy enhancement, stealth and recon operations, Asymmetric warfare , i have a passion for growing food and making my own goods.   this is not me sounding arrogant this is me stating the facts.

I have been looking for people who would like to come together and help start a Community in Northern Nevada where we could be self sustainable.   i have consulted on countless survival retreats  have taught  one on one with every type of person from  small business owners to CEO’s of software company’s for their survival retreats.  i need more people to contact me who are SERIOUS about becoming a member of and working in the direction of goal of total self sustainability. i was recently ripped off by some one i trusted and am rebuilding at a fairly fast rate, but the main problem is i need the help from others who are serious about pursuing this. i have a dear friend of mine who brings the knowledge of building with concrete/ cement  ( he has 20+ years in and all his employers say he is amazing at his job) he is also familiar with Rammed earth Etc. if you would like to discuss this further please contact me.   i will NOT give you all my knowledge  just for you to run with it and build your own community. i have alternative (natural ) medicine experts who are friends of mine ready to become involved etc.

on top of all of this i have ways to generate revenue for the community ETC.

please feel free to contact me at to discuss this further.

if you have a LARGE piece of property in nevada and want to get in on this please contact me you could help a lot of people and help yourself.  i can manage group as i have done it before. i look forward to hearing from you and getting to know more of you.

as i have had people contact me i will update this and answer questions.  i have spent years researching and found nevada to have countless benefits (i have all the contacts and connections we need to build a self sufficient community as well as plans, etc)

1. Northern nevada is preferred but the right location in central nevada would be ok with me.  southern nevada is out (i have consulted on property’s down there and TOO MANY PEOPLE) with my techniques we can grow almost year round if not year round.

2. we really need a minimum of 100+ acres and have some basic needs, we need rolling hills or mountains (preferred) but  if its flat we can look at it.

3. water table needs to be high enough that we could drill our own well so nothing lower then 100ft (this is preferred but not needed if surface water is available or we could make our own Reservoir)

4 all of these are optional if we are next to BLM land we do not need as much property.

5. i have people who would be willing to live there and build the retreat up we can always add more people (everyone would have a job to do so you have gardeners, you have people who tend bee’s you have blacksmiths, weavers, cooks ETC.

6. this is NOT going to be a huge community think quality not quantity.

7. the alternative buildings will be built with the available materials.

if you are even remotely interested please contact me and i will go into greater detail. this would be your chance to get in on a retreat for pennies on the dollar and have other like minded people to help us become100% self sufficient. if you take self sufficiency serious you should contact me!

contact me at”AT”

Aug 252014

Currently living in Kansas about to move to the Ozarks on 35 acres. I am looking for others to join me and build a community of sorts to be better prepared. There is no running water on property currently but well can be drilled. Most well are 200-300 ft deep. There is one living structure on the land that is a one bedroom. I am gay, 40, and kinda new to prepping. So if you wish to get more info from me or wish to talk then please be ok with gay folks as i have no problem with any one.

Aug 252014

Hey folks! 25 year old Christian prepper, lookin for like minded friends. Non crazy ones… I’ve noticed that it’s kinda common to meet strange/weird people who are into this kinda stuff… No offense if you’re one of them.

I’d like to get “back to basics”, I feel we are too reliant on technology and other things, to the point where we are useless if SHTF in most cases.

Hit me up if you’d like to become friends! :D

Aug 252014


I am new to this site and I haven’t seen many posts from anyone in upstate NY. Let me tell you a little about us.

It is me, my husband and my teenage son. I have two older children that are on their own with children of their own. I have been doing a ton of research over the past couple years and you might say that I have become addicted to the idea of being prepared for any situation that may come my families way. I think the likelihood of an economic collapse is very high, but the timeframe is questionable. I am trying to buy as much as I can in the way of supplies before high inflation takes over and we end up paying double or triple for the same items. I am also interested in buying equipment that will help us be more self sufficient should my husband or I lose our jobs.

Of course, there are many reasons, other than an economic collapse, for being prepared that are not out of the question. I am considering buying property and would love to discuss this with other “like-minded” individuals. I know that I want at least 5 acres and a water source on or near the land. Of course, I would have a well on the property, so I am looking at manual well pumps. I am looking at building a small house that is economical to heat, with minimal upkeep. I am researching raising rabbits for a food source, but don’t know if I could actually pull that one off. lol

It just seems like there is so much to do, and so little time. I would love to talk with others that are interested in the same types of things. It would be ideal to have a community of families where everyone became an expert in one or two things and we could barter items back and forth. Just wondering if there is anyone around my area to chat with. Or maybe there are some meet-ups that take place throughout the year that aren’t too far away. I am in Clinton County by the way. Does anyone know of any other good sites to meet up?




Aug 252014

hi me and my wife and our five kids live in the mountains of east tn we are looking into purchasing  34 acre tract of land that borders 60,000 acres of natural preserve that has running water and deer,elk,turkey,rabbits,squirrel,and plenty of edible plants.we are Christians but not wife was a nurse and i am a jack of all trades.we plan on buying the land this coming spring and building our own house out of the timber we cut.i have met the neighbors .and are all ex military,and have the same goals as our survive .i wont go into our supplies or what we have such as weapons but we are prepared .all my kids can go out into the woods and live if need be we have been training them the past three years to thrive off the land.not just survive.we currently have one other family that is doing the same thing as we are .but we are having problems with them as they want all of us to do all the work..which i can do but its getting niece and her son and husband are with us now as well.we home school our kids there ages are 15,12,11,4,1and half.and i am not ex military but i have skills that can be fine tuned,i am a hunter.i grew up in Oklahoma dirt poor and my grandfather trained me .he was in the army and i lived with him for many of years .so i have training just not wife grew up in California and her father is a prepper and made her and her sisters train as well she is a 3d degree black-belt.her sister and her husband and kids will be joining us as well in the later part of the year .he is ex military and is currently a pharmacist .so we are looking for 1 more family to join us in this adventure.please feel free to reply to this with your experiences and goals maby we can meet up at the new property to look it over with you guys.after we hear from you and get to know you a little  better.thanks for reading this and gods blessings upon you and your family.

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Aug 242014

Retired Marine in southern NH. lots of skills. New to website. Have been developing prep skills for a while but looking for land and people to form a group in New England. Also considering alternate locations. Interested in hearing from preppers and learning more.

 Posted by at 10:08 pm
Aug 232014

Hey Y’all,

New to the site, but been a beginner prepper for the past 9 years. I love to write about and educate others about gardening and food prep as well as storage and canning. Right now I busy working on storage for our summer harvest, so I am crazy busy! But if anyone would like to shoot the breeze about harvesting/storing summer veggies, i’m your gal. I love to swap ideas and recipes for maximum shelf life and storage techniques!

Best to All!

Mama Schulte

Aug 232014

I’ve heard from a few people over the last couple of months who joined the site, made a post, went off and then promptly forgot their password.

The site no longer has the auto-function of ‘request a new password’. Various hack attempts were targeting the auto features of the website and trying to exploit them – they are now disabled.

If you’ve forgotten your password and would like to get a new one, EMAIL ME from the email address you originally registered with and I will supply you with a new password.

Aug 222014

Hi, from abitibi, looking to create a mutual aid group with the goal of trading time/ skills/ knowledge. I’ve got a wife, 4 kids, two dogs,chickens, rabbits, garden and farming land. Let’s talk and help each other get projects done just like in the old days when they got together to raise a barn in a day. Now it takes all summer. I have no problem helping you out first to show my good faith. I’m a army brat so I can speak English/ French fluently

Let’s meet in a Tim hortons of your choice,


Aug 222014

I am 43 and have an extensive commercial and residential construction background with a specialization in using concrete. I have been researching alternative building methods and Self-Sustainable Living since 2007 and would like to get involved with a small scale Self-Sustainable community project. I am currently living in the Central Western part of the country and would be willing to relocate for the right project.

Looking for like-minded Motivated property owners or prepper groups in need of an individual with my skills.

Feel free to email me at creteman71 at yahoo dot com.

Aug 222014

Hey im 30  new to prepping. I am looking for people to possibly help me out and give me tips. I am south of Mankato, Im a ex emt so I have medical training, Let me know if someone wants to help me out

Aug 222014

I am a 20 year veteran nurse. I am looking for a community to move to and join to become self sustainable. I keep up of with all world events and I know and understand all too well what is coming in our future. I know basic firearms, basic farming, but I am a very quick learner and a hard work. It is just me, no family.

Aug 212014

A PRIVATE Patriot Christian community is being built to survive hard times. VETTED MEMBERS ONLY


Patriot Christian Community

. Located in south eastern WV.