Oct 212014

Ever since I stopped sending out preppergroups.com newsletters, people have been asking me why I don’t send out newsletters. :)

Last time I ran all the software from the site and getting things configured and working well was a constant headache (I blame the software!). This time I’m going to let mailchimp do all the work.

You’ll notice that there’s now a subscribe option on the right hand side of the page. Fill that in and when we have enough members subscribed, I’ll start sending out monthly newsletters again. (yes, there’s an unsubscribe option)

Sep 252013

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Oct 212014

I’m from the cities and south metro area, just starting to get more involved and into prepping.

I own a firearms training company, have a great deal of military and firearms experience.  If you are interested in talks about preps, getting together for some shooting/training drop a note.  I’m happy to help all folks of like minds.

Good day all!!

Oct 202014

I’m new to the group.
Am in Northern Colorado, from the southwest. I am an ex-paratrooper, survival-trained and always looking for new experiences. Any folks in the Loveland area?

Oct 202014

We would like to meet others to join or set up as trading partners for when SHTF.

We live in Rockdale Texas, approximately 1 hour from Austin, Temple, and Bryan/College Station.

Due to our love of the land and for wilderness camping, we have been, without knowing it, prepping for several years.  We are able to, and do quite often, go out in the middle of nowhere and survive for a week or two on what we take with us and what we can gather / hunt, leaving the area with little to no trace that anyone had been there when we leave.

Between the two of us we have the following skills / abilities,

Clothing Design / Making
First Aid / CPR
Hunting – Archery
Hunting – Gun
Wine making
Water Filtration

We are working on learning / developing the following skills / abilities,

Beer Making
Candle Making
Cheese Making
Compass Navigation
HAM Radio
Herb for Medical
Alternative Power

Despite the fact that we do make wine, and are learning to make other forms of alcohol, we do not drink.  Currently we give away what we make to friends and family and plan to use it for barter when the SHTF.

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Oct 172014

Hi guys I’m new to all of this and I really need help. My husband doesn’t  really give a second thought to what we all know is coning but I do. We have an eight month old son who needs us both. I need to protect my family. I need to know where to start. I’m currently out of work but I am newly separated from the active military. I am very well trained and I believe in working by strategy and as a team. Yes I am a woman but I will not be screwed with and neither will my family if I can help it. So I’m reaching out. I need friends like you guys that I can count on and that we can rely on one another! Can anyone help?

Oct 172014

I am very new and just really researching, trying to figure this out. I was definitely not raised to prepare. However, I am seeing the need as I live just a few hours from current Ebola cases and 40 minutes from people being monitored by the CDC. I am looking for other preppers that can guide me as it seems overwhelming at times.

BTW: I am not helpless. I have skills I can bring to the table and am a fast learner. We are Christian homeschoolers. I grew up in a medical family as my family is a surgeon and my mother is a nurse. I have worked in the prison system, hospital and mental health treatment centers as a social worker. We just need fellowship, ideas, guidance from the more experienced.

So please feel free to PM me or post a comment below. I am in Williamson County, Texas

Oct 172014

Newer pepper looking for others to bounce ideas off, connect with, and become better prepared with.

Im 27 and a father of a 15 month old girl. I have experience with US Army reserve, tactical/emergency medicine, armorer, steel welding/fabricating.

I dont have a large prepping budget but enjoy the diy aspect of it anyways. Im an able body and desire to become independent from the system. Off grid living is my long term goal.

If anyone is willing to give me a leg up or needs help with their own projects im open to all possibilities. Thanks

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Oct 162014


I’m new to the whole idea of the prepper world and was wondering if there’s anyone in either Hernando or Pasco counties that have any groups or would be willing to get one started. I have both military and medical backgrounds i can bring to the table and would be willing to train. Please comment or PM me Thanks

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Oct 162014

Hi, 40 yr old beloved sister in Christ with the alias  name of  Faith747 looking for other preppers in my area or in the North Georgia Mountains.

Had a Vision from the Lord 3 years ago of being a  part of a homestead compound and living among fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Hope to speak to some of you soon! :)

Oct 162014

Older, married, former Deputy, former Military “contractor’ (we’re talking late 1970s), current CCW Instructor, woodworker, etc. Call me a skills collector. Currently living on 16 acres in the Hampstead area and work in the computer/internet industry. Also maintain a growing online library of about 5000 books from the 1800s through early 1900s on pretty much every skills, craft and technology there was.

Looking to make some informal contacts with other preppers in the area. Not looking for a group to join just to network with other folks who share similar interests.

Oct 162014

Christian family with extensive medical training, two small children and good resources.   We have been prepping a couple of years, heavily for the past year or so, and are looking to meet like minded individuals for training, planning and possible formation/joining of a group if the dynamic is right.    Could also use some help on suggestions for retreats and general prepping for families.   Any help is greatly appreciated.

Oct 152014

I’m about 30 and have really just started my own preps. However, I’ve been accustomed to prepping since my parents always stockpiled and prepped. Looking for other like minded people in my area because I’m a firm believer survival is in numbers.

Oct 152014

We have been a small group for about 3 years and it started off as a fun thing that everyone enjoyed doing but in the past year with the way the world is looking we have turned the group into a really prepper group and now we are looking to get new member. We are looking for members in the Raleigh area, Sanford area, and the fort Bragg area. The way we work is based on a lose military rank setup. We have former military, police and what I like to call normal people in the group with other skills that we need. We try to meet every 2 weeks to shoot and talk and just keep everyone close and to just hear everyone out about new ideas and new events in the world. Our group is based heavily on combat/defense meaning that when we get together we shoot and we work on small group movements and tactical drills. This does not mean we don’t do other things we also camp and hike to keep all of our skills in good shape. Our group has to be able to keep ourselves safe and be able to move fast because we have a long distance to travel if something does happen to reach or safe bug out location. We are looking for anyone of any age most of the group is mid-twenties so if you are older and don’t like listening to someone younger then you that knows more then you this group is not for you. We are looking for families and older members we could really use the wisdom that they would bring to the table. We do have a tryout stage which the first part is we meet and just talk and feel each other out to see if we are right for each other. The second stage is gear and shooting skills if you cannot shoot don’t worry we have great experts that can help you become great you just got to be willing to learn. We have a lot more we do but that will be answered if you get up with us. If you want peace prepare for war. For more info please each me at jernigan09@yahoo(dot)com have a great day hope to hear from you!!!

Oct 142014

Looking for more additions to our bug out team. We are 4 strong right now, each with a valuable background. I myself have 4 years  experience in the army ( as 11b infantry) as well as others with weapons experience. We are in development phase of our plan. I’m looking to recruit a squad+ size element that can easily take orders. We are only recruiting single or couples with no kid’s and useful skills. you must be moderately physically fit. You also must be intelligent , have common sense and the ability to do what is needed. We are a serious group with the goal to survive in mind.  We may be intrested in communities to provide security for a short time (30-60 days). We will only consider serious individuals that are motivated and have survival in mind.

Oct 142014

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some like minded people to learn from that live close to the Sacramento area. (Placer, Sutter, Yuba, Sacramento Counties). I am just starting out and I am actually finding it to be overwhelming. I work full time and go to school in the evening. I  would be willing to barter services. You teach me what I need to know, and in return I will be willing to give you a PROFESSIONAL Massage. None of those Happy Ending ones.  I would like to learn how to garden, can and dehydrate my own food. Chicken, goats and livestock. Also self defense is on my list of “must haves.”

My husband is willing to teach Ham radio classes. He was also a former EMT.

My children are all grown now. Amen to that one! My one and only son is also interested in Prepping. (Mainly shooting guns). He’s young so of course that is one he is into.

So why am I so interested in Prepping? I have been in several disasters . I was forced to evacuate my house in 1997 while I was living in Marysville, CA. the levee was getting ready to break from the Yuba river being so high. I had literally 5 minutes to pack up 5 kids and 2 dogs and hightail it on out of there. I did not like that at all. Six months later, I was up in a major forest fire driving around trying to get out of there.

I remember the 1989 San Francisco earthquake and the feeling of not being able to locate my family  that lived there during that time. I felt completely helpless.

There was also the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and the Wall Street riots.  I have been in blizzards and snow storms. The worst one of all was the 2008 New England Ice Storm. My family and I were without electricity for over 9 days. It was like a war zone in my own neighborhood I thought that I was prepared….. only to find out that I wasn’t.

All I can say is……NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Please contact me at kaliforniabodyworkz at gmail dot com   Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

Oct 142014

22 Year old male living in Cleveland/Lake County area.  Looking for others to compare notes/ideas, work together, maybe form a group, and perhaps most importantly learn from others.  Seems that all my prepared friends have moved out of state this year.  Been preparing for about a year now any would love fresh ideas strategies etc…  Should be self sufficient for six months though being an apartment dweller there are limitations in implementing sustainable long term strategies and dealing with eventual resupply issues.  Lets talk.

As the name implies I like pasta…

Feel free to send message or email. tysando (at) wowway (dot) com {Checked at least once a day}


Oct 142014

I’m Collin and I’m looking for a group to join should things go bad!  I have survival training, firearms traing, martial arts and a good start on prepping goods. I’m very limited on my ability to collect a lot of supplies as my space is limited. I also lost a lot of my supplies to a recent house fire.

I’m a business owner in Southern Illinois. We sell and repair outdoor equipment: Stihl products and Zero Turn Mowers. We also service and customize Harley motorcycles. So I have a full line of tools and a lot of knowledge in mechanics. I have a collection of saws and the ability to supply fuel storage chemicals.

I’m Also an “out of practice” gunsmith. I have a good collection of arms for dealing with troubles and hunting. Lost a lot of ammunition in my house fire, but I’m working on that.

I’m a recovered alcoholic and have been sober over 12 years. I’m a God loving man who believes in our constitution. I’m not particularly fond of Illinois so a group out west would suit me fine. In other words, I don’t need a local group, but am not against it!

Feel free to contact me with ANY questions or concerns!  oldunionchoppers [at] gmail [dot] com

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Oct 132014

Hi, I’m looking for either an existing group that I would be able to join (or at least get to know to see if I’m capatible) or people interested in starting a group.

I’m married with 2 kids and am active duty military (over 20 years).  I have a lot I can bring to the table with regards to security, self defense, urban / tactical engagement, crisis leadership and management, etc.  I’ve been prepping seriously for only about 18 months.

let me know, and please feel free to ask me any questions you have about me or my experience either via PM or email @ pax_school [at] yahoo [dot] com

Oct 132014

We are a family of 5 looking for a group near Springfield Mo, preferably within 200 mile.  We have been “prepping” for several years now. We have our own supplies, ranging from food, equipment, vehicles, & miscellaneous what nots. So we are most definitely not looking to mooch off of any one, nor to support any moochers either. We’ve a  skill set  that is varied. Welding, fabrication, automotive, mechanical, medical, educational, logistics, & a tendency to think outside the box. We’re quiet people who prefer to mind our own & stay out of sight.

mattgunguy [at] gmail [dot] com

Oct 132014

Looking for some prepared folks in or around Wilson County that my family and I can band together with should things unravel.  I don’t want to get into what preparations I have made in such a public forum.  But if you live in or around Wilson and are looking for the same, please reply to this or send me a private message.

Oct 132014

Christian family, me and my wife and 2 kids would like to meet other families in or around the Walker Michigan area who are like minded. We know things are about to get really ugly and we can find security in Jesus Christ together as the Holy Spirit guides us to prep for the storm. Lets share our prepping ideas and help each other. Any age is welcome, wisdom and knowledge has no restrictions. Amen?

Oct 122014

Hi I live in North County. Me and my wife are new to prepping. Looking for others in the area that could give some advice.  I’ve started planning, trying to learn different techniques for water filtration,  weapon building,  herbology,  … Any help would be great.

Oct 122014

Looking to start or to join a group of preppers would like serious people not wanting to join a militia or anti gov group. I’m looking for people with the skills to survive and thrive in a pandemic event I have woodland survival skills as well as scouting skills and the will to survive wish to meet some people of like mindness I have 3 uncles who were green beret and my friends dad who was spetsnaz teach me a lot of things about making out in the woods and some of their skills email me at stroup146 [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re interested look forward to hearing from you

Oct 122014

I am just starting prepping and looking for a group or like minded people,I have many outdoor skills and good with firearms. I don’t know anyone who has the same mindset as I do, just seen doomsday preppers on tv, and my wife told me I was a prepper, now looking to join or start a group. I live in Clarksville iowa

Oct 122014

I am currently living in Donnelly Idaho and have been studying wilderness survival since the mid 80’s. I was the owner of ARKLATEX Survival in Shreveport Louisiana from 1998-2000 and had a small group of 8 people that was preparing for the Y2K event. After that event came and passed we kind of dispersed and went our own separate ways. I now live in Idaho and have lived here since 2001. I created the concept of Omega Tactical and Survival in 2010 that is now in Donnelly Idaho and have been teaching wilderness survival, tactical skills and preparedness since 2012 in our area. Looking to meet people in Boise and surrounding areas to network and possible create a group of like minded individuals. omegatacticalandsurvival [at] gmail [dot] com. Our site is http://omegatacticalandsurvival.webs.com/

Oct 122014

Hi. I’m new on here. Looking for a group/community to link up with in the near future. I have the basics and looking to acquire more to be prepared from now till it’s time. I am a mother with 2 daughters. I currently live in SW PA but would relocate. I have some skills (it’s on my profile here). Always looking to learn more, willing to train and work to help build up whatever is needed. Safety comes in numbers and time is of the essence! Take care & stay blessed!