May 022015

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Oct 212014

Ever since I stopped sending out newsletters, people have been asking me why I don’t send out newsletters. :)

Last time I ran all the software from the site and getting things configured and working well was a constant headache (I blame the software!). This time I’m going to let mailchimp do all the work.

You’ll notice that there’s now a subscribe option on the right hand side of the page. Fill that in and when we have enough members subscribed, I’ll start sending out newsletters again. (yes, there’s an unsubscribe option)

May 262015

I’ve been trying to start a group of serious preppers that want to train tactically and physically. I’m close to Fort Riley and enlisted Army. If anyone is interested you can email me at loefflergavin[at]gmail[dot]com

 Posted by at 11:22 am
May 262015

Live in N. Keller. Texas.I Want to learn more skills, share some of mine. 41 w/m. Things I’d like to learn soon. edible plants Harvesting wild mushrooms. Processing animal hides. Build a storm shelter. Maybe make some new friends.

May 242015

Are you just about ready to make THE move once you find your perfect prepper homestead community?

THIS could be the place you’d love to live even if the world never collapses … but if it does, life here will still be wonderful.    It is just so much simpler to thrive (not just survive) in the gorgeous North GA mountains.

We would love to share our beautiful, peaceful  176 Acres of pristine hardwood forest, pastures, and abundant spring creeks with a few pleasant, like-minded, well-prepped Christian conservatives who will love living here as much as we do… and who will cheerfully pull together to thrive through whatever comes.

Will be selling only a few tracts for each person/couple to have their own private homestead of several acres, with lots of space for their gardens, animals, etc.   The majority of the land will remain natural for enjoying common gardens, orchards, hydro-projects, ponds, never-ending pure spring water, firewood, deer and turkey … and forest trails for hiking, horses, and just relaxing. Also very open to ideas like ‘cohousing’ and other innovations; it’s a big property.

BUT… Just what makes is THIS land a “Perfect Prepper Paradise”?  (aside from us nice folks, of course ) Glad you asked!  :-)

Perfect Climate:   Our local mountain ranges create a wonderful micro-climate around us… four lovely seasons, and our moderate summers and winters are even milder than the counties just above and below us.  No humidity and no need for air conditioning with a good design. I (Rebecca) designed my mostly glass passive solar home (heated only by the sun and my wood stove) and have not needed AC in 20 years! Our growing season is very long (Planting Zone 7) with plenty of rainfall and lots of sunshine. Lush green everywhere!

Perfect Location:  Ellijay (in Gilmer County) is a truly beautiful and sparsely-populated agricultural community in the gorgeous, green mountains of the Chattahoochee National Forest, about 40 miles south of the GA-TN-NC  border.

Our ranch is off the beaten track near the end of a quiet dead-end road where you can vanish into your own private world. Extremely peaceful, private yet convenient location… quiet and secluded, but not dangerously remote. Truly God’s country.

We’re about 14 miles from the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail and 8 country miles to Ellijay, a very friendly small mountain town with mostly like-minded conservative, self-sufficient and welcoming people.   Three clean mountain rivers wind through the County; great for tubing, kayaking and trout fishing.

It’s a wonderful place to live and enjoy while life is “normal” and a very safe place to be if everything collapses.  (Think “Mayberry” in the mountains with a strong Constitutional Sheriff!)  Small family farms are abundant:  apple orchards, vineyards, organic grass-fed beef, chickens, etc.  Our neighboring family farm (4 generations) raises delicious grass-fed, hormone-free meat animals.

Perfect Land:   All the features you could want on one gorgeous piece of land!  This 176 Acres is blessed with ALL SOUTHERN Exposure, rich brown ORGANIC soil, and abundant gravity SPRING WATER… perfect for gardens, greenhouse, pasture, and Solar-designed homes!

Numerous pure drinkable, never-ending mountain springs, creeks and pond sites run through the land (we own to the watershed at the ridgeline!).  Plenty of drop for ponds, hydro-power, even fun projects like waterwheels.

The ridgeline runs along our North property line for great protection, which means ALL of the land faces south.  Several acres are already in pasture and open for gardens, orchards, etc.   The majestic old-growth forest with huge mature hardwoods, laurels, ferns and abundant wildlife is a serene sanctuary and provides great hunting (deer  & big turkey).

Because of the mountains surrounding our dead-end horseshoe valley, this location provides a lot of natural security, so we don’t have to be highly “militarized” (although security, military and gun skills are highly valued and needed). But the very best security is living in the right place… and being prepared for anything.  We can even shut off the only dead-end road coming into our mountain-surrounded valley if necessary!  The few neighbors living on our short road are assets; have their own provisions and would pull together for protection.

Most of the acreage is level and rolling up to high level plateaus with great mountain views!   The pastures are at 1750’ and the highest peak on the property is 2100’.  Excellent cell phone and high-speed internet coverage; cable available if you want it.

Perfect Homestead Tracts: Perfect because you’ll help design the perfect homestead YOU want, situated around the large natural areas set aside for common use.   Minimal sensible covenants will protect your investment, but not run your life.  I’ll work with each individual/couple to determine what area and how much land they want to buy for their homestead and then customize their tract to meet their desires.  Whether smaller or very large acreage, there are so many great choices here.  Obviously, the earlier folks will get the widest choices. Prices depend on the size and features of your tract, the terms, etc. All land is slightly different, so we’ll work out each case individually.

Us NOT-So-Perfect  (but pretty  darn nice) Folks:  We’re mature (at least most of the time 😉 ) friends, two separate singles and a couple so far, who have been prepping for varying lengths of time.   TEOTWAWKI can occur for any number of reasons, so we’re preparing for most anything and need a few more solid preppers with the skills to round out our community.

So far, we include a nurse, massage therapists, and many skills including beekeeping, canning and preserving, solar home designer, site planner, Master Gardener and Naturalist, general carpentry and repair, and experienced homesteading with livestock on this land.  We’re steady in a crisis, determined hard workers, easy-going, and love to laugh!  Good sense of humor and a creative, cooperative attitude are required!

In addition to working together on common or individual homestead projects and for mutual security, we want the solid foundation of a community built on good-natured, reliable, supportive friendships. Really get to know and like each other, quirks and all, by making the time to get together for cook-outs, games, music or whatever is fun!

Solid, caring friendships can be the glue that gets us through the rough times. Although we’re all strong, independent personalities, it is paramount to have a compatibility of attitudes, faith, ideas and goals so we’re all pulling in the same direction when it matters most, with the least amount of friction.   We’ll discuss compatibility as we talk individually.

I have lived on this land for most of my adult life and hung onto it through thick and thin “for just such a time as this.”   Been prepping since 2005 (lived here since the ’80’s) and have already been living a very simple life here for many years. I could go off-grid with a bit more time and effort; that’s the goal.

Over the years, I designed my passive solar home; built a pond off one of the springs; have a gusher of a well, plus back-up gravity water from another pure spring high up the mountain; cleared and fenced the pastures (have horses and a llama). You can do that too!  The others have moved nice travel trailers here to stay in until they build their homes.  Each person will have at least a year’s full preps stored away as quickly as possible (meaning soon).

Perfect Time:  Lately, it seems that the world is rushing even faster to compete for which disaster will be the first to hit the fan. You’ve been thinking, planning, looking.  NOW is the time to act.  Time is short, so if you are interested, please contact me very soon to discuss all the great possibilities.

Send me a PM here or email at:   MtnsofGa [ at ] gmail [dot] com.  I look forward to talking with you soon!

Rebecca  (BTW… Did I mention “Paradise”?? :-) )

May 222015

Eastern NC Preppers (ENP) has been in existence for over 3 years. This group has gone on longer than a number of other groups. I believe this is due to the two rules of the group– no politics and no religion. To date, over 250 people have attended a meeting or asked for information. Some of those people have been to more than one meeting and have made connections due to Eastern NC Preppers.

Over time, I have seen changes to the group–to group dynamics and to myself. After deep thought and observation, I have decided to disband the ENP as of December 2015. October 10, 2015 will be the final ENP meeting. The 2 major reasons are as follows:

1. I believe the group, as a whole, is failing the 3 objectives originally set for the group. This failure is not the fault of the group and it’s not my fault, but a combo of all the above with random flukes. There are fundamental flaws that cannot be fixed within the existing group structure and rather than waste your time and my time, I would rather disband the group and possibly start over with a new group, new rules, new ideas and objectives.

2. I no longer agree with the term “prepper”, IMHO the term “prepper” has been overused, misused and has too much attached stigma. I believe the same for the terms self-reliant, survivalist, militia, retreater and even homesteader. I believe the prepper movement is suffering because of this fact. I intend on starting not a revolution of the return to the ways and methods of our ancestors to prepare for the present and future grid down events but an evolution. I am not a prepper, survivalist, retreater or homestead. I am a rooter; I am returning to the root of all things which makes all humans great– To be a hunter. To be a gatherer. To be a fisherman. To be a farmer. –I want to bond and form kinships to grow communities, not around things, but around helping each other live without having to depend on others. Self-reliance, internal worth, responsibility, thinking outside the box, questioning the order of things and healthy debates are all skills that put our species on top of the food chain. These skills are quickly being lost in exchange for dependency—passing the buck, letting people think for us and our unwillingness to allow or consider other viewpoints. I am a rooter; I am returning to the root of all things. My ultimate desire is to be reliant on myself; to be true to the core of my being–building up an independent community. We, as a species, are quickly becoming victims of our own success. We have entered into bondage with that success and that success will be our downfall.

At a future date I will email a offer and requirements if anyone wishes to take over the Eastern NC Preppers, the domain name and the easternncprepper [at] gmail [dot] com email address. If no one steps up then if someone should want to afterwards my stance is no, no and hell no. I am strongly opposed to anyone using the group’s name for there own purposes at any point after I make the offer, which will have a limited window of opportunity.

Here is the timeline of the group’s end:

June 2015 – will no longer be owned by me, if you wish to purchase this domain I plan on putting it up for sale for $50 firm. It will be replaced by the domain This domain more accurately reflects my changed perspective.

July 2015 – Everyone in the group will find out at the meeting about the disbanding of ENP which will also include a public message to all prepper websites that associate with ENP. All small groups will become independent at this point

October 2015 – Last group meeting. No topics will be talked about just a last mingle and burial of the group. All information about the group will be archived on the blog. And not directly accessible.

December 2015 – I will close the email account easternncprepper [at] gmail [dot] com
December 2015- ENP Facebook page will be deactivated.

May 2016 – The domain registration for will not be renewed and allowed to expire.

Finally 3 things:

1. The ENP is going away and their may not be a group of my creation taking its place. However that does not mean I do not wish to keep in contact with people or help them in their prepper path.

2. If I do start another group it will be a fresh start with stricter guideline and admittance to the group. This means no one gets a free pass into the new group if there is one. There will be questionnaires and interviews as well as clearly defined commitments to the group.

3. I will still advertise meetings of other prepper groups and offer advice about leadership and problems in the group if asked.

Any comments, questions or concerns please let me know.

May 212015

I’m lucky to have this quality family (you know who you are) use my place for a bug-out location.

I Would like just one more family (preferably with an RV) to bug-out on our farm in East Texas.  We’d all have more than enough room on 60 acres of woods.




May 202015

I am eager to get people together in South Carolina lowcountry, or join a group already in place. I have been prepping 15 years and I see now it was all worth it. However, I need help in some areas, so if your ready to learn-teach-practise then get in touch with me.

May 202015

Live in the Monmouth area and would like to get to know like minded people in the area.  Originally from Southern California and Prepped for the Big One.  Now we are in the Willamette Valley and want to be prepared for anything that should arise. Please post a comment.

May 202015
Me & my wife have been prepping for the last 2 years & we are looking for other preppers or prepping groups to join. We wanna meet other serious preppers & share ideas. I have 7 years experience in the Armed Security & Personal protection field. We are in the Sarasota/Bradenton FL area so if there anyone would like to contact me you can reach me via email at Carlosgutierrez92688@gmail(dot)com or at (941)447-8766
May 192015

I’m Eric, a 55 year old guy, married for 17 years, very stable couple.  We live 30 min. north of Nacogdoches Tx on 60 acres of pines, oaks, maples, dogwoods, sweet gums, cottonwoods, cedars. We have 3 ponds scattered throughout the woods (approx. 12 acre feet) the large pond (1 acre) is stocked with catfish, bass & crappie.

I’ve been prepping over the last couple of years.  Not religious, if I had to pick one I’d say I’m more of a Buddhist than anything.  Spiritual-Yes

I’m looking for several good teammates for when SHTF in the next 24 months or so.

I’m easy going, understand situational awareness, not one for drama, honest as the day is long.  If your interested in joining a team like this in East Texas give me a holler.

May 182015

Ok let’s try this again.

Hello preppers

My name is Frederick and I have lived all over the country with my family,my father was in the Air wife grew up in the country and has lived the subsistence lifestyle before.we purchased some property at one time and she was a great teacher on how to raise and harvest pigs chickens sheep and was very mind blowing for me.and I learned a great deal from her.she is currently a true prepper and is learning many things that again she has passed onto me except for her sewing skills which I really don’t care for.she can hunt fish garden she is going too do canning soon.I am an Artist by trade but currently down due to a major motorcycle accident.i can still do many things just I am not 100% yet.i am highly intelligent and can learn or mimic just about anything just by watching a couple times.i taught myself how too become a glass blower off of You tube. I also taught myself how too reload ammo the same way.and when I do things it is at 110%

I am looking too purchase some land here in Michigan for purposes of having a place too retreat to if the matter comes at some point in my life and I am looking too have other like minded people who will do the same as part of a group or unit too make things work when nothing else does.

i am proficient in the following

glass blowing,smoking meat etc,fishing,hunting,fruit and vegetable gardening,minor skills in carpentry,working on cars,reloading ammo.and gasafier

I plan too learn canning and water reclamation and I’m going too do black smithing at one point.anything that will take me and mine too a point where we won’t have too rely on the outside world for everything and am looking for others that are looking for the same.

if interested in talking please email me at

insaneinktat at yahoo dot com





 Posted by at 11:57 am
May 172015

hello I am in the st Clair county/macomb county area looking for others who are in my area too discuss prepping.looking to start up a prepper group thanks Fred, you can contact me at    Insaneinktat(at)yahoo(dot)com

 Posted by at 6:57 pm
May 152015

I am a married father (38) of 3 living in the Fox Valley who has been more or less watching things unfold for the last 20 years and feel it is time to get things going.  I am a Christian who believes that we are truly living in end times and see that very soon my family and I will need to leave society.  I have never been happy living in society, I find it hard to fathom that God wanted us to spend all of our time working away from our families to buy things that in reality we really do not need.  The greed and lack of morals has turned this world into something I do not want to be a part of, by everything I know it’s is only going to get worse and I feel it’s time for me to get ready.

I would like to meet others who have the same beliefs and are planning to leave society in the near future.  Since I am now just getting started, I would really appreciate some advice on how others have started and things you have learned along the way.  Ideally I would love to find a group of people to form a self sustaining camp and pool resources at some point.

The kicker to this is that although I have had my beliefs for a long time I have never expressed them to my wife or close friends, I have always been quietly watching for signs that things are about to hit the fan and am now getting concerned.  How do you bring something like this up without sounding crazy…….Hi honey, lets start selling our stuff so we can start preparing to leave society and live in the woods…..  If I wait until the economy crashes all of my stuff will be worthless, taking the mark of the beast to stay in society and have currency is not an option.


Thanks in advance, I am hoping to meet some great people here.

May 152015

I am from Western NC and would to either like to join or start a group in this area.I have been into prepping for several years now if you look around at the state of the world how can you not be into prepping.

I have knowledge in off grid solar power systems and general prepping.Please contact me if you are in a group or would like to start one.

May 152015


My name is Lea and my husband is Jake, we have always been into prepping and we keep working on moving forward with our prepping. I am 10 years ex military, mechanical work but mostly convoy security, very good with all firearms. I was raised on a ranch so I am very good with farm animals and growing crops, hunting fishing and anything else. We are both currently going to school. We believe that when prepping you should move to your location sooner to prepare it. So we are looking for land and like minded people so we can get a farm and crops going for when something occurs. So if you are like minded and would like to get in touch feel free to reply on here and post an email or what not.


May 152015

Greetings all

I am new to the site and have been prepping for the better part of a year.  I live in the St. Tammany area and am looking for like minded folks in the south LA/MS area to network with/bounce ideas off of and potentially form some sort of group later on.  I have posted comments on a few of the earlier posts, but figured I’d throw my own out there incase some of the older ones aren’t followed any more.  Leave a comment if you’re interested!


God Bless



 Posted by at 5:39 am
May 142015


I am a 32 year old husband and father in the NW Chicago suburbs looking to connect with other preppers in the area.  I am trained as a microbiologist and my current focus is preparing for likely scenarios (extended power outages in summer or winter, being stranded on the road, lack of supplies for a 2 week period) then working towards longer term/more severe contingencies.  Hand tool acquisition and training, communications, and water/food planning are my current focuses.

I would love to discuss what has worked for others in the past and contributing to similar minded folks in this area.  At this time I am the driving force behind preparing but hope to get my spouse more into the planning as well.  Message me if you would like to connect and start emailing on prepping.


Thanks very much!


May 142015

I live in the Fort Collins, Colorado area. With the recent release of the Jade Helm 15 documents, I fear that martial law has evolved into a reality a lot quicker than expected. It would be nice to know that there is someone out there that I could reach out to when my town turns into something out of the movie “Gray State” (but much worse). I do not own guns, but I do know how to shoot them. I am not a prepper, but I am very resourceful, I can make fire, collect water, and am a survivalist. If there is anyone near me that would be willing to help when needed it would be much appreciated.

May 122015

I’m looking for individuals who have a similar mindset. I’m a Marine Corps Vet and looking for other Vets. I prefer individuals or strong couples. Children are liabilities, but with a strong couple they could be an asset. If you are out of shape then I’m sorry, I don’t have room for you. I’m looking for people who work well in a team. Leaders are preferable but followers are equally important. If you can’t be a follower, then you can’t be a leader. I’m looking to establish a leadership base with aspirations to branch out and form teams. Preferably people who live within hiking distance of Olympia ( less than 30 miles). If you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to survive, if you let emotions control your actions, then please don’t respond. Contact me for more info if the above fits you and you’re interested.


May 122015

I am in central Wyoming and I will not mince words. I have been a prepper/survivalists for over 35 yrs and TSHTF/TEOTWAWKI moment will be upon us like a thief in the night very soon. I have the preps, I have the gear, I have the plan, I have the land, I have the secondary BO location, what I don’t have are fellow prepper/survivalists to group up with. I am sure my family will come with when it hits (if they can make it) and if they all show up, (25 people or so) it will be wonderful. They do not all see eye-to-eye with me and I can only try to explain what and why I do what I do until it comes (that’s when the light will come on LOL)

So I am looking for some real people who will get up off of that thing and actually do more than network electronically. I understand that distance may be an issue and we can “network” via the web and when it hits we will never know what will become of each other. We can share info and stuff in that way, which is OK.

If you at least live in Wyoming and have the drive to actually do this stuff then lets get together here first and we can really get together IRL and GROUP-UP.

You can email me directly at sneakerzed at hotmail dot com.



May 112015

Hello,  my husband and I live in MN and are looking to move to southern MO this year.   We are Christians looking for either a group to create or to join.  We are fairly new to prepping but have a few supplies (food, water, equipment, weapons, etc.)  We have looked around the Falcon and Mountain Grove area for acreage and live water.   My questions are:

1.  Are there any groups in that area of MO

2.  What have people done about medical insurance.  My husband has a great job with terrific benefits right now and I am self employed.  Most family and friends think we are crazy to walk away and be self- sustaining and prepared.  Our biggest concern is the medical insurance.

I appreciate any comments and look forward to learning more about the group and prepping.

May 112015


A friend and I are looking for an active prepping group and or other peppers’ in the Nashville, Antioch area or Davidson County to either join or network with. We are both new to prepping, but have vast camping, and hiking skills. We started to get into prepping from articles and documentary shows (you know the one) and also from the age we all live in. a blind man can see the writing on the wall.

We are both southern boys with the southern mind set of self-reliance, hunting, fishing and outdoors common knowledge. Also as an asset I am ex-military – US army infantry / NY army National Guard 42ID and 10th mountain1987 to 1996- with weapons and equipment experience, and woodland survival training, escape and evasion. My friend is not EX/MIL, but is very willing to go the distance.

My friend is a native of Tennessee. I am a good old boy from southern Mississippi. I have been living in Nashville for nearly 18 years now. We both live in the Nashville/ Antioch area. What started us on this venture was talking on the hiking trails we try and do every month in long hunter state park. Being self-reliant southerner’s one thing came to another, and we discovered we both had an interest in prepping. We tried to star our own group with just family, but for reasons we all know it’s hard to get everyone on board. I even started a prepping blog online ( ), but so far no one seems to know, or care that it’s there. So in the end we decided to look for a group that’s already started to join, or others who have the same mindset as we.

What we can bring is experience, knowledge, dedication and a drive to face the coming storm that is the world we live in today. What we do not know we are willing to learn. I have been out of the loop for nearly 10 years due to a leg injury, but old habits die hard. My wife is on board with us in this, but she can help out rarely due to physical limitations and handicap.

Our concerns are primarily the new Madrid fault, terrorism/EMP/solo flair effects on power grid, tornados, flood and finical collapse. We are not crazy, anti gov/race motivated. We are looking to be self-reliant in the face of adversity.

If we sound like a fit into your nitch, please drop me a line. It’s hard to go it alone. United we stand, divide we fall.


May 112015

We (my Wife and I) have been preparing for about 12 months, we are in the process of relocating to Provo Utah.   We are preparing for the economic and social collapse and any other man made or natural disasters.

We are looking to join a small to medium size group whose members are very close, and the group is very well organized.  We are willing to help work the land and anything else that will empower the group.  We are very hard workers and fast learners, we are in the process of learning first aid and CPR skills, canning skills, food storage preparation, and survivalist skills for urban and nature areas.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Gayland and Adrian

May 102015

I have been prepping for many years. For a good number of those years I taught off grid living as a missionary and pastor. I have good things to share and good things I’d still like to learn. My wife and I have a homestead in Sycamore SC but can’t find any like minded people around us.

I am sure the time is at hand to put off grid living into practice as we watch our country falling apart. We need each other. Too many preppers think they can handle everything themselves but I understand it will take each others skills to survive the coming years.

I am at truefaith [at] jesusanswers [dot] com if you want to learn, teach, share.


My name is Hal and my wife is Betty

May 092015

Hello I’m located in north central ok with my wife my animals and God willing two sons soon I would love to join a group but the uncertainties of my extended family (brother and his family, mother in law, etc.) make that hard (i wouldn’t abandon them but I also wouldn’t expect people to pull their share of the load) I guess I could be considered a “moderate” prepper as I want to prep for doomsday as well as what happens between then and now and what happens after. Me and my wife identify as Christian but wouldn’t consider ourselves “bible thumpers”. Politically I consider myself conservative in the strictest sense of the word. Mainly I prep for economic/societal collapse I feel it could happen for any number of reasons (war, terror, market collapse, disease, food or fuel shortage, civil unrest, etc.). we just started with the “beans” of our bullets beans and bandages style prepping so right now I would estimate we could last 3 weeks without resupply or supplement with hunting. I have basic knowledge of welding (mig,tig, and arc) I have a degree in gunsmithing and am a good enough shot I wouldn’t consider our armaments adequate as we lack a designated battle rifle but it’s not depleted either (4 rifles 2 handguns and 3000 rounds of assorted ammunition) I guess at the end of the day I’m looking for networking and knowledge sharing with the eventual goal of joining a devoted group. In the meantime I need to know more about growing food as well as canning I want to learn about aquaponics as well and setting up a system on the cheap. Right now me and my wife are buying our house in a small rural town so for a while we will be looking to bug in unless we join a group. Eventually I would like to purchase land outside of the town and bug out to that location. I would also like to meet face to face for certain training in small forces tactics but that will obviously have to wait until I have the tools for it. I guess my end point is I’m in the suggestion and tip gathering phase any advice would be greatly appreciated.

 Posted by at 3:49 am
May 082015

I can see the writing on the wall. I have seen the future. I want change, but if change does not come, I want to be prepared.

I am willing to ANYTHING for the group to secure my futur. ANYTHING .

i have connections to secure unobtainable items. I am willing to do things to secure  necessities others will not.

Our government has lied and cheated us, the new world order to depopulate is going to be enacted on the 23 of sept 2015.

please contact me to start, or if you wish me to join, a group, your group.


sebenjohn [at] gmail [dot] com

contact me ASAP

May 082015

Hi, I am looking for a group in the Wake/Johnston co area of North Carolina. I am 34 and my wife is 28, we have 3 children from 3 to 8 yrs old. We are moving back to the area from the coast and while I’m here my family will be coming as soon as we sell our home. I have 20 years in the automotive field and metal fabricating, own tons of tools and I’m an avid off road enthusiast. As a family we camp, wheel, and everyone in the family shoots except my 3 yr old (2 more years for him). We are Christian and while we respect the views of others we expect ours to be respected as well. We grow and can a lot of our food and we are looking for property that would be conducive to an off grid mini-farm with livestock. We would like to either (preferably) Join a group of like minded people to help learn and prep or (second option) start a group of our own. As far as the preps I own that can be discussed off line as well as other details. Feel free to email me at h [dot] ianprice [at] gmail [dot] com to respond, subject: prepper

Thanks and have a great day!

May 062015

We are looking for like minded people to better round out our group.  We are located in St. Clair County, IL.  We are looking for people who can add skills to our group.

So if you are located in the Madison, St. Clair, Clinton, Washington, Perry, Monroe, Randolph Counties and are interested, we would like to hear from you.

Equalizer392 at gmail dot com.


May 052015

we are starting a small retreat village on our 17 acres in ne ohio and likeminded christian families are needed to be filled for a functioning village.  multi skilled prefered as we wish to keep this to a small family oriented community.

midwife                              doctor  (prefer with alternative medicine experience)                           nurse and/or emt

gardeners/farmers  with foraging and wild edible knowledge and animal husbandry            

winemakers/moonshiners           hunters/trappers/fisherman/butchers                            tanners/leatherman

blacksmith/welder to fabricate materials needed              carpenters with experience in small home building

survival skills instruction            martial art/self defense instructor              mechanic             gunsmith     

electrician and  plumber   with knowledge of alternative energy         weaver/spinner/quilters

experienced seamstress to teach clothes making           teacher  k-12          smokehouse workers

experience person(s) in cooking, canning,processing and use of freeze deied and dehydrated.cheesemaking,yogurt, etc.

veterans and police officers welcome and encouraged.

all persons will be trained to firefight, run security, garden, tend animals,sew, cook and can, hunt/trap/fish/butcher their catch, construct buildings and fences, and anything else the community needs.  all jobs will be cross trained.              

this community is to be a self sustaining, self reliant working village.

everyone works or they dont eat.  this even includes children as young as 5 years old at which they will be given chores to do.

only serious need apply!!!!!!!!  anyone wishing to apply to join this village will need to be interviewed to determine compatability within the group. community donations and community rules will be  will be given after the interview. remember thisis to be your home and community. everyone is important.