Oct 212014

Ever since I stopped sending out preppergroups.com newsletters, people have been asking me why I don’t send out newsletters. :)

Last time I ran all the software from the site and getting things configured and working well was a constant headache (I blame the software!). This time I’m going to let mailchimp do all the work.

You’ll notice that there’s now a subscribe option on the right hand side of the page. Fill that in and when we have enough members subscribed, I’ll start sending out monthly newsletters again. (yes, there’s an unsubscribe option)

Sep 252013

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Feb 252015


I live in Hampshire (England) and looking for like minded people to share idea’s / tips with etc, plus also looking for people to work with and help out, before and after everything goes crazy in the world. I’m now in the process of launching a website that sell’s everything we need to survive. so we have it ready and waiting in bulk, plus I’m trying to sell my house in the city and buy some land in the middle of know where, hard in Britain I know, and if I have time then, I also want to launch an information / investigation website that has everything under one roof, from what’s really going on in the world and how to survive it (free of course)

If your interested in talking / swapping idea’s then please get back to me as it would be nice to get to know like minded people who want to survive in this country.

Kind Regards



AKA Soul Preppers

Feb 252015

Shalom Brethren/Preppers,

Looking to start up a prepper group of like faith/mind brethren who see the handwriting on the wall (SHTF is at the door) and know that one should be seeing the trouble ahead and preparing to save your family/brethren. Many are called but few are chosen for the end time harvest of souls, who will live together in community in the wilderness(mountains) as we prepare spiritually/emotionally/mentally and physically for tribulation/persecution. I have a pre y2k place in the mountains and an end times vision for the bride of MessiYAH as we prepare for His return. The scripture says if we love Him we will keep His commandments…. especially His Sabbath and appointed times/eating healthy kosher foods. (I am still learning the Hebrew roots faith), Christian brethren are welcome to contact me, if you are interested in learning more about returning to the true faith of YHWH. We all have gifts/skills from the Ruah HaQodesh(Holy Spirit) and living together in the love of Yahusha MessiYAH, we will be perfected, and be the bride without spot or wrinkle when He returns.

I have homeschooled my children, had horses, chickens, garden, heat with wood, and weaned off needing much from world/commerce other than bare necessities. Looking to get off grid in May. If there is anyone who can help in this regard it will be an answer to my prayers. Also praying for a covenant mate (I will be 54 young soon), was married 25 years, and have lived in 6 countries and travelled a lot, what I cannot quite figure out is for all the places I have lived and travelled, I end up in the mountains of upstate NY…..go figure….. there must be a reason, which I am waiting to find out….
That being said…. I must make lemonade with the lemons I have…..
Life is a journey I am hoping and praying I find a mate/brethren of like faith/mind/purpose to finish this journey with….
I look forward to hearing from you….. Shalom.

PS: NJ and PA is about 2 hours from me, if there is anyone from those areas willing to travel to NY for fellowship.

Feb 242015

Greetings, we are seeking to purchase land in Florida, Arizona/Utah area,  and Oregon/Washington area and we would love to connect with others to share our land with and create a community of self-sustainable open source happy preppers, that are not just focusing on preparing for a crisis or disaster to hit us but are also focusing on enjoying life, living off the land, self development and having fun. If you have or know of land that would suitable for us please contact us or if you are an individual group or family interested in creating/sharing a network of safe retreats across the US please get in touch with us at isicr888 at g m a i l

About us:

Multi-cultural married couple, no kids, in our 40’s, financially stable, world travelers, fit, with many survival skills, fluent in 4 languages, and happy, living between silicon valley and Florida at the moment.

the land must have:

Some type of body of water such as a lake, river or spring. A combination of undeveloped forest  with trails, ponds, swamp, meadows, hills, pasture, shrubs, natural forest, or planted forest is our ideal property. The land must be suitable for growing since we intend to have a botanical garden,  fruits and veggies enough for us never to go to the shops again. Must have wild life and low yearly taxes Border a State forest or preserve, with thousands of acres of GREENBELT (MUST HAVE)
Access to good internet connection (we all work from home and this is absolutely necessary)
Must be in a remote location (MUST HAVE)

Must not have:

Too many neighbors, deed restrictions, HOA fees, proximity to any of the bombing ranges or military base or atomic plants in the state, proximity to any freeways or traffic noise, closeness to the ocean, must not be in flood zone, not close to any industrial polluting factory, or noise pollution source,or  land fill.

Does not matter if it has or does not have:

Electricity is not necessary, septic is not necessary, Any type of proximity to towns or cities, the more remote the better, paved roads  Zoned or with possibility of zoning for agriculture, residential.


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Feb 232015

4C group is seeking only very serious couples and/or families who want to survive future events by join an existing group NOW for the mutual long term survival of both upcoming man-made and natural disasters in the very near future.  If you have your own supplies to bring, the survival skill sets and are willing to take action NOW for a F2F meeting here in the 4C area to talk details about long term mutual group survival, we would like to hear from you.  With time getting very short before things get really bad, there is always SAFETY and STRENGHT in numbers in a post TEOTWAWKI scenario.  Only serious inquiries please

Feb 222015

In and around the fort Bragg area. Looking to join some people or possibly start a new group around here. Kinda new to the whole prepping thing but I have plenty of skills from the military and growing up in the woods

Feb 222015

I am looking for like minded people near Post Falls, Idaho – we are new to the area, recent transplants from Southern California.  I have taught long term food storage and I have facilitated a group for learning skills, ie: first aid; self defense; solar ovens; bartering; etc.  You can contact me at miss (underscore) jl (there are no spaces) @ yahoo (dot) com

We are on 4.3 acres kind of close to town, but still somewhat remote.

Sincerely MissJL



 Posted by at 11:05 am
Feb 222015

How do I start a preppers group in latham ny? I have land and iam shore that I can provide meeting place.so I would appreciate some advice on the subject .plaese contacted luckyjune8 [at] gmail [dot] com thank you and god bless.

Feb 192015

Hello new to this but starting to prep am in north east wyoming want to join a group here am prof n firearms n survival tactics am very good tracker/hunter am trying to find others for help n advise please if there is n e one out there please PM me really appreciate n e help thanks n God  bless

Feb 172015

Want to have a  prepper/ homesteader meet up in the next month in Medford. Respond to soreprepper [at] hotmail [dot] com also, I am on facebook too. Let me know if you want to join the meet up

Feb 172015

God seems to be leading us on an amazing journey.  We’ve been attending trainings, networking, getting more comfortable with prepping in general.  Recently a piece of land in northern AZ has become avail that is in a great place; great views, isolated, plateaus and outcroppings, many acres, 45 min from 2 good-sized towns.  Thinking now about purchasing and subdividing it into 8-10 parcels of approx 6 acres with a common area in the center to build a dirt-bag retreat center of 7 domed buildings.  Open to organizing a camping weekend in the spring for interested Christian families who can provide for their own families on their own land yet come together as a community for support, fellowship, protection, sharing, education, etc.


bStrong in the Lord

Feb 172015

Goal: We wish to join an established group of like-minded individuals with an established retreat location in northern New Hampshire or Maine. We are new to Maine (less than 1 year) and have not had enough time to build a group or retreat location of our own.

Who we are: Family of four ages 49/49/15/14 in great health with no prescriptions or ailments. Socially and politically conservative Catholics.

What we bring:
>Skills: Head of Household (H/H) is a combat arms officer and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan with experience setting up, defending (in depth) and operating expeditionary sites (FOBs) as well as operating in austere environments in all environments (mountain, desert, jungle). Some additional skills of note that the H/H has include: CCL/LTC Instructor (UT/IL/MA); NRA Basic Pistol and Home Firearm Safety Instructor; 20+ years of experience instructing military personnel (foreign and domestic), in offensive and defensive individual tasks and collective tasks from fire team/squad operations through company/battalion operations. All family members have demonstrated proficiency in the following minimum mandatory skills: Medical (CPR (adult/child/infant)), basic first aid); Firearms use and maintenance; Food gathering & prep (cooking and gardening); Construction (basic carpentry); Auto/Light-Truck Repair (basic user level maintenance); Small Unit Tactics; Combatives; Orienteering. A complete list of skills with proficiency levels by individual can be provided.

>Gear: All family members are equipped with a standardized basic battery of firearms (carbine/pistol/shotgun), PPE (vest/helmet/mask), individual communications (both GMRS and FRS) with an additional complement (in depth and breadth) of both enhanced and redundant tactical equipment/gear as well as wireless/hard wire communications equipment.

>Provisions: 12+ months for four adults and same quantity in stores of other expendables.

Contact: If interested in having our capable and energized family join your established group at your established retreat location, please PM me

Feb 172015

Hi. My wife, daughter and I are beginner preppers in NRH (North Fort Worth). We are currently stockpiling gear and I am teaching my wife and daughter how to survive outdoors. I have a wide engineering background and grew up learning to survive in various climates. We are looking for like-minded friends to brainstorm with. We are very relaxed preppers. We know the importance of being prepared, but will not sacrifice our happiness to do so. We have a couple interested friends and our meetings so far have been bar-b-q’s, having a beer, and coming up with ideas for bug-outs and safehouses. Drop me a message if you are in the NRH area and are serious about prepping (just not too serious).

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Feb 142015

Southwestern Oregon Preppers (SWOP) will be holding a meeting at Noon on Saturday, Feb 21, 2015 at the Coquille Valley Traditional Skills Center, 61 North First St, Coquille, OR.

The main topic will be “Introduction to Primitive Skills”.  Learn how to use things found in nature. SWOP meetings always start with a question and answer period before the main topic so all in attendance get a chance to participate.

This is a free public meeting to get to know fellow local preppers in southwestern Oregon counties and to exchange information and ideas.  It is important for individuals to understand that they will be “on their own” in the event of a disaster and not to depend on receiving outside help.  Join Southwestern Oregon Preppers on Facebook and/or meetup.com.

Feb 122015

Sportsman’s Club/Ranch BOL in WV, Camping, Hunting, Shooting Sports, Archery, Fishing, Survival Training, Emergency Preparedness Facilities, Disaster Shelters & Supplies, Horseback Riding, Hiking and many other related outdoor activities. We are offering a bug out location and Sportsman’s facilities to those who are interested in a disaster preparedness solution and recreational ranch/club, where the members can hone their survival skills with a like minded group, while enjoying the WV great outdoors. We have a well trained group with vast experience in Prepping, Survival, Hunting, Fishing, Farming, and Medicine, to name a few disciplines.
We are seeking like minded individuals, couples and families, those who can contribute knowledge and experience as well as those who may not have experience but want to learn and participate in the club’s common good community effort. We do have criteria, that we like to discuss with a potential member when we meet at the property.  The property is within the GW National Forest, with over 5000 remote acres abutting. If you are interested in learning more contact us at info {@} fortituderanch {.} com

Thanks for your time and best of luck with your preparations. Prepare for the worst……enjoy the present!

Feb 122015

Looking to meet up with local preppers in Wood county, Texas or surrounding counties in east Texas.  We will be a group of 8-15 people when the time comes with various skills and we have been preparing for roughly 2 yrs. Please contact us asap. Ask for Bruce or Billie 817-624-7554.

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Feb 112015

I am approx 1 hour east of San Diego . Looking for like minded individuals or families to create a tight nit group. I am very interested in talking with people with the following skill sets….
military/law enforcement training
Livestock husbandry
Weapons specialist (gunsmith)
HAM/cb expert
Med tech
Auto mech
OR ANYONE willing to work hard to pull your weight.
Contact me here, or email me at backcountry preps
you can learn alot about me from my youtube channel

I hope to hear from you soon

Feb 112015

We are a cpl new to prepping. We are having a hard time finding anyone around us that are serious about prepping or believe anything will happen. We are looking for anyone around us that are like minded,or even a group in our area. We are near Greenville an Grandrapids area. You can reach me at freedom1sttrucking [at] gmail [dot] com Thanks

Feb 082015

Hello from ms.kyprepper

I am 23 years old, will be 24 this year.

 I have children.

I am a Christian(but your religious beliefs do not offend me, I am very open minded)

I am in south central Kentucky(close to bowling green)

I am new to prepping, but I am looking to get plans together..

I am really good at shooting my bow, but I know I need better protection (so I have been told), I am looking to purchasing a gun soon, and learning to shoot.

I am possibly looking for a group, or even just like minded fellow preppers to communicate with.

Email is my username that’s listed above @ Gmail ..

I need to start making plans, need to be able to prepare further than I am now…

Look forward to hearing from you.

Feb 072015

i am just starting out prepping. i don’t know much and would love to have a mentor to take me under there wing. i have extensive knowlege of vehicles and can biuld just about anything out of nothing. i would love to learn the ropes. i currently have no job, and am deciding were to move within idaho or in utah near the border. i currently live in preston, idaho with my parents. i would like to move out and would be willing to pay some rent after i get a job if a prepper had an extra room. i am eager and willing to learn.

Feb 072015

Again thank you all for the emails about this )

From my previous posting as I am still learning here. As stated I am happily married, so no I am not a single woman prepper with two years of food and supplies. Our two year supplies are for each of the two of us. We have no children or family baggage along this subject line. We both can defend ourselves and our belongings. Since we had stated we wished to team up with some others in the region up here to pool resources, skills, over lapping supplies and be ready as a group working together we have received several emails concerning this.

We have now visited with some various regional preppers along these lines and now we are building a long term relationship  with a group up here. We do not waste time in life and also feel we might not have the luxury of licking the can down the road. They liked us because we had actually done something for ourselves which showed initiative and accomplishment. We like them because they also have backed up their talk with results. We are happily working through somethings which always arise when starting out working together. That is just daily life. This does not change our desire to still meet others with a solid list of accomplishments. If we were at all honest about any of this we would all realize there are so very few of us around and we all need to adjust, give and take and work with each other. It is not a competition as some pursue just the simple understanding it will take more than one or two of us spread all over the place.

To mention again, due to some emails I have gotten we will not risk working with people who have not fulfilled some long duration of supplies and do not work with surviving of the wilds as berry pickers perfecting their bush crafting skills either. Gather wild berries is a great side dish to a real meal. Again I do not wish to seem harsh but so far few have expressed any serious progress in prepping and the desire to pool together when they contact us so perhaps this will save us both some time?

If you agree we need each other and have gotten it done so to speak just send something to,

cindygirl [at] hush [dot] com

I still see a lot of people starting out on the site and that is great. Good fortune in the days ahead.

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Feb 072015

Hello my family and I have been passive preppers. I started Since I was 18 yrs as a Marine Reservist.(0311). I served 10 1/2 yrs Tracking for Uncle Scam 1986-1997. I currently have a 20 acre farm in Fresno county.  We upped our prep gear as events loomed over the horizon; Y-2k, 911, 2012 and now with ecom melt , WWIII on horizon, Solar flares, Martial Law Looming SHIT all hells breaking loose.  My fam had reocuuring nightmares past two years to relocate out of the central valley to safer grounds.  So we are ready to move now. need to be in place by June 2015.

I have small children to teenagers.  We have our foods, tools, camp equip, toys for self def.  I am a handyman can build a house from a-z.  We have raised animals in the past chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, goats, sheep.  Want to commence aqua-culture this month.  Got our first set of solar panels need to be placed. Have first aid equip, energy healing and some herbal basics. Food access 25 cents on the dollar.   Will put together a dehydrator this summer to dry fruits and vegetables to re-sell.  I have passive income from rentals so we can relocate within one week if need be. We only have one pig getting art insem this month.

We are looking for Prepper families in those area so we can decide where is best to relocate, move close by or hopefully lease a few acres on your prepper property so we can work in unison very quickly. Other than my farm mortgage we are debt free.

Feb 062015

Looking to get to know some peppers from my area, I think I have a good bit of knowledge with not a lot of funds but right now I’m OK with what I got, I mean yeah as a prepper I’d allways like more stored away and i would like to have a bunker but I dont, dont got the money. But depending on how things go I think it would be nice to know like minded people especially people that practice there second amendment, you never know how things could go,…I know probably most people that live around me have guns but there probably not really peppers and they probably don’t know or care exactly how much trouble our country is in..I’m also single right now if the right lady is out there?? Anyhow I’m 35 if prepper  or single lady you can email me, I’m john [email protected] should probably put prepper  in email subject so it doesn’t go in junk mail