Oct 212014

Ever since I stopped sending out preppergroups.com newsletters, people have been asking me why I don’t send out newsletters. :)

Last time I ran all the software from the site and getting things configured and working well was a constant headache (I blame the software!). This time I’m going to let mailchimp do all the work.

You’ll notice that there’s now a subscribe option on the right hand side of the page. Fill that in and when we have enough members subscribed, I’ll start sending out monthly newsletters again. (yes, there’s an unsubscribe option)

Sep 252013

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Mar 312015

We are currently working on a project to make radio communication more secure during prepping and disaster periods. If anyone is interested in becoming involved in this project on a local level (either as a volunteer/moderator/local manager etc) you can either send a private message, reply by comment below or email us icdpncom[ at ]gmail[ dot ]com

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Mar 292015

We have within our membership a serious/dedicated survival group who need additional people to fill their off-grid ranch community. All facilities you could imagine already in place. Excellent bugout location/remote, installed security systems, internal phone and network communication, lots of fresh food. Location undisclosed for obvious SECOP reasons (so depending on your location you may need to travel long distance) but well worth the trip for this location. Group also seeks to further establish communication with other groups outside our current membership for purposes of HAM radio contact etc.

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Mar 282015

Looking for Like minded people to help with Bug out location, I am 2 hours north of Houston, not too far out, but far enough. Former Military , Medical trained, Group is made up mostly of Husbands and Wives, contact me to see if we have a common mind set. no over paramilitary, paranoid, squatters, please. colonelwalden [at] yahoo [dot] com

If you are 13 years old and play paintball you are far from what I am looking for and you are not a candidate for a security team

Mar 282015

Proverbs 22:3 – The Prudent man sees danger and makes provision.  The fool does nothing and pays the price.

The Prudent Preppers are in the process of creating a preppers paradise.  We have purchased 240 acres in Dent County complete with springs, creeks, caves, forest, ponds, and pasture. We are looking into large stores of gasoline with generators, and solar/wind for power during a SHTF event.  We have three ponds, creeks, and two wells on the property for water.  There are also lots of deer and turkey on site.  There is a log cabin on the property and we are in the process of building a 100 x 50 foot metal building complete with 4 apartments inside.  This isn’t a bug out location, we are looking for dedicated members to join now and move here this summer.  We are going to raise livestock, and create an edible landscape and forest.  We are prepping for anything and everything including the end of days, nuclear biological or chemical, solar flare, government/economic collapse, earthquakes and volcanoes, etc.  We want to be a well rounded group with widely varied skills.  We have the funding and the will, now we need the most important part of the equation – dedicated and skilled people.  There are one or possibly two apartments left without occupants when we move.  Rent will be paid until SHTF upon which time we will discontinue monthly rent in return for services.  Up until SHTF members will still be expected to help with farming and livestock in a more limited role depending on job and time availability and participate in prepping drills and training.   Also, depending on skill set we may accept bug-out members that would come on site during a SHTF event but would still be expected to spend some weekends at the property and participate in drills and training.  Get your spot now.  Send me an email at genpurematt at gmail dot com so we can set up a meeting.  All potential candidates will be interviewed off-site and depending on compatibility will be allowed to the location after a probationary period.

Rent on the one bedroom is 450 a month.  The 450 includes electric, gas, water (well) and sewer (septic), and trash (we burn it ;) ) Internet will be included as well via a network set-up for the entire apartment complex. These are brand new apartments so no inside pets.

I also wanted to mention that by helping us with the gardening and livestock you will receive a portion of the produce and meat so your grocery bill will be next to nothing. Our plan is to produce 100% of the fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and eggs we consume.

Mar 282015

knowledgeable in firearms, hunting, fishing, horticulture, construction, food storage, preparations and cooking. looking to move to permanent land to process, make and keep preppared and ready for ease of life when said case happens. looking to help and be a part of a sustainable community. have weapons funds and transportaion. mainly looking to farm secure and carry out any construction duties and contribute funds  serious inquires only.


Mar 272015

New prepper here. Just got back from Afghanistan and I’m looking for other people who have the same preparedness mindset who live in my area. I’m alone and just looking for a prepper community. I’m also interested in HAM Radio, so if there’s someone out there who would like to mentor me, that’d be cool too. My email is patriot3791 @ gmail . com

Mar 272015

Looking for Preppers near Longview Texas or couple/family looking for a bug out safe haven in East Texas. Just purchased a considerable piece of land and would like to find a few good skilled people. Welding electric and construction/solar needed most. We have a Doctor and retired Military. Willing to trade a few precious acres and access to more than 70 with ponds, deer, farming and pasture.
We would need to meet at a restaurant for a good meal and conversation to see if our personalities work together. Currently live outside of Dallas but travel back and forth often.
We are mid 40’s and married. We would prefer about the same. Rambo need not respond.

Mar 272015

Hi from new Jersey specifically the southern region. Looking for other preppers in the area or prepper groups. Will give more information on my skills later.

Contact me at dancoyben @gmail(dot)com


Mar 272015

I have purchased 80 acres in Camden county Missouri. I have been slowly doing some prepping over the last 4 years as time and funds permit. This property was my latest investment. I do have a few other things that I have obtained over the last 4 years. Some food , weapons and some survival equipment. We are a family of 6. Would like to find some Great people to help me learn what else we can do and even open to the possibility of building a group that can help with work and some funding. We ourselves do have some funding but more would be even better. Would like to put in underground bunkers to meet any situation for 2-4 family’s. Expensive venture I know but maybe it could be done a little at a time.


Thank You,


Mar 262015

I was a helicopter mechanic in the W.A.R.N.G. from 1991-1995. Lived off the land in Alaska for 9 months from 03/95-12/95. I am a SW(I)M, who turns 50 this year. Not necessarily looking to change that. Self employed mechanic so I’m flexible. I’ve worked in automotive or construction all of my life. Plumbing, electical, framing, hanging doors and windows, including garage doors. Etc,etc,etc.
I’m looking to invest in a community prepper organization that is near flowing water, but not flood plain! I am serious and committed! I am willing to sell everything I have and what I don’t sell, bring with me.
I’m a Christian poet with emphasis on Love and exhortation. But, please remember, I’m human and with flaws of my own.
I smoke cigarettes (which I’m willing to give up) and on occasion I don’t mind having a couple of drinks. If I’m working on something frustrating I may curse. I’m working on that. I grew apathetic over the last 7 years because the Holy Spirit had given me a message for the people and I didn’t see any short term results. However, the Lord has woken me from my slumber and shown me that indeed His people have indeed taken heed! It was my own family that had not.
It is my prayer that i find a group of preppers that worship God=YHWH, in Spirit and inTruth. Knowing that the time is now at hand, and we await the secound coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ=Yashua! All praise honor and glory to our King! Amen.

contact me at jessepmechanicatgmaildotcom

Mar 262015

A few groups of us have decided to come together and form a private membered preparation network (ICDPN). We are trying to get as many good serious reliable preppers and groups involved in the network from as many different locations as possible.

Our network has some wonderful members in it but we want to keep expanding. If you (or your team) are serious about preparing, then we want to hear from you to welcome you into the network.

Our goal is simple: “Create a dependable network that everyone can rely on during preparation and also if SHTF.” We are not an online forum, nor are we a tutorial website etc (youtube etc does a brilliant job already). What we are trying to establish is a physical network of serious teams scattered around the world who can “be there for each other” when it matters (without affecting their SECOP).

There are literally a tonne of good projects going on within the network at the moment, far too many to mention in just a short message, so if your interested please join us.


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Mar 252015

Looking for people from the Kankakee county area.

I do lots of prepping of food, water, etc. ready to meet like minded people for support.

Made a bunch of homemade MRE’s yesterday. “when is enough, enough?” I ask my wife. Still have not had any hits from like minded people in this area to start a group, would like to have about 7-8 couples for this. Going to attend the Kankakee County Ham radio club the first Tuesday of the month 7pm at St. Mary’s Hosp. if anyone else is interested they welcome you in with open arms, very friendly club.

Louis60914 [at] gmail [dot] com

Mar 252015

Hello everyone! I currently live in N. Central Minnesota and would like to move west. My job allows me to move litterly anywhere so I’m really not set in stone as to where I go. I’m looking for a community or group of like minded individuals who have started or who are starting a close knit group of decent people.

I am more than willing to discuss any and all of my bio, skills, financial, preps etc. With anyone I feel might be a good fit for me .

I prefer to discuss said personal info after initial contact. Then, after you review my information and after both parties agree, I would like to meet.

I’m just throwing this out there and I am kind of curious to see if anything ” sticks”.

I really enjoy this site and am very pleasantly surprised at the number of people that seem to think along the same lines as I do.

~Take care~ Be Safe ~Be Prepared ~

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Mar 242015

hello. I go by stetler.  I served in the Army as an Infantryman.  I deployed to Iraq in 2010. I was part of a Stryker combat team in kirkuk. the last half of my deployment my unit was tasked with training iraqi soldiers in basic combat drills and an assortment of other things.   I have a wide variety of skills acquired through my time in the service. infantryman basic and advanced  tasks and skills,  map reading and land navigation ,  first aid and combat life savers training, weapons,  fighting vehicles,  military equipment,  etc. just look up the Infantrymans handbook if u want an idea.   I could talk all day about military grunt stuff. it’s one of my passions and I would love to interact/build relationships with a like minded group.  I’m currently living in Lancaster pa.  I work full time and have been saving to eventually get my own land.  times being the way they are its hard to save much at minimum wage.  however I have accumulated a fair amount of tactical equipment,  weapons,  construction tools, hunting gear, traps,  survival gear etc. on top of my military experience,  I have a decent amount of construction and mechanical experience.  I also took a lot of agriculture classes in highschool that taught me horticulture,  animal husbandry and basic veterinary applications,  composting,  hydroponics,  etc. I’ve been a hunter,  trappers, fisherman all my life.  I’m a true woodsman.   I love the land, I love the GOOD people that walk it. I would very much like to join a community that shares my beliefs.  if you have or know of a community in Pennsylvania that would welcome me, I would appreciate it greatly.

Mar 242015

I am a novice prepper and would like to meet others in my area who can help and have the same mindset. I’m young, that’s all I have going for me. I will be trying to learn necessary skills and perfect them in the near future. Please respond. I am very scared for this country and don’t want to be caught off guard. Thanks

Mar 232015

I have recently moved onto a piece of property on this land I would like to start a self sustaining community where we can all prosper it is 165 acres we are in western Massachusetts come build a cabin work the land  and help achieve sustainability please feel free to contact me leaving as much info about yourself as possible thank you hope to here from you soon

Mar 232015

Hello to everyone, I just joined the site and I’m thankful for your time. My name is Phillip, I’m a 56 year old male and in good health. I’m a veteran, I’m married with 3 grown kids. I’m searching for a established group with land were I can help build and contribute in any way it make us a safe refuge from the gloom that the world has turned into. I live in Arkansas and willing to relocate and have travel trailer to live in until a solid structure can be built. I’m willing to swap may labor and devoted time for a place to stay. I’m self employed so I can devote all my time to helping.My wife would be joining me but not at first. I want to do a meet and greet and willing for the group leaders to do a back ground check on myself. I have 40 years of being a mechanic and I can do welding, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heating and air, refrigeration work, gardening and have experience living in the country around horses, cattle and most farm animals. I by no means saying a know it all and will be open to any ones help as life is a never ending learning school and adventure everyday. all I’m a very avid hunter, fisherman and just started trapping this winter so I have a lot to learn as far as trapping goes. I’m a very avid outdoorsman and have experience in living off grid. I still need to keep learning and am wiling to learn. I can provide a list of on hand materials and equipment to offer. I’m willing to work right beside any one who has the desire to make things good for all of us. I’m more than open to questions and suggestions. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from a good solid established group or start up. I can be reached here or at midnightrider2158 at yahoo dot com. Again thank you to all Phillip

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Mar 232015

I’m building a full Prepper community, I have land in the Hanover county area of New Hampshire about 25-30 acres with a well, as well as several dead drop locations on the eastern coast of the US available goal is to make room for between 75-100 people a group that will not only survive but thrive. project will take a few years and stages including group training. this is an invitation extended towards existing prepper groups and individuals alike. About me I am young just 23 my wife 19 and we have 2 kids. I can cook as a trade I am also no stranger to combat and I can use a firearm at an intermediate level and a blade at an expert level. Though with some exception I’m self trained in Firearms, Hunting, Explosives, Trapping,and Smelting. Weapon knowledge includes most strike fire pistols and rifles including automatics, pump and break action shotguns, katana, cutlass, bastard sword, hand and half swords, kopis, gladius, kukri, machetes, most knives, short staff, BO staff, spear, knuckles, and tomahawk and am still learning more weapons and skills.

One thing I’ve learned is numbers are essential so I’m trying to do what i can to pull resources and like minded preppers to aid each other in prepping a safely secured self sufficient community.

What I’m looking for.

  • Friendly and trustworthy, individuals that understand working together equally is important free code no kings no servants
  • Variant degree of skill, if you know nothing the show willingness to learn if you know something be ready to teach
  • Strong and capable, be strong of mind or body or both
  • Financial support, I am poor but i have land to build and train on the more we can build there the more we can do
  • Seriousness, I look at this as a future possibility it could mean survival for my family or more than just them I DON’T think of this as a game or something to do in spare time.

Imagination, prepping for the end brings about what communities will arise at the end new traditions and rituals made old ones lost imagination could be a formidable weapon or a moral raiser be open to new ideas.

There are skills I’m looking for in people

  • Cartography
  • Hunting
  • Butchery
  • Smithing (metal and leather)
  • Communications engineer
  • Engineer
  • Electioneer
  • Plumber
  • HAM Radio
  • Architect 
  • Carpenter
  • Military
  • Private militia
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Masons
  • IT
  • H VAC
  • Pilots
  • Mechanics
  • Gun smiths
  • Strong fighters
  • Botanists and gardeners
  • Historian of great civilizations
Mar 232015

Hello Preppers of the Great Oz,

My name is Aiden, aka prepperboy1999

I have only been in Port for a couple of weeks, but, I habe been meaning to do this for a long time.

Uf anyone on this site lives or knows someone who lives in the Port Hedland/ Pretty Pool/ South Hedland regions or knows a prepper that does, I beg you PM me ASAP.

We don’t know for sure when it will happen, or specifically what will happen, but we all know it is on its way

We have been presented with a grand opportunity, time. We know there cant be much, but we still have it.

I would love to start a prepper community in this area, and if you won’t do it for the long run, do it as a hobby or at least make a BOB for yourself an any family members with you.


Mar 222015

Hello all. We (myself and family) are new to Bowling Green KY, just having recently moved here from TX. I’m prior service (US Army) with Infantry experience and lots of medical (civilian) training. I’m am looking to make new friends or group (regardless of race, religion, skill level) who are trying to make new contacts or starter prepping. Email: rudedog80 (at) yahoo Rex

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Mar 212015

First off, thank you for your interest in this post.

We are a group based in north central Georgia and we are currently searching for potential new members. Our group is comprised of both active and prior service military and law enforcement as well as individuals from the civilian sector, all with widely varying skill sets. We welcome skilled individuals from all walks of life to apply for membership so long as they meet our entry requirements. However, we are very careful when selecting new members and membership is not guaranteed to everyone that applies. We value the quality of the individual over the quantity and do lot look to become some huge rag tag group overnight. We strive to maintain a group of highly skilled and trained individuals capable of adapting to and overcoming any situation(s) it may find  itself  in.

We are lead by a board of founding and high ranking members and use a military rank structure and follow the chain of command. However, any issue(s) may be brought before the board and/or the entire group so that a decision can and will be reached by fair vote. We do this so that no one person or faction will hold ultimate power and authority over the group or an individual member. EVERYONE is responsible for his/her own actions and will be held accountable. Since we are based on military structure and hierarchy, each member is given a rank and position by the board based on their individual skill set, training, and experience. Even though new members will initially be placed into a position by the board, all members have the chance to request a change in position if they feel that they are better suited elsewhere. However, the final decision will be made by the board with input from your superiors and/or subordinates. New members must wait until after their probationary period is over before requesting any changes. All members may be promoted, demoted, or discharged from the group by the ultimate decision of the board based on their actions and overall performance both within the group and in their personal life.

We are NOT extremists or some anti-government organization and we welcome anyone whether they be male or female so long as they can meet our entry requirements. We will NOT tolerate discrimination and/or bigotry of ANY kind whether it be racial, sexual, religious, etc. and members who go against this will be subject to immediate and complete discharge from the group.
We believe that family is important and individuals with families are more than welcome to join so long as they are able to keep the two separate when necessary such as in certain training exercises, events, etc.. We try to schedule classes and training at least once a month on weekends. Some situations may require one on one individual training and this can be accommodated IF the member in need of individual training can work out a schedule with an instructor. We train year round and in adverse conditions so long as it is not inherently dangerous to do so.

During training and group activities that are NOT located in public you are expected to appear neat, clean, and in proper uniform. For those of you familiar with military uniform regulations it is a good base for what is expected of you. However, we do not hold strictly to ALL of the listed regulations. For example: keeping your hands in your pockets is fine, just so long as the situation would not dictate otherwise. You’re trusted to use common sense and good judgement and if that is beyond your ability then you are not what we want or need in our group. Below will be listed the ENTRY requirements necessary to join our group.

  • A criminal background check is required for ALL members. A criminal history DOES NOT necessarily mean that you wont be allowed into the group. We understand that every situation is different and we take that into account when considering new members. Just be honest and sincere up front and odds will usually be in your favor.
  • ALL members must be able to LEGALLY purchase and own firearms and other weapons in the United States.
  • ALL members must be in decent physical condition and be able to perform required tasks and participate in training and group exercises . A disability DOES NOT necessarily mean that you wont be allowed into the group. We understand that every situation is different and we take that into account when considering new members. Just be honest and sincere up front and odds will usually be in your favor.
  • ALL NEW members are subject to a three (3) month probationary period in which time they will be observed closely. In this period new members may be discharged at any time.
  • ALL members must miss no more than three (3) scheduled group events without an acceptable reason within a twelve(12) month period. Missing more than three (3) scheduled group events WITHOUT an acceptable reason within the twelve (12) month period may result in immediate and complete discharge from the group.
  • ALL membership applicants must go through an email, phone, and face to face interview/meeting with a current member charged with the selection of new members.
  • ALL new members are required to fill out and sign several forms including a full disclosure and waiver form, protecting the group from any legal actions having to do with the actions of an individual member and vice versa.

If you are interested in joining our group please send an email to njwheeless [at] gmail [dot] com . Please include some information about yourself including but not limited to: name, age, gender, physical condition and ability, background, skills and/or training, etc.. Upon receiving your email you will receive the member information packet mentioned above. Also, if you have any questions or concerns please make sure to include them in your email.


Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay free.


Mar 212015

Hello everyone,

I am a U.S. Army Vet. Have done two tours in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan. My family and I have been prepping for five years now but are currently looking for a bug out location since we all still have mortgages. None of our homes are secure enough so we thought to look for like minded folks around the area. We have three families in our group and have a diverse set of skills to help any community that is looking for more people. Our skill set includes: EMT, Construction, Communications, Farmer, Handymen, Firefighters, Ex-military, Hunters, Fishermen, Nurse and Surgical Tech.

please let me know if our group could be accommodated. We all have 6-12 months of food and water and firearms.

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Mar 202015

I am looking for a person or group of people who are serious and committed to forming and maintaining a MAG. I am willing to join an existing group or assist in forming a new MAG group. I will bring resources and expect every one to do the same. I would expect to interview and be interviewed before making a final decision. The geographic area of interest for a MAG are specified in the title of this post.

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Mar 192015

I am interested in meeting like minded individuals who live or are planning to live on the islands of Malta and Gozo. These are islands in the Mediterranean sea, located 90km South of Sicily.

This is a map:  https://maps.google.be/maps?q=Malta&hl=en&fb=1&gl=be&ftid=0x130e45281d8647c5:0xf582d86136be4239&hnear=Malta&t=h&z=11

These islands, offer both opportunities and risks for those future oriented individuals. These islands have been the subject to a great many invasions and hardships in the previous centuries, and somehow a % of the islanders have always come out alive. I plan to be in this group if/when the next crisis knocks on our doors.

Whilst it is impossible to predict the future, disaster preparedness is a was an activity regularly undertaken by our fore fathers. Modern times have made us lazy and thinking only about the immediate future. My vision of a prepared individual veers away from the stereo type of someone wearing a gas mask and carrying a rifle. Preparedness is about being able to challenges to the basic necessities of life given the geography and climate of these islands.

Today given a global complex economy, our supplies have even become dependent on many factors. On an island with one of the highest population densities in the world, some form of preparation becomes even more essential. I now that all we really have is the moment, now. So I enjoy it to the max, however I invest in insurance for both a dystopian (bad) and a positive future.

If you have landed on this page and are new to the subject I invite you to read some of these blogs:

This is an excellent introductory video on why you should prepare.

This is a one hour video on why should think about the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYyugz5wcrI

If you are interested please send me an email in Maltese, English or Italian! It could take me a while to reply : david [dot] jones79 [at] gmail [dot] com subject: Malta Prepping

Online Websites: 




The Road


Keywords : Malta preppers & Malta Survivalists

Mar 182015

I am looking for folks in the Bastrop area that are interested in grouping up or have a group of like minded people. We are well armed and have a few supplies stashed and are usually keep it to ourself type people but know we cannot stand alone. I am a jack of all trades that does not want to wait until the riots start to get ready. About all I will say for now so if you are out there give me a shout. Thanks

Mar 172015

Life changing opportunity!
Are you ready to try something new and different?

We are building a team of unconventional, forward-thinking individuals to staff a unique facility in Crosby, MN.

Our night-stay Interactive theater is evolving, creating new possibilities, including, but not limited to: Theater, Hospitality, Product Development and Manufacturing, Gardening with Aquaponics and Hydroponics, Prepping/Self-sustainability, and the ability to look at new ways of approaching each challenge.

We are trend setters, not trend followers. Creative energy a plus, communication a MUST. The ability to do improv comedy is a plus, but not required if you have a desire to learn.

You must be able to lift 50-70 lbs on a regular basis, and you must be willing to take direction from others. You must be willing to do whatever duties need to be done to keep our business running and you must do it with a smile. Excellent customer service skills are also required, as our business greatly depends on it.

This is a LIVE-IN position with upward mobility opportunities and profit sharing. The possibility of a reality show exists. Our goal is to create a self-sufficient community that does not depend on money or the outside world at all!

If you think you have what it takes, please contact AuntieSusieSunshine [at] gmail [dot] com for an audition.

Mar 172015

In any serious situation, living in the National Capital area has serious advantages as well as drawbacks. While the brunt of government support capabilities would be brought to bear in the D.C. area for anything ranging from a natural disaster to nuclear or biological terrorist attack, to widespread civil unrest, D.C. is also a large and important strategic target. There are good arguments for both bugging in and bugging out in many but certainly not all of these situations.

We seek to establish a network of individuals and families, who both know each other and interact with one another in person to promote the exchange of ideas, preparedness solutions, as well as the development of several contingency plans to get all participants away from threat areas as necessary. Threats evolve and threat environments are fluid, so the backbone of this group must and will be built upon skilled and cross trained individuals, who are flexible and adaptable, working as a team.


The founding members of this group are former federal employees with extensive Military experience. This group will not be political or religious in nature. This is not a militia. Any military training or tactics employed by this group will be utilized to mitigate threats and preserve the lives of its members. There is no prerequisite for joining, other than the ability to legally own and purchase firearms. Ownership of firearms is preferred, but not required for joining.


The objective of this group is to include experienced, skilled, and beginner level individuals who are interested in being prepared to confront or evade the threats posed to them by events beyond their control. Encouraging in person cooperation between members, exchange of tips and tricks and ideas over electronic media, as well as encouraging the acquisition of the necessary equipment to keep yourself and your family safe, fed and warm will achieve this objective. In a time of increased threat, this group will pool resources, and act together to get out of the threat area and to safety or remain secure in a static location.


Those interested will be asked to meet in person, in a public place, for food or drinks, to discuss membership in the group after a period of communication by phone and email.


Physical fitness of members is preferred; the ability to move quickly, carry weight, and shoot is a necessity. For families this only applies to military age men and women.


If you are interested, please email me at USMCartychief155 [at] gmail [dot] com