Sep 252013

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Apr 182014

im Dawn Ashe…i live in dallas which is paulding county ga….looking for a group to join with me ….ivebeen searching for a few years and only met with frustration….i feel a group would be better not only financiallybut there is safety in numbers…plz contact me at dawnashe [at] rocketmail [dot] com or on facebook….my profile pic is me &hubby and im wearing a NYG tshirt

Apr 182014

I am currently looking for preppers who want to  share what knowledge and information they have learned that can help others. Examples are what went well and what did not if you used practical application of your preps. What are some valuable essentials for prepping that are affordable and reliable? How can a group of people form a compound and how has it work for those that have done it or are in the process of doing so.  Have any new creative ideas that you would like to discuss and maybe apply?

Apr 182014

hello fellow preppers.

so we’re here in the valley, and we’re very interested in beginning an intentional community comprised of anyone that can coexist and create an environment that will be mutually benificial to all of us. anyone thats interested in an opportunity to live frugally and prepare for the eventual collapse of society we invite you to contact us in either a reply or email us at jmlwickedprepper at gmail.

Apr 172014

Looking for a group in Live Oak Florida area. Moving to the area next week. I will be a single dad, so money is tight. My soon to be ex and my 2 girls will be moving down in June. I am new to this but willing to get my hands dirty. Ex military.

Apr 172014

If you want to share this please use the link to the website. Thanks

To RSVP for this event click

For Full Details and updates click

The Eastern NC Prepper group is a over 100 member group for anyone wishing to become more self reliant aka preppers that live in eastern NC (however the group is open to anyone). This group meets every 2nd Saturday every month except December.


The main objectives of this group are:
- Networking with fellow preppers
- Advancement of the art and skill of prepping
- Dispelling some of the myths and stereotypes of preppers.


The group is fairly causal about rules. However we do have them they are:
- No religion
- No Politics
- Turn off cell phones or put them on vibrate
- No bashing groups based on sexual, racial, age, or religious alignment.

Pretty much use common sense and act like a adult. Remember even if your off in a corner making comments, you never know who is listening and don’t assume certain stereotypes just because they are at the meeting. You are there to learn about prepping and networking with fellow preppers.

For more information of the rules and the mission – click here

If you wish to know more about me before the meeting – click here

NOTE – Meeting will be at the Raven Rock State Park, we will meet at or around the big shelter just as you get into the park (first parking lot it will be on your right). Also we will be walking to Raven Rock, this is a 2.6 mile hike round trip.


- Opening of the meeting with general Q&A
- Donations
- Show and Tell
- Mind, Body and Soul of a Prepper – How to be fully prepared while enjoying nature walking to Raven Rock.
- Small group networking
- Feedback and Closing remarks

Apr 172014

hi everyone.been doing this prepping for years,thought it about time i shared my skills with others. electrician by trade,3 years ago dug an underground green house so i can grow longer in the year.constructed a drill rig to get a water bore hole 2 years ago “free water for ever” we all need water.this year installed a 5kva diesel backup generator to run the home,”cant aford to loose all the frozen products we have grown.5 years ago started with a small battey pack and solar pv setup now its upto 2100A of batterys invertor converts 12v to mains power runs all inside lights for 10/11 months of the year,adding a wind turbine this year to see if we can get all year around free lighting! went back to solid fuel heating last year 210L hot water tank heated by pallet wood and water heater and 12v immersion heater “to be wired this summer” 4 years age fitted rain water harvesting toilet to this day we have used just over 67000L ,works out at about £50 a year saving………. the list just goes on. some projects are on youtube under  “wizardsolutions” underground greenhouse bore hole,electric bike etc. bye for now johnny2.

Apr 162014

I’ve heard from a few people over the last month who joined the site, made a post, went off and then promptly forgot their password.

The site no longer has the auto-function of ‘request a new password’. Various hack attempts were targeting the auto features of the website and trying to exploit them – they are now disabled.

If you’ve forgotten your password and would like to get a new one, EMAIL ME from the email address you originally registered with and I will supply you with a new password.


NEWS – the site just added it’s 17,000th registered member!  :)

Apr 162014

New group starting and looking for people willing to jump in for the long haul. There’s a LOT to be done, so you need to be not only interested in a new start, a new beginning, but a new adventure with like minded folks who just want to live in peace as long as there is peace in this country, and be treated equally, not discriminated against because you’re different like I’ve seen so many other groups put limits on the types of people they want. We don’t care if you’re Christian, Muslim, atheist, straight, gay, bi, your skin color or what station you hold in life right now. In our group, the poorest will have as much as the richest, and everybody is expected to pull their own weight, like working in the gardens for instance or hunting. If you want to eat, you have to pitch in. Anyone 16 and over can vote on any issue that comes up, and for the first year or so, there  will be many issues without a doubt, so everybody’s input and cooperation is vital. Again, the group is new, so we need skill sets of many kinds, and we need honest reliable people who want to live peacefully without discrimination, and for the goal of survival. This is no church, nor cult, just regular people wanting something different than what we see and deal with everyday. The adventure is yours if you’re ambitious and willing to contribute all you can and teach all you can, and a group of strangers will become family. If you’re interested contact UnitedPreppers [at] groups [dot] facebook [dot] com or shrimpburger [at] hotmail [dot] com for more info.

Apr 162014

I’ve not been on this site for very long, yet have noticed there are not many postings from some of the lower population areas. Probably because there are less people there but certain low population regions are where the preppers live or have moved to as part of their prepping strategies. So it is to some of those lower population strategy preppers I am reaching out to.

The specific areas which I am making reference to are from Central/Eastern Washington State over through Idaho State and going into Montana State a bit. Sort of just East of the Cascades  and West of the Continental Divide.

There are a few of us long term preppers up here who have met and for some time now have gotten organized together. We are trying to join with other long term preppers or invite them to join with us. We believe long term preppers are seasoned and savvy enough to get the drift here and figure out there is more to this than what is being posted. There is no real need to go into any further explanation other than to say just drop me a line at my email address below.

There is no harm in inquiring and it might just be what you still need to balance out one of the  most difficult parts of long term prepping.

Contact: tommy [at] zoho [dot] com

 Posted by at 12:06 pm
Apr 162014

my name is Dawn… ive been seeking to get a group together for 2 yrs now….i have a family of 4 and feel in this economy it would be more feasible to have a group to stockpile with. Also there is safety in numbers. I am holding a MAG meet and greet /bbq the 27th of this month at White Oak Park in Dallas GA Paulding county at 2pm…there will be a demo on cleaning/suturing wounds by LPN Vicky Mitchell who is also with me in group. plz contact me thru facebook  Dawn Ashe… i have profile pic of me and hubby and im in NYG tshirt

Apr 162014

Ever want to expand your medical knowledge ? Or what to do when help is an hour or a day away? I may have the answer your looking for 20 plus years in rule communities state of Oklahoma certified EMS instructor National RegisteredBasic life support (BLS) instructor also if interested in info drop me a line at,

wildernessmedic [at] yahoo [dot] com

Apr 152014

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer by trade, I’m well informed and educated and prepped. NOW I need to find groups in my area with which to work. Please contact me if you have further info. Talk soon…

Apr 112014

HI we are hosting a prepper practice campout near dublin ga in june. please contact me if you’d like to attend we would love to meet other preppers.
TEOTWAKI Practice Campout
Join us to practice your prepping skills and learn more.
We will be purifying all water we will be drinking
We will be cooking your prepping food.
No coolers please.
Each family will get a chicken to butcher in our chicken butchering class. ( I encourage all ages to attend even small children can pluck)
Bring fire pits if you have them
Chicken butchering and Canning meat
Children 12 & under gun safety
Children 12& under fire starting/ cooking with fire
Making a two bucket water filtration system
Making a rocket stove
children first aid
children introduction to horses
Adult s– Weapons and prepping
Making char cloth
Horses and prepping.
Our Faith and Prepping
Freeze dried foods and more.
making bread from wheat
Fee $50.00/ family to cover port-o-potties etc.
JUNE -20-22, 2014
Let me now if you have a skill or product you would like to share.
Once you sign up you will be sent a parts list of items you need to make the items in the classes. And Directions to the farm.
Contact Leah Flowers Ochwalkee Creek Farm
Glenwood, ga 30428. ph-912-429-8131
Email: starvina83 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Apr 112014

Southwestern Oregon Preppers (SWOP) will be holding a meeting at Noon on Saturday, April 19, 2014 at the Old Funeral Home, 663 14th, Port Orford, OR 97465.

The main topic is “Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle – Ideas for everyday use and for when SHTF.”. We will discuss ways to turn trash and junk into useful items. Lots of common items we come into contact with regularly are useful in more ways than just what they were designed to accomplish. Bring along an item to discuss and share your ideas. SWOP meetings always start with a question and answer period before the main topic so all in attendance get a chance to participate.
This is a free public meeting to get to know fellow local preppers in southwestern Oregon counties and to exchange information and ideas. It is important for individuals to understand that they will be “on their own” in the event of a disaster and not to depend on receiving outside help. Join Southwestern Oregon Preppers on Facebook and/or

Apr 092014

Hey all,

Recently came across the site and noticed a lack of folks in my area. I am open to meeting others, and organizing bulk buys, sharing purchasing resources, all in the name of working towards a cohesive retreat group.

I live on 3 acres outside of a small town, with my property located in a national forest in a private HOA with pretty relaxed rules. I have begun purchasing the manual tools associated with gardening, and am forming the property into what will be a microfarm so that I can grow, AND preserve my own food instead of always purchasing.

Hit me up a libarata [at] yahoo [dot] com, or PM me, whatever!

Apr 092014

My name is Zac, I am a SGT in the us army and am currently stationed in Washington. I will be moving back to my home town of corona CA (part of Riverside County.) I’m very new to prepping, I made a survival bug out back and a few box’s of Meals Ready to Eat. And that is the extent of my prep thus far. I have basic survival skills, some first aid training, and weapons training. Pretty much what would be expected of army training, haha. If there is anyone actively engaged in prepping I would love to exchange info, and perhaps form a prep group in my area. My email is zackery [dot] dunn [at] mail [dot] com. Just shoot me an email at anytime and we can go from there. I have made contact with a couple of people through this site, but have so far haven’t had any real commitment. Look forward to hearing from you.   -Zac

Apr 092014

Bug Out Survivalist Preppers Group of Sacramento Area

Who are we? We are a group made up of Preppers, Survivalist and Bug Out folk. We are from California; we are based in Cameron Park Ca. east of Sacramento Ca. This group has been designed April 2014. All are welcome to join. Our local group meetings/Classes will be posted every month.

Our Bug Out Survivalist Preppers Group is…. looking for group members to join. I would like to put a board together for our area if interested email/tex/call/facebook me with your vision and skills and qualities.

Our Bug Out Survivalist Preppers Group…. is looking forward to holding classes teaching Wilderness Survival, CPR, Dog Training, How to build a bunker, training in EMP, Emergency Aid, how to build a bug out bag, how to be a prepper, living off the grid and that’s just some to name the list is endless etc…. if anyone has the knowledge or know how or know someone that can teach a class please contact the group leader Frank. I look forward to meeting you and talking further.

If you have any ideas for me please contact me and be part of the group.
Our email is bugoutsurvivalistpreppers [at] gmail [dot] com
Facebook link-
Group Leader- Frank
Phone/Tex (530) 409-4733

Here is a listing of some of the things we prepare for….
Catastrophic Events List

-Catastrophic Economic Finical Collapse
-Collapse of the American Dollar
-China and World Domination
-Avian flu pandemic H5N1
-Solar flair
-Dirty Bombs
-Impending food crises
-Yellow Stone Supper Volcano
-Tropical Storm
-Heat Waves and many others…..

Apr 082014

Arkansas Confederate Preppers is looking to add more members. No matter how long you have been prepping you are welcome. We are especially looking for those that would be interested in joining a community where we would come together in a SHTF situation.

We are a network of 3 Chapters throughout Arkansas and the surrounding states in which to better prepare ourselves, family and community for natural, man-made, or economic disasters. Our mission is to provide education, training, and equipping of members to mutually defend our families, friends, and property during a crisis.
We are not Anti American, Anti Christian, Anti Community, Anti racial, we accept all people who want to learn, discuss and inform. We are not a cult or Anti Religious, or an Anti American group. We are people (A Community) who wish to come together to learn, teach and prepare for the survival of our families, friends, community and country should something devastating happen in the United States
We support God, Christianity, Israel, NRA, and the United States Constitution including the Bill of Rights.

A.C.P is and will be governed by the Founding members and the duly elected officials. Our Charter is and will be a living model, which is to say that it has and continues to be modified as best practices are discovered. As a member of A.C.P it is your right to bring up questions and comments on how our organization operates.

Official Charter Alterations
Any Charter alterations will be voted on and approved by the elected officers of the group, with the Founding Members final approval.

Self Responsibility
All members of A.C.P are responsible for their own actions. At no time will any action in violation of Local, State or Federal Law be construed as condoned, supported, sponsored, encouraged, or acceptable by the group or any of its members. By becoming a member of SAPN you acknowledge that any act or public declaration in violation of any law shall be the responsibility of the individual and none other.
All interested parties shall be considered for membership provided they can meet 4 of 6 requirements.
1: Be associated with at least 1 member

2: Motivated and willing to participate

3:Have a means to equip themselves ie (Food, equipment, Firearms, knowledge)

4: honest and Dependable

5: Willing to come to the aid of others

6: Be a minimum age of 18 unless a parent or family member is a A.C.P member.
Any member may leave the group at any time that they choose

Reason for dismissal from A.C.P

Lack of participation
Bringing negative affects to group
Bringing shame or notoriety to group
Acts of Violence toward another member
Violation of Local, State or Federal Laws

Executive Officers

The executive officers will consist of a representative from each of the 3 chapters. Executive officer positions are as follows
President, Vice President, CFO, CTO, Logistics Officer, and Secretary

Chapter Officials
Chapter Commander
Chapter Training Officer
Chapter Secretary


Elections will be at a time set by the founding members and then every 2 years thereafter. To be elected to an executive officer or a chapter position you must an active member in good standing for a period of 6 months.

All members will be responsible to equip themselves and help equip the group with the basic supplies and knowledge needed to function as a community in any disaster natural or man-made.

Basic and Standard equipment (BEL/SEL)

Each individuals BEL and SEL will be based on that persons/Families group affiliation. These items will include but are not limited to Food, Clothing, Water/purification, shelter, equipment and tools.

Meetings & Training

Officers will meet monthly either in person or online or by other communication method.

Chapter meetings will be held every other month in the same manner as the officer meetings at a time determined by the officers.

Training will be quarterly and will be held at a location determined by the executive officers, training events will be held at different locations throughout the year.


In order for A.C.P to be able to function as a community all members will need to be an active participant within the group. There are several ways for a member to be productive within the group ie (Knowledge, supplies, and donations )
To remain an active member you must attend a minimum of 3 meetings in a calendar year and 2 training sessions in a calendar year.

Apr 082014

I’m an individual looking for a community to join and add my effort to. Somewhere warm would be preferable, South of the M/D Line. I’m best with animals, both farming and hunting. Looking for a community in an area or with members who have thriving small businesses I might find work with as an Administrative Assistant. I can forward my resume to anyone interested. ki.ritter813 at gmail dot com.

 Posted by at 2:06 pm
Apr 072014

And I don’t think that whatever is going to happen is going to give me enough time to get out of the area.

I need a bug out location, and while I could buy some land the location by itself would be no good.

I am hoping to meet people who can rely on me in the event of an emergency. Strength in numbers.

I have useful skills and I am looking to get some land. Would be great to get in touch with any local preppers….

Ive PMd several people here that talk about some really interesting projects around NH, VT. Excited to see what those groups have been able to put together so far.

So I thought I’d start this post and see how many active Boston area people we have here?


eduardomorenocol gmail

 Posted by at 1:49 am
Apr 062014

Hi, I have been prepping for about 6 years now….when I first started, I didn’t even know why….just a strong feeling.   Now I am pretty well informed and feel I am rightly justified in putting so much effort into preparedness…ongoing, a little every day.

I am a 58 year old single Christian woman living alone…(with  two kitties) It’s really concerning to me that I have no community (Christian preppers) with whom I can join to share ideas and hands on preparation.  I believe in a  post- trib rapture.  I would really like to join a group… I have no land but could sell my mobile home or move it to  join a Christian group.  I have 2+ years food, medical supplies, canning, food drying equipment, and many food preservation skills.  I garden, sew, knit, and a willing hard worker. I am self employed as a house-cleaner and earn a modest living.  Would love to be in a situation raising animals for food too.

Apr 032014

I’ve been living off grid, with a group, in Arizona for nearly a year. It has been an interesting experience.

I highly recommend that anyone planning to live this life style independently, do so with a group, for at least a few months. Doing so will help you understand better how to set up your own place to meet your needs.

I have learned that I enjoy most of the aspects of living off grid, the solitude of this remote location and the slower pace of life being two of the best things about it.

Our power comes from a solar system of several panels and eight batteries.When the sun is out we have plenty of power to run most things. Toasters, microwaves, washers, and power tools require the use of a generator. While the generator is running, it’s plugged into the battery bank to maximize the cost of the gas by keeping the batteries fully charged. The generator is also used on sunless days when there is not enough light to keep the batteries charged.

We temporarily have to haul our water until we get a well in. The trip consists of pulling a 400 gal water tank on a trailer, nine miles into town filling the tank and then pulling it back. The roads are rough as they are not paved and some are not even graded. The water only costs $4.00 to fill the tank, just one penny per gallon. At home we have two more tanks, one holds 250 gal. and another that holds 1500 gal.

It may sound difficult and I admit converting to a new way of life was a challenge at times. Now however I’ve gotten into a routine and things go smoothly except for the occasional problem.

Going off grid in a rural, remote area has its difficulties and its  rewards. Being able to see the Milky way and not have your thought interrupted by loud neighbors, sirens and alarms are among my favorites. Well worth the the challenge!

Apr 022014

We would like to form a p. r. e pers group in the Inland Empire area. We are a Christian family, not doom and gloom but just believe in preparing for whatever may happen. Husband is still in the (Jack of all trades). We had been preparing for over 3 years now. We have a lot of ideas we’d like to make happen, and we believe that it can be accomplished with more people to make it happen. We are looking to buy a piece of land somewhere and start working on it. Gardens, shel.ter, self de.fense stuff etc. Well require once or twice a month training and meeting and may increase ounce we start building our

Here’s what we are looking for:

- honest and reliable people
- Mil.ita.ry Ve.ts
- also looking for people in the medical field
- Engineers
- Handy mans, general contractors
- Christian people, family, age doesn’t matter as long as you know how to fend for yourself and others (should situation calls for it).

If you are interested, please reply with an em.ail address. Would prefer if you have hush or 1791 Em.ail as they are much safer than Gmail or yahoo accounts from prying eyes.

God bless!

Apr 022014

Looking for like minded people in the Wichita falls area. I have been tasked by my group with responsibility of finding additional people to ensure a group capable of overcoming anything over the horizon.

We need people who can be depended on to not only acknowledge the need for prepping, But the motivation to prepare. Not just bullets and tactiCOOL gear, But the critical necessitates to survive the struggles when the SHTF. Skills such as Medical, Security, Communications, Agricultural, Mechanical, Logistics, Gunsmithing. You can never have to much knowledge.

Single persons or entire families, As long as everyone does their part.             Survival is the goal, It cannot be done alone. And having people you can trust to keep not only you. But your loved ones SAFE. For Contact please contact paladin9171(AT) gmail(dot)com. For whatever reasons I can post but unable to respond via preppergroups site.

Apr 012014


As the title reads, we are a Christian family (3 plus one dog) considering to relocate to a friendlier community and wanted to see what’s out there. Have been prepping for a couple years now and TRYING to open our neighbors eyes to strengthen our area only to no avail.  In a SHTF sitch eventually we would be overrun or have to BO.   Since we are considered preppers, it’s only logical that we consider our options.

A little info on us.  Mid forties, strong back, jack of all trade helper.  Have supplies, tools, personal security supplies and common sense.  Will provide more information upon request and sharing yourself.

Considering Idaho, Montana, Utah and ?

Strength in numbers and knowledge prevail.

 Posted by at 10:29 pm