May 022015

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Aug 262015

Attention Fort Campbell Area.
I hope I never have to put this plan into effect, but I’m looking for volunteers.

As you may have noticed, what’s going on in this country and around the world, is our government seems to be failing us. I am looking for trustworthy reliable people that are willing to do anything to protect their family. If there is a complete collapse in government or Marshall Law is declared I want to get a small group of likeminded people together to help protect our own. I’m not advocating violence. I’m not a violent person at all, in fact I’m an advocator of peace, and an ordained minister, but if the SHTF, my family will be my top priority. I have 19 years of military service (still currently serving) and I’m a combat veteran with training with various weapons and tactics I’m a very good shooter, and have my own weapons. My family is everything to me, but there is safety in numbers, and sometimes the family needs to grow. (I hope I would never have to take a human life, but there are shady people out there are willing to do harm to you and yours just because they can.) I’m not talking about overthrowing the government or any crap like that, but by this point there won’t really be a government to worry about. This isn’t about race, (we’re all part of the human race) religion, (You should be able to believe or worship whatever or whoever you choose) sexual orientation, (Who you love is your business) or any crap like that. It’s ignorance and prejudices like those that are part of the reason we’re in this mess to begin with. This is about survival and protecting our families. I’m talking about the inevitable demise of our civilization, and I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s already starting to collapse. If you already have a group, or are a small family with these same types of thoughts please let me know, and we’ll see where to go from there. Thank you and God Bless.

Aug 262015

New to Washington looking for peppers in the area of Des Monies/Tacoma area. Have started prepping but I need to learn more skills. Ready to learn  would like to meet others to start a group or join a group. Married, 2 adult single children living at home ready to help prep.

 Posted by at 6:01 pm
Aug 242015

Searching for like minded individuals in north Houston. I am a survivalist, met, prepped and a father. Looking to start or join a group near kingwood. Email me or text with inquirys or info. bbontrager08 [at] gmail [dot] com or two8 one 8one 3 8 five 7 8

Aug 242015

Hey there

looking for a group in the California area, away from the coast, preferably near the Yosemite or Mariposa/Oakhurst/Merced counties

Strong 22 y/old with my German shep

lived on prepper property in East Tennessee, but back in Cali for the time being

let me know what’s around! Thanks

Aug 242015

Couple with 38′  BOV looking to join a local colony. We’re new to prepping, but, know all hell is fixing to bust loose in the next year or so. We want to join local colony to learn, help with colony duties, protect our family & country under Gods watchful eyes. We’re both prior military with Honorable discharges. One of us works in medical field (CNA/ Med Tech) studying for LPN program, the other has a CDL with full endorsements & handyman capabiluties. We live/ work in Orlando, FL area.

Can someone please assist?


 Posted by at 6:24 am
Aug 222015

Hi everyone! I am in eastern pa looking to start or join an existing group that is interested in sharing ideas and thoughts on various topics related to survivalism and prepping. Ideally, if people get on well I would love to be able to form a small “community” for all members to fall back on when a SHTF time happens, whether it is worldwide, statewide or personal SHTF. Im an intermediate prepper and i have some skills to bring to a survival group. Thanks all! Happy gardening this time of year…

Aug 192015


I’m an intermediate prepper but would like to meet people who are prepping too. I’m looking to learn about skills, local resources, ideas, organizations and people. I know a lot about medicine, agriculture, and some hunting. I’m also a techie and have skills there applicable to prepping.

Feel free to contact me at cal [dot] preppr [at] gmail



Aug 182015


I am looking for a homesteader/prepper/exmilitary/non-felone to help me in Commerce, GA.  If you want to steal, you are to late.  You will be left alone to develop five acres for prepping/sustainablility.  It will be a tenant/landlord relationship for legal reasons and there will be a lease of $25/month and/or utilities.  Well-water.  Chickens/rabbits/edibiles all over.  I cannot work and maintain this.  5 acres most of which is woods.  Background check will apply.  Drug test will apply.

Aug 172015

Southwestern Oregon Preppers (SWOP) will be holding a meeting at Noon on Saturday, August 22, 2015 at the Bandon Rural Fire Department, HWY 101, Bandon, Oregon 97411.

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim program will present a free disaster preparedness seminar that goes well beyond the basics to the ways to survive and thrive when disaster strikes.

This is a free public meeting to get to know fellow local preppers in southwestern Oregon counties and to exchange information and ideas. It is important for individuals to understand that they will be “on their own” in the event of a disaster and not to depend on receiving outside help. Join Southwestern Oregon Preppers on Facebook and/or

Aug 152015

I am looking for people to start a prepping group. I am in the Pueblo, Colorado area, and have secluded fully wooded land, ready to be worked on for the group. Mainly looking for people to fill the core of the group positions, but all are welcome to apply. If interested please email me at rickallen91 at yahoo dot com

Aug 142015

older. retired ex military just moved to AL sucked into modern lifestyle now concerned about infrastructure/EMP problems in near future need contact with others to discuss and plan common sense steps for beginners like me

Aug 132015

We are in a community of 500 acres.
And we are looking to lease out three 1 acre lots to a select person or family that is interested in homestead/prepping.
These are raw acre lots. You are free to do what you wish be it place a tiny house or RV or large garden or livestock or set up for hunting.

The main homestead has
-Short term accommodations if required
-Electricity & Water
-Kitchen & Shower
-Saw Mill
-Wood working shop
-Metal working shop
-1/4 acre vegetable garden
-HAM Communication

If this interests you we would like to start a meaningful dialog because the screening process will be very important to us as we imagine it would be for you.

Contact us at juergs [at] gmail [dot] com

Rent will be $200/month and looking for 3/6/12 month leases.

Find out more about us at

Aug 102015

Looking for serious survivalist/prepper minded individuals interested in joining a retreat (bol) in Florida Region #3.  For individuals that already have bov’s like small campers that will be a plus because I do not have to provide you with sleeping quarters.  You must have needed skills such as Medical professional, ex-military, mechanically inclined, farmer/gardener, etc.. If your seriously concerned about your immediate family’s security during certain possible events then read on. I am a married male with a very secluded BOL that I am willing to share in an event.  I am willing to share my skills, knowledge, and expertise pertaining to survival and prepping. I’m pretty well prepped but looking for a few replacements to join my group. If you have any substance abuse, alcohol, mental conditions, or serious health condition do not apply.  You must have no felony convictions. You must be trustworthy, must be loyal to the constitution of the USA. No liberals, atheist, socialist or progressives need apply. Married couples are preferred but not required.The BOL is located in Central Florida. Do not pass up this opportunity and contact me only if your serious about joining a group in west central Florida. THANKS. Patriot Pilgrim

Aug 102015

Hello Preppers, i’m 25 a welder and have been prepping for nearly a year, i have a decent pantry, medical supply’s, and ammunition (and a lot of MISC) that my small family of 3 (including myself) could last alone for 18 month’s alone but that’s not good enough for my family i want to thrive. I’ve read a lot of forum posts on other’s situation and its far better then mine sad to say, so i’m here looking for a BOL where i can bring my supply’s and most of my ammunition and family to for when SHTF happens. I’m useful not a freeloader and will carry my own weight and the weight of my family ATM i have a friend teaching me to be a gunsmith among other things I’m seeing whats out there just email me at twistofluck [at] hotmail [dot] com or msg me on here i’ll be frequent visitor just to read posts

Aug 062015

My wife and I have a 7 year old son and have been prepping for several years now, I have military training in combat and we are looking for a group of like minded people who believe in Christ as lord and savior. We would relocate if there was work available for us. If you are looking for a family to join your group who are not afraid to work hard and protect our group please contact me at peacemakerjake [at] yahoo [dot] com. I’m Robert but everyone calls me Jake cause of my last name Jacobson and my wife is Ginger. Thanks to all and blessings.

Aug 062015

Tired of trying to do it all on your own.  you may be a good fit for our group .We are a nationwide prepping group made up of good people who care about each other, who take care of each other, and who prepare together. Why? Because we live in very uncertain times and it is the smart thing to do. At this time , we are 452 members strong in 43 States. If we continue to grow at this rate, we will be in all 50 States by December 2015 with more than 1,000 members. We are inviting you to join our family of preppers. We are an amazing group, you will make us better!

Our mission is to create an independent system, free of external support which would promote interdependence. In an uncertain world filled with natural disasters and worldwide terrorism, it is only reasonable for a person to seek security in the strength of a group. This system will ensure the safety and security of its members regardless of the scope, duration, or intensity of any emergency. Our mission is to develop a nationwide network of well organized, well prepared, well meaning, likeminded individuals who know, trust and care about each other. The goal of our group will be to leverage the collective skills and resources of its Members so that when the storm arrives, the weak will be safe, the hungry will be fed, and the sick will be healed. Please check out our Plan B .  If you are interested in more information please email me back and I will answer any questions you may have.  bredon1384 [at] gmail [dot] com

Aug 062015

Established multiple families looking for serious additional members with skills and preps, who wish to network. Prefer family oriented folks with the means to help themselves as we together help each other. We have property in the western Virginia with water, housing and other natural resources. Looking for law abiding, serious only preppers. Please directly email prepperfriend [at] yahoo [dot] com if interested. Lets chat and see where that takes us.

Aug 042015

Hi all;

I live in Lancaster,PA…first thing first, I myself am not a prepper, nor pretend to be; however I do have a respect and admiration for those that are actively engaged in their groups / communities in the prepper life. So why am I here? I find it fascinating!!! And as such, I have knowledge and experience that can be of use to those that may need it.

A little about me, I have 20 plus years as a Marine with 3 combat tours including Desert Storm and Iraq. I was also a Marine Drill Instructor so training is my forte’. My purpose is to offer training instruction for those who desire it. I am willing to volunteer  some of my free time when available to provide instruction on topics of:

Weapons Safety and fundamentals, Marksmanship, Tactics, Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Reactionary Drills, Defensive Tactics, and immediate action drills.

I am NOT looking for any form of payments or anything of sorts. Just take the pleasure in contributing  knowledge to a cause and helping others achieve their goal.  I am not some war torn fanatic so please don’t ask me to teach you subjects that can put anyone in jeopardy. I live in Lancaster and would like to stay somewhat close to the area. Since my schedule is somewhat limiting, I would prefer to give instruction in group settings.  If you want to learn, I can teach…I will not provide instructions if I feel the group is not representative of a prepper community or does not demonstrate the capacity to use this knowledge in a legal and safe manner.


Aug 042015

More details and to RSVP –

Doing this for a friend, I am not in any type of leadership role with this group.
PREPPER Meeting with Last Saturday of the month. For August it will be the 29th 11-1600 hrs. Feel free to join us and learn what to do on a rainy day.
11-1200 hrs is a Pot Luck Meet and Greet. The training starts at NOON. Call us if you have any questions 252.689.7737 (PREP) or email Cole [at] PreppersGetIt [dot] com if you wish to RSVP. We will be at the HOMESTEAD Shelter. Animals and children are most welcomed but must be on a leash. It’s a park so bring items they would enjoy. In time we hope to have a separate tent for kid. Looking for helpers now. 3 Rules- No weapons, No profanity and No bad attitudes. Thanks.

PS- This is a Christian valued Prepper group but will not hit you in the head with it. All are welcomed and encuraged to attend. -COLE

Aug 032015

Hi Everyone! Me and my family are currently in Southern Indiana. We are looking for a community of like-minded God fearing peppers to join up with. We are new to prepping and willing to share all that we have with our group. Me and my husband are both hard workers. I currently do CNA work and he is a jack of all trades. He normal can pick up on anything that he’s shown how to do. Time is of essence and we are serious. Well thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon, and may God Bless us all.
The Hooks Family

Aug 032015

I am looking for like minded preppers between Corpus Christi & San Antonio to possibly form a MAG or even a bug out location community (to be used by all for getaways until the SHTF) – My main concern like most others is protecting our families which I think could be done easier with numbers (of like minded people).

I would like to get the ball rolling quickly as I don’t think there is much time before a number of scenarios could happen.

I was thinking of building something on a smaller scale that’s affordable like this: and using the housing from there as well.

If anyone is interested in discussing something like this please contact me at jdpreston1227@ gmail[dot]com

Aug 032015

We are hosting the Prepper Expo USA in Albuquerque, NM on October 24-25, 2015 at the Expo New Mexico Fairgrounds. This is a great way to meet other preppers in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and western Texas. Free seminars, lifesaving products, expert advice and more. Go to for details. Thank you. Allen & Rita

Aug 032015

We are scattered all over SoCal but we all have one priority, and that’s the protection of our family and friends. I’ve been slowly building a prepper community.  We are seeking novice and experience survivors and preppers we can all benefit from each other and when SHTF we will be ready unlike the mass of millions killing each other for a drop of water food and fuel. You can email me at chrisnolte [at] aol [dot] com or call and text me 661-600-8825


thank you Godspeed and good luck!

Aug 032015

Still thank you for your emails concerning our search, they keep coming all month long ))

We believe preppers or future thinkers have learned to accept we will not be immune to the repercussions of the many possible and certainly some very for sure events heading our way. God says the rains will fall on the just and unjust equally. Funny thing so does History when you review it. Notice in some regions the rain is not falling anymore. . . So you do not get a pass on this.
Reaching out to try to meet other similar prepper minded people has proven to be somewhat of a roller coaster ride. I am learning more and more why so few people ever end up joining together. Let alone moving from planning to doing. It has become very apparent that having similar thought through concerns and honest expectations of living and surviving together through a disaster is very KEY to making it work and staying intact. Also facing the truth that unless all the members pull their own weight and maintain their own self-drive the human default nature of letting others do more begins to creep in. In establishing our priorities we have learned some things, such as we cannot please all the so called preppers all the time and we cannot be all things to all preppers. Oh well.
For us, my husband and I am a happily married and content prepped couple. It is just us two. No children at home, no hidden agendas to drag along grown adult children and their families, no forgot to mention extended family, no possible non prepper future mate to be added in, no mentioned later on elderly parents and no plans to save humanity as some kind of seed stock for the future. That right there rubs out about 90% of posters and talkers ))
Honestly though we do not plan for the near extinction of all mankind; rather we plan to simply increase our odds at surviving most crisis events, minimize the effects of such events and not become victims during them.
In preparing to do just that we have put in the research time, required effort, financial investments and have provided for our own needs for around a couple years of isolated very comfortable survival living conditions. From what I see here that is better than most yet not as good as a few others. This is not a contest between preppers for us either. We can and will do more as we continue to learn about the areas we still lack in. It never fully ends.
Our more recent step in our plan has been focused around meeting with others to pool our hard work and resources with their like accomplishments to then increase all our combined odds. This has brought us into contact with all sorts of people. Some seem to be critical of other preppers who look at things differently which to us says much about them. Others have some veiled mission to drag along their extended families and friends who none of which are preppers, do not wish to be and have nothing to offer to boot. Then as usual so many have put aside so little and on top of that cannot afford to do it now yet want to join with others who have? That just seems so not fair and not right to, how about you?
So if the above might sound like you, then please do not waste either of our lives by contacting us *thanks anyway* ))
Through all this we have established a relationship with some other local preppers in an organized group. They already have a retreat location and all we were looking for so we have teamed up with them and they want us and what we have done. Although our current numbers are few because we actually have standards, we do have in place the means with no additional building or costs to accommodate many more. Working together it must be accepted that it requires bending, adapting and changing to work with people but we believe in the end it provides for a much better result rather than being alone with no hope.
If you are of the same mind that solid preppers really need each other now more than ever then contact us. If you are a interested (adult ,couple, or family with older children) unencumbered with specific personal issues which would prevent you from being fully available for 12-14 hours per day during a critical crisis event at the retreat to stand watch, help with needed chores and do so with a cheerful heart then drop us a line.
So if you sense the urgency to take action, wrap up a plan and put it to rest then ask God if this is something which could be right for you. If so sent us an email back and we will shift off this site to a more private line of communication.
cindygirl [at] hush [dot] com
I still see a lot of people starting out on the site and that is great. Do not give up and look to team up with others!

 Posted by at 1:02 am
Aug 012015

I am a USMC Vet, and an EMT in school to be a paramedic. Looking to join a group or start a group of just general peppers in case shit hits the fan. Not sure what just got a bad feeling. I’m located just west of South Bend Indiana. Hit me up and we can have a coffee and a conversation. Always looking to share knowledge and my primary knowledge to share would be medical and shooting (i was an instructor in the USMC for 5 months).


email keeperlrg [at] yahoo [dot] com put prepping in the subject.


Aug 012015

Hello.  My name is Lisa Marie. My family and I had begun to purchase property in Presidio, on the Rio Grande.  When we went up there last weekend, to camp and bury supplies, we were horrified to find that it had turned into a muck, algae and mosquito-infested swamp!  It is uninhabitable and we are devastated! Come to find out, it’s in a flood zone and this happens every year.  Now we have been left with no where to go when the collapse happens.  I can’t find another appropriate property that we can afford, and I’ve been searching hard!

I currently live in Pecos.  We moved here (my partner, David and I) to be closer to our property, but now have no reason to stay.  We are moving back to San Antonio, where my family is.  All we need is a piece of remote property, far outside the city, with a water source, access, and not in a flood zone!  We would be happy to purchase, rent, lease, rent to own, or work for this property.  We would also be more than happy to join another prepper group.  We are not survival experts, but we have a lot of food and supplies, have knowledge, can contribute financially, are willing to work hard, and are motivated.  My son is a former Marine and an excellent mechanic.  We have around 10 adults and 3 small children. No elderly. No chronic illnesses.

If you think we can be of assistance to each other, or if you have any information that can help us, let me know.  We’re very anxious to get something started, as we are feeling very vulnerable.  We feel a collapse could happen very soon!  Hope to hear from someone.

Jul 312015
  • Medical Practitioners: Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Medics, EMT’s, Combat Medics.
  • Former and or current military personnel: Particularly those who have undertaken both training and/or combat roles.‘specialist’ MOS’s are encouraged to apply.
  • Builders: Especially those with experience building small houses (or similar)
  • Naturists: No, not the people who are naked all the time. We’re looking for people with experience in edible plants, alternative medicine and growing large quantities of food.
  • Electricians/Plumbers: As with the builders, experience with domestic buildings is a plus!
  • Chefs: Anyone with experience storing, preparing and serving food. People with experience in creating home made alcohol also a plus.
  • Agriculturally experience: Anyone with experience in keeping and maintaining the wellbeing of animals and crops. Particularly farm/domestic animals.
  • Blacksmith: Anyone with experience in fabricating and welding.
  • Seamstress: Experience making and repairing clothes.
  • Mechanical and automotive engineering: Those who can repair and maintain simple and complex  machinery along with automotive engineering.
  • Religious Leader(s): Bishops, Priest, Minister, and Pastor ect.