Aug 022016

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Aug 012016

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Aug 012016
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  • Aug 012016

    The online prepper community is, like the rest of the Internet, the target of scammers & predators. From time to time the admins here are made aware of people posting on the site who are targeting preppers in the hope of selling them places in communities that don’t exist or real estate deals that are nothing more than scams.

    We do our best to investigate the warnings, taking the offending posts offline while we do. BUT, it’s not easy trying to get the facts from authorities re: ongoing investigations – or even getting them to confirm an investigation is in progress. Some of these ‘warnings’ talk about ‘a friend of a friend’ or ‘someone I know’ with little or no detail – making getting to the facts & the ability to verify any claims of wrongdoing by the poster, almost impossible.

    So do yourself a favor – before parting with your hard earned money – check out posters before parting with any money. Ask to talk with others who are happy investors/members, ask to visit these places they are selling – do your homework! The Internet is NOT a safe place & scammers prey on those who are naive, desperate & afraid. Don’t be a victim.

    We continue to try & keep this site as safe as we can, but predators will always find new ways to try to part you from your money!

    Oct 282016

    I’m interested in like minded folks that are near by. To help make a better peppers out of us. I have been doing it awhile and always trying to learn and gather more. I have seen a few posts of folks in my area of southern Anoka county. My email is mn_stets08 at yahoo. Com

    Oct 282016

    Hi, we are looking for a person or persons who want to work on our property in exchange for a place to live. Whatever arrangement we agree would be very fair, we are not looking to take advantage of anyone. If interested research Young, AZ. There are lots of living situation possibilities. We divide our time between this property and the Phoenix area. We are LDS with 5 young children and are looking for people with similar values as us.

    Oct 282016


    I am a full time homesteader, married with three children, who lives on 20acres in South Central Oklahoma. We are looking for like minded, God fearing people, who are serious about taking steps to protect their families, et al.

    Please pm if interested.


    Oct 282016

    Hello hello long time friends.
    Been a crazy winter but getting back into the swing of things.

    -Central Virginia
    -Boarder a National Park (80,000 acres)
    -Over 2,000’ in elevation
    -Private community on over 400 acres
    -Deep Well
    -Currently have “on grid” power looking to build solar and wind
    -Plenty of fire wood
    -Plenty of hunting
    -8 miles away from the closest store

    Build a small self-sufficient community.
    We need each other and no man is an island.
    We want to create an environment where we all need each other.
    We all can focus on things were good at and leverage everyone’s skills.
    -Building multiple homes (Cabins or Shipping Containers… but not “Tiny Homes”)
    -Expand the garden
    -Add livestock (Bees, Pigs, Chickens, horses, etc)
    -Build a greenhouse
    -Building a wood/metal working shop
    -Build more root cellars
    -Expand water storage
    -Expand our saw mill
    -Expand Communication
    -Build an archery range
    -Move off of on grid power
    -Build WVO fuel procedure
    -Create a secure perimeter

    Who we are? Homesteader
    -Retired Engineer
    -35 years old
    -Marathon Runner
    -Grow up a city boy learning how to be a country boy

    Who is are present team? Present Group
    5 Families in their mid 30’s from the PA, DE, VA areas

    We are of “old school values”
    Not associated with any religion
    Have strong morals

    Who we are looking for? You?
    Strong, hardworking, level headed individual or small family.
    It would be a plus if you had knowledge of gardening, raising farm animals, hunting and other practical skills.
    We will help you build a modest cabin for your residence to live in.
    We will work together to maximize the sustainability of our little purpose built community.

    If this interests you we would like to start a meaningful dialog because the screening process will be very important to us as we imagine it would be for you.
    Contact us at juergs [at] gmail [dot] com

    Check out more at YouTube

    Oct 272016

    I am in the process of setting up a prepping group for the Albany / Porongurup / Narrikup / Mt Barker area in the Southwest of WA. If anyone is interested in assisting, please contact me via comments below. I will be funding training etc on a regular basis for members under a donation principal only working on a yearly event calendar based around the core principals of food, fibre, shelter, security and medical with weekly / biweekly meetups at a neutral location. No one can survive alone, so lets get together and build a network.

    Oct 252016

    I’m looking for people in Fayetteville, North Carolina to meet up with and talk shop. Joining or forming a group is something I’d like but at first just a meet and greet. We could all benefit from face to face conversations to bounce ideas off each other and give helpful tips. Anyone within one hour of Fayetteville please write back.

    Oct 252016

    oneman050297 [at] gmail [dot] com looking for a homestead to live on. will work and do my part i have a week to leave my parent house in nc. will walk to the homestead.
    male 19

    Oct 252016

    We live outside a town of 30 thousand in central montana. Cold winters but a great place to be.  If you have a reason to keep on keeping on for the grey years that are coming and have skills and a years supply of food (beans and rice and vitamins work) or the money to stock up once here, get in touch with us. We have a roomy house with separate apartment built in for you to stay in. You will need to have a source of income be it social security or a recession proof skill that generates money for part of the house payment and taxes.Well, septic, space for a vehicle or RV and a garden space. Right now we have fast internet and services such as hospital and box stores 12 miles away. The times are changing and time is short.

     Posted by at 11:54 am
    Oct 252016

    Hello everyone Im new here and would like to introduce myself, my name is Anthony and Im the founder of Ryden Survival.

    Im looking to create a prepper community of sorts thats off grid and self sustaining, I am trying to find like minded folks whom may be interested in starting a community for when shtf or for the bonding experiance should nothing actually happen. If you would happen to have any questions or if you would be interested in partaking on this new adventure please feel free to message me or comment for more information.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day


    Oct 242016

    Let me introduce myself. Myy name is Mo. Im 31 yrs old and I’m married. I’m part of a prepper group based out of San Antonio TX. We have a decent size group. It’s a total of 4 families.  We just started meeting about a month ago. But we have been long time preppers, survivalist, prior militia members, and we also have a few veterans. We are looking to add to our group. We are looking for like minded people. Wanting to keep our familes safe. And also contribute to the group. We have a few requirements to be part of our group. If you think you are a good fit for our group then you can contact me at missouriviking [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Oct 242016

    My husband and I have recently moved to S Ga and are wanting to meet/chat, train, exchange ideas,  and possibly set up good rapport with surrounding groups for possible trade in the future. It’s been hard finding folks who live/enjoy the prepper  life style, so I’m thankful to find this site. we have only been practicing for a little over two years,  but my husband has been reading up on most of the skills for the past four years. Im in the medical field and he’s ex-military. We are both in our thirties with 2 children.  Our family are very laid back and easy going. We love to be outside, and we enjoy learning/teaching new skills and experiences. If you’d like to strike up a conversation, We can be reached by email at valentinarlopez [at] gmail [dot] com. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Oct 232016

    Hi, My Name Is Abagail.  I found a prepper group to move to, in November; But I have a limited budget & need help moving from South East Virginia to North Arkansas area.  I Can pay some and the Family group has agreed to pay the mover/ride there for me and my things, some… Please email me, if you can help.  I do not have a phone working right now, so I have to communicate via email; But I do sometimes borrow my roommates phone, when I need it and when they agree to let me use it.  Your help would be most deeply appreciated.  My email is Beth8Lee(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Sincerely With Deep Gratitude for Any Help,


    October 23, 2016

    Oct 232016

    I am in Flagstaff, AZ and looking for a local group of people who are not religious zealots or drug addicts or dyed in the wool liberals who wish to learn from and teach others basic skills necessary to survive in relative safety and comfort under all sorts of negative circumstances.

    I have a spinning wheel and know how to spin fibers into yarns.  I know how to knit and crochet and I make socks, gloves and mittens.  I bake bread.  I dehydrate food.  I have some knowledge of building log cabins.  I have mixed and poured concrete.  I can make an earthen oven.  I have Red Cross first aid training and was a First Responder in California.  I taught stained glass for Lassen College and enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge with others.

    Please reply if you have knowledge of a group near Flagstaff.  I would be willing to relocate, but funds are limited.  I do not need, nor do I wish, to live in or near a city.  I prefer rural living.  If you have info that would be useful to me in finding such a place, please let me know.

     Posted by at 11:50 am
    Oct 232016

    I am on the line between Central and South Ga. S. of Macon.  Everyone keeps telling me I am a prepper.  I tell them I just live a different life style.  I live in the country and we (family) built most of our house.  When I wired it I used 2ea 100Amp lighting panels instead of just one 200Amp panel.  Then one panel I wired all of my critical loads.  The power for this panel came thru a 100A DPDT knife switch so I could use a generator.  Since I installed solar, it now comes in thru the switch and the generator won’t run due to neglect.  I wanted solar when I built the house but could not afford it in 1989.  I did however install a solar water heater and radiant heating.  I installed a water tank in the wood stove and ran the hot water to heaters with fans.  Later I put PEX tubing under the floor and used aluminum plates to distribute the heat into the floor.  I tell everyone I use a solar clothes dryer as we never have owned a real clothes dryer.  I get the funny look and then tell them it is a clothes line like my grandmother used to use.  I have 3 vegetable gardens, 2 freezers and my mothers 1952 canner (pressure cooker).  We can.  So now everyone tells me I am a prepper.

    Oct 232016

    Hello I’m looking for any peppers in the Cleveland area. I’m a young, healthy, smart guy who is serious about the situation upon us. I can do my part to help and i will in every situation. Read my profile if you would like to know more about me

    Oct 232016


    My name is Chris, I recently moved to mass. From Georgia to move closer to my family. I had a group of preppers down in Georgia before moving where we shared information and trained however I’m now alone up here. 

    Just thought I would join this forum to seek like minded preppers In my area to continue learning and sharing any information with or form a group. You can contact me at Maddcorps [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Oct 202016

    Thank You For All Who Responded to my Inquiries, of needing a Prepper Community. I found what I need; now I just need to get there. I may have transportation worked out, soon. May you all find what you need and desire, always happy and blessed.

    Love, Respect & Prayers,

    Oct 202016

    Hey All
    I posted a notice a few weeks ago stating the Prep Meet Up at Mt Hope Church, 3417 E Grand River, Williamston MI will be Sat, Oct 15th. We had to change the date.
    No Meeting on the 15th!

    New Meet Up date is Sat, Oct 22nd. from 11am to 2pm at the church. This is last meet up of the year at the church. Agenda is same as what I previously posted. We will cover How to protect yourself against bio or nuclear fall out. How to protect your health. We share gardening and canning tips. We have ex military and police that share their expertise on a variety of subjects. Come on out and meet others. Family friendly event. Free lunch! Free meeting!! See you there!


    Hey All
    The prep mtg scheduled for this Sat, Oct 22, 2016 at Mt Hope Church in Williamston, MI is CANCELLED!!!! Due to recent health issues,unable to facilitate mtg at this time. Hopefully we can get another one scheduled before end of year.
    Keep moving forward in your preparedness goals!!!


    Oct 202016

    I am looking to start a serious prepper group in the Columbia area. I currently work in the law enforcement industry and have over ten years of law enforcement experience. I’m also a state certified firearms instructor, Conceal carry instructor and defensive tactics instructor.

    I am looking to build a group which will meet and train twice a month in the areas of security, firearms tactics, bush craft, survival, first aid & homesteading.

    Race, color, age, gender do not matter to me, if you are in shape and are serious about preparation for SHTF which is closing in on us please send me an email at : docmafia (at) yahoo(.) Com

    Oct 192016

    Hello. I’m a prepper from Alaska that just moved to CO. I had to come to CO to help care for family. Prepping was part of everyday life in AK and I’m feeling vulnerable here without my support group. I would like to possibly find a prepper group here to be associated with. I live in the foothills and prefer to stay away from the large city so I was hoping to find a group located in the mountains that is open to new members. Just a brief note about me: I have advanced skills on my preferred sidearm (handgun), intermediate skills on large caliber weapons, urban or outdoor warfare search/combat techniques, combat medical skills; knowledge of greenhouse growing, stress management counseling, medicinal herbs (learning local plants); good at basic construction and learning advanced tracking. Overall, I am hard working and a fast learner. I have a Christian base but can associate with other faiths that have the same core values. I have acquired/built a stable residence for a temporary location that can hold me off grid (1 year) until I can get to permanent location, which is what I’m looking for. Please send me a note if you or someone you know is looking for new members. I am very cautious of people so please be patient if my responses or wanting to meet come slower than others. Thanks for reading.

    Oct 172016

    Retired, US Army Veteran, I am looking for any current groups or individuals of prepping, survivalists in the Bay County FL area. I live in Panama City Beach. I have been here about 7 years now.

    Are there any current groups in this immediate area, in Bay county?

    I have many skills, knowledge, experience to provide.




    Oct 172016

    Being in Ministry it is very difficult and at times and hard to conform to what one and or others think are the proper actions for a reverend in today’s world. We like to touch base with others of Faith in West Pasco and or near by community’s within our age group 40+ about prepping .

    We stand firm that [1] God is first then our family.[2] Yes we are and continue to be preparing for what is to be end times political & world monetary and economical collapse. [3] I am and we are each as they say PPP (pistol packing preacher) fowling the Bible fist and then the 1st &2ndAmendments. So we are judged by many about how we feel and up hold our beloved Second Amendment Rights. We are firm and for that we are at times shunned but I must remember that they do not fully understand.

    I’m going to post a small part of George Washington speech for you. First Inaugural Address In the City of New York Thursday, April 30, 1789
    You tell me if you see a prophetic message when he put to words in his speech/dedication for the United States of America
    [ I dwell on this prospect with every satisfaction which an ardent love for my country can inspire, since there is no truth more thoroughly established than that there exists in the economy and course of nature an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness; between duty and advantage; between the genuine maxims of an honest and magnanimous policy and the solid rewards of public prosperity and felicity; since we ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained; and since the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered, perhaps, as deeply, as finally, staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people. ]

    Are we now not under the covering due to our falling way from the eternal laws heaven ordained.

    Think about it? What has the United States of America turned into?What more can I say but.

    Psalm 144: 1-2   v1 Praise be to the Lord my Rock,who trains my hands for war,my fingers for battle. v2 He is my loving God and my fortress,my stronghold and my deliverer,my shield, in whom I take refuge,who subdues peoples under me

    We would like to hear from you and see who is out in the community and join with others Please drop us a note

    Have a Blessed day

    Oct 172016

    Hi I’m in gladstone qld Australia and I’m just starting to prep for whatever. WW3 is beginning to look imminent 😢 I plan on growing my own food and stockpiling also buying a cpl of Clydesdale horses for transport  but I still have a long way to go to be ready. I am hoping there are groups near me to give advise ect

    thanks kylie 😊

    Oct 172016

    Hi.. I’m in the Tampa Bay  area and more interested  in meeting others for discussion and education. Wanting to trade ideas and maybe grouping up or finding a group to participate with within a couple hours from my area. Seems to be a lot of folks that post about meeting but I’d also like to get together in person.

    I’ve started a Facebook page for a future education site. Really interested in getting together in person with others regularly. Myself I have been prepping for  year for me and my two daughters. Learning food preservation, gardening and hydroponics, ham radios, and building a book library. Huge on education. Also a strong constitutionalist and 2nd ammendment  believer though not a huge shooter myself.

    Interested in making connections. Facebook page is www dot tampabaypreppers doc com. My email is Rodney at kwuick dot com.

    Oct 162016

    Time is short …. but my skills are excellent. I know how to make a garden, handle a wood stove, feed the pigs, milk the cow and gather the eggs. Even drive a tractor, use and make homemade bread and carmel rolls. Apple pie, can food and butcher.
    If anyone needs a helper anywhere I am aware of the urgency. Do connect with me, maybe on facebook.

    Sioux Falls area

     Posted by at 3:58 pm
    Oct 142016

    All,  Some great posts here, glad I found this forum.  I live in Northern California, East Bay and looking for similar folks in the area.  I was born and raised in California and saddened to see the state of our State.  I am considering to move up to Seattle area or get a Fall Out Location in the Sierras.  I am Married with 3-kids and looking to see if there are others concerned with the area.

    With the political situations getting more intense, protests increasing and a large number of convicts being released in the streets (thanks to Brown) a bad situation is bound to happen. Looking to get a sense of what other are doing here in California or whether they are looking to move out.  I do want to be prepared for worst case scenarios, but at the same time need to be near a tech hub for work. Further, I do want to have my home base near a city dwelling for the University Systems for my kids.

    One thought is to move to Seattle and get a FOL in Idaho.  Comments / thoughts welcome!

    Oct 142016

    yrs have a family live in the Tampa/Brandon area. I am fairly new to this although i have been knowing things were going to get worse. I have some skill level have worked in several professions in my life. I am willing to learn and grow with a group to become second family. No Drugs No Alchohol No exceptions.
    I believe in our Constitution and our Amendments.
    I believe in the right to bare arms. I am licensed and and own firearms.
    If you ha ve a group looking and believe its best to be in numbers. Please contact me or if you know of any please specify.
    Thank you in advance

    Oct 132016

    We are Americans from the south that live in Mexico for the past four years, the land is outrageously cheap down here and we have purchased a very large sector of land that is good for farming and has large hills/mountains not too far off the coast of the Gulf. We are looking for others who may want to join our groups. The Cost of building a home here with a spacious underground bunker in the mountain is very reasonable. The government here and the locals are great and treat us very well. We work a lot of the locals on our agriculture projects. I prefer to speak more in private, I would suggest that interested people set up a free encrypted email with a company named (Protonmail ).

    We have all the resources in place to get folks here easy, safely, and can keep you completely off the grid, we have been working on this for the past four years. let me know if you would like to speak more.


    Hello. I am known as 092620097.1 and I am one of the founding members of this camp, we are strategically positioned in an area in the Yucatan, Mexico.  This area is very safe, virtually no crime, a little bit of petty theft but not around us. We have fresh fruits, citrus, bananas, pineapples and several other tropical fruits year round not to mention vegetables, the climate is always the same year round between 72 to 86 degrees. We have the ocean that allows us fresh fish and seafood year round within a couple miles from our camp. We have great hunting here, three different types of deer and two different types of wild hogs. The ethnic background around our camp is a mixture of Mayan Indians and Mexicans and all are great people that have been very welcoming to us here. The terrain is very hilly. We call the large hills, small mountains, with the flat lands being very rich for agriculture and the mountains being of something similar to limestone. This is a great place to protect your family, we build all houses/bunkers on the mountain. The structures are built from Center Blocks. We currently are building three different sizes depending on families demand.  The camp has deep wells, solar and wind power, plus generator. We are looking for any people that pass our background checks in the following fields, fisherman, farmers, medical, ex-police, ex-military or military with our same belief system, which is pretty simple, willing to fight for family and friends, willing to fight to survive and a desire to live the best life we can without government interference, in other words, free. and of course, any approved member family are welcomed.