Sep 252013

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Sep 302014

We are in search of like minded couples/individuals that have skills, knowledge, and a great work ethic and the drive to learn and form a prepping group in this area. We are open minded but we do believe in good and evil and the basis that this nation was founded on. Please contact us if you are interested in working together to have a drama free, dedicated, and level headed group to be a part of. please give a brief explanation of who you are and what you want to accomplish with a group. keith [at] adkinsphotography [dot] com

Sep 302014

Hi, My name is Rodney. I’m a new prepper & deaf person. Experienced carpenter/construction worker (20 + yrs)..
Outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and more.. We (my wife and I) are looking for folks out of Austin around country Texas .. Between from Austin to Waco/Houston/SA/Johnson City. Does anyone know sign language.. Interested in joining groups..

Sep 292014

Im in central nh looking to hone my survival skills. Im very eager to learn more about bugout survival. Please drop a line and let me know if there is anyone else around with the same interest.

Sep 282014

hi, I’m Dana. I am a new prepper with the goal of getting off grid. I’m a nurse and have skills, medical supplies, and medicines. Looking for other like minded individuals to form community or would like to join a well establish group. I have lots to learn. Please reply if interested. Thank you.

Sep 282014

We are creating a retreat focusing around self-sufficiency and searching like minded hard working value driven members.

Our members purchase land, rent space or give of their time to further the homestead. We all share in the development of the community through work weekends. Our members can also use the property for R&R to enjoy hunting, fishing, relaxing. With 500 acres and bordering the national park we are blessed to be where we are at
We are looking for capable and willing folks to help with physical requirements of post-event such as gardening, animal husbandry, wood working, machinist, wood gathering, hunting, etc.
No anti-government types or racists.
We are Constitutionalists and despite a major concern in how our government is run—we are pro-America.

Prospective members go through a vetting process that includes email interviews, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and a background and criminal check.

There is no real need to go into any further explanations in this posting other than to say drop us a line.

Juergs [at] gmail

Sep 272014

We have an existing MAG north of Dallas, near Muenster, Tx. we are adding new serious members. We meet every month for training and are becoming self sufficient. can build new living quarters to house new members (you pay materials). We need new members to provide security 24/7. Looking for Medical, EMT, paramedics,farming, and combat skills. We are not a militia group. We believe in high moral standards and just want to develop a group that will survive the bad things to come. if interested email at red.horse3 @ yahoo.  com

Sep 272014

Hello my name is Trish. My husband and I are brand new to prepping and we need all the sound advice we can get. We believe that the world is headed for a global economic crash. We need to learn how to get ready for it.

Sep 272014

Was wondering if there is anyone in the Springdale, AR area that I can get in touch with. I’m interested in joining a group would like to help out and learn as much as I can from others. With the way things are going would like to be part of a group not having any family around. I would like to meet new people that are working at being prepared for unknown.

Sep 252014

Starting a new prepper group in El Paso, Texas.  I have military and survival training.  Looking for any LIKE MINDED people who are willing to join the group.  Looking for medical personnel (doctors, nurses, medics), prior military experience, or no training or prior experience at all but willing to learn.  Looking for no more than 5-7 individuals at this time, if interested please contact me via pm here.


Sep 252014

My location has not been picked yet, but I have been scouting lots. I currently live near 401 and Hwy 6 area. I am in the process of planning an underground camp to be self sufficient and off the grid. I could do it alone but I know that strength comes in numbers. I am looking for SERIOUS, trustworthy, skilled preppers who are ready to join me in preparing a safe place to go to in the event of nuclear threat. I am preparing water, shelter, and food. Please reply if you are interested in joining me. Let me know if you own property now, if you know of a good lot to purchase, and/or what skills you have to offer. We need to get the ball rolling. We are running out of time.

Sep 242014

We just held our Prep meeting in Arlington Texas this week and presented Kelly Kettle Stoves,(a form of rocket stove only that purifies water).
We also presented Mobil Solar generator systems that we are planning on building over this next year.
We then made survival bracelets and belts.
Next month we are doing a camp-out and making the 5 gal rocket stoves for $20 each.
Our next meeting will be on the 19 of October.
If you would like to come out and see if we are a group you would like to be a part of, you are welcome.
Please contact Vance Lowe a: vlowe0325atgmaildotcom.

Sep 232014

Beginner prepper looking to reach out to other preppers in the Jacksonville and surrounding area.
Would like to exchange ideas and see if there are any groups or informative meetings

Sep 222014

Hello I’m looking for a Dr. in or not to far from Hamilton who is a prepper or understands the needs of preppers. I looking to get antibiotics. To stock pile and for my bob. Thank you

Sep 222014

I’m 26; I’m female, relatively healthy, married, mother of one son (age 5). I will not claim myself to be an “expert” in any way; I’m not. But I know some, and I learn fast, and I’m willing to push myself as hard as I have to. My “group” is currently a solid three people – myself, my husband, and our son – with a tentative additional two – one male, one female, both in their twenties. The male is a former army medic; the female is a veterinary assistant. Both are willing to carry their weight, should we permanently join up with like-minded folks to create a permanent compound, which is something I’m growing more interested in every day.

I know some things about medicinal plants (as well as more conventional methods of first aid) and have books on identifying and using them; I know various way to prepare them and seem to have a knack for knowing exactly what to use for someone when there are several possible options. I know a fair bit about childbirth as well, though again, claim no “expertise” in the area (other than that I’ve obviously done it). I also know a reasonable amount about gardening, and have books on everything from building greenhouses to natural ways to control pests/combat crop issues and can recognize quite a few edible plants people don’t have a clue they can eat.

I’m no sharpshooter, but I’m not afraid to hold or fire a gun and I’m willing to practice until I’m better. I’ve taken archery classes in the past and am a decent shot, though admittedly out of practice. I am small (not much above 5′) though a bit on the heavy side (I wasn’t always and am working on this) but I’m strong and flexible and a decent fighter. I grew up in a family of military/police officers and was taught many easy ways to defend against an attacker, and am always eager to learn more.

I can swim and climb and hike (though not as well as when I was thinner; again, something I’m working on). I’m not squeamish about killing my dinner, be it fishing, hunting, or trapping, and I’m eager to practice/learn all of those skills. I’m a fairly-good cook (and have been serve-safe certified which means I understand food safety to avoid things like salmonella) and can get creative when my “ingredients” aren’t conventional. I am willing to eat all manner of things (I’ve had squid and deer for instance and have always wanted to try both rabbit and bear though I’ve never had the opportunity) and I understand the value of balancing a home-grown/foraged diet with fresh/preserved meat, regardless of it’s animal-of-origin.

I am fantastic with animals. I own 3 cats (all healthy; all loving; all fantastic mousers) and I spent a year in high school working with a hunting dog trainer, teaching young dogs to retrieve game shot by their owner on silent command. I love horses and can ride relatively well (though again this is something I am out of practice on) and while I prefer to ride horses trained for heel commands, I can handle rein commands when necessary. I haven’t spent much time around farm animals, but I’ve been reading up on the care of animals like rabbits, chickens, and goats, and I have milked a cow before (I don’t think I was very good at it, but I’d be willing to try again!).

I have been learning how to preserve food (dehydrating; canning; smoking; etc. – basically, any way to keep food good for longer). I can sew. I can crochet. I’m capable of wielding an axe; a hammer; a screwdriver; a saw; a drill…and many other tools, with varying levels of skill. I can embroider a flower on a napkin, and I can fix a wobbly leg on a flea-market-find-dining-room-table. I can paint a room, pull weeds, cut hair, hem pants, fix a leaky sink, change a light bulb, lower a fever, bake pumpkin bread from scratch, stitch a wound as well as a seam, and dozens of other skills.

I know religion. In general, I mean. I can whip up a voodoo gris-gris bag in a couple of minutes, cleanse a room with sweetgrass and pine, create a protection charm better than most Wiccan priestesses, and spout off Bible verses. I studied to be a Christian missionary for three years devoutly, and have studied every other religion I could ever since, and I have faith. I feel very strongly that it doesn’t matter what we have faith in – only that we have it. My faith is strong. I do not argue religion; I listen and learn and, when asked, I teach. Religions aren’t as far apart as most people think, but close-minded religious bigots won’t be a good fit for me as I cannot abide being preached at rather than spoken with and listened to.

Beyond that…I am, at heart, a skald; a bard; a story-teller. I write original things, but it’s more than that. I can tell you story you’ve heard a dozen times and twist it just enough to make you swear you never heard it. I own hundreds of story books, of all sorts, and love to read aloud. I love mythology – Greek-Roman is my favorite, but I know tales from Norse, from Egyptian, from Native American, and from Gaelic myths as well. I adore fairytales – from Disney to the Brothers Grimm and various forms in between – and I can spin a tale to catch the attention of nearly anyone.

You can prepare for a lot of things – you can stock food and water; you can learn to hunt and grow and raise food; you can learn to shoot and fight; you can fortify your home; you can learn to hide; you can find alternative energy sources – solar, wind, bio-diesel, methane – for your compound. But what you cannot do – what you simply have no way to stockpile – is the sort of thing that feeds the soul.

Stories, and songs, and dance…these feed our souls. I’m not the best dancer, but I can sing passably well, I can sort of play piano, and I can tell a story like you wouldn’t believe. So while some preppers might have more food, or more secure shelter, or better weapons…no group that doesn’t have someone like me (a storyteller, a musician, or both) is going to be in better spirits. And happy people fight and argue less; they work together and pull together as a community better; they form stronger bonds and a more solid unit. They work harder and longer and smile while doing it. Because feeding your body isn’t enough; you’ve got to feed your soul as well. That’s the heart of our humanity; of who and what we are.

Music, laughter, stories…these things breed solidarity and community and connection. No group or compound should be considered complete without someone capable of bringing together the hearts, minds, and souls of it’s group. That’s what a bard does. So maybe I’m new to prepping; maybe you could find a group with stronger people or more-experienced people. But new as my tiny group is, we’ve got a strong bond and a lot of heart and we’re willing to learn and teach alike; to welcome others as new as us, and accept lessons from those who know more; who have done this for longer.

Anyone interested in learning more about me, or my group, either PM me on here or shoot me an email/gchat invite at theladyslytherin(at)gmail(dot)com. Use the subject line “Compound” so I don’t filter it to spam by accident.

Sep 202014

Hi, I have searching and looking for a category that I fit in, and none seems to fit me. So I am posting what I am looking for or maybe start. First , I cant find any groups or discussions  or anything in the washington state areas of Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Kenmore, woodinville ares. If I am not looking in the right place and someone knows something, Please point me in the right Direction. I am a Single Christian parent household with two grown children and one small. In the Last year or so we have all talked about how as a family we would like to be prepared for an emergency whether it be Nature or Human that has brought it on.  I know the things I would like to do to prepare but finances pose a huge problem in that area as it a one income support. I have backpacks packed for each person in-case we need to leave house , I have bins in cars in-case, weather or breakdown. I have some supplies in my house but not by any means adiquette   or to maintain 4 people. I do alot of reading on the things I need to do and try and sort out what I can one at a time. I am in process of buying a dehydrator for fruits and vegis and want to learn how to do that, also I have been reading about canning and want to do that but am hoping to find people to help me or teach and guide or learn together. I wanna talk about water storage , rain barrels and how to do all that in a rental house. I feel most Prepper’s own their homes and modify them to meet there needs. Are there any Renters out here that prep and what are your suggestions? I wanna take a gun safety class and learn how to shoot, are there other’s out here in my area that wanna do that to but don’t’ wanna go it alone or are you seasoned or qualified to teach? start a class for New preppers or point the direction. I have lots of questions and my extended family thinks I am crazy and my friend circle is small and not intrested in preparedness as I try. I would like to hear from others in my area and find or start a group. Thanks you can email me at adida316 [at] frontier [dot] com

Sep 192014

Hello people of the prepper community,

My name for the purpose of this website will be Bobby K. Basically since about 2011 I’ve been in and out of prepping. My college education and background has been in electronics, communications, and 1st response medical delivery. Originally from Missouri I’ve moved to Il. for work. Basically i’m trying to build contacts through out the state from Chicago to St. Louis. All ages and skills mostly focused on survival. (obviously) The thing i’d really like is to form a group that knows each other and can basically provide a safety net for each other. Each set of people being a bug out location for others. Being located close to Peoria would make my property an option for evacuating preppers of a Chicago dirty bomb attack. Things like that. A missouri boot hill earthquake could cause massive disruption of the st. louis area, marshal law, ebola outbreak, isis militants, etc. The idea is to put faces to names (even if it is code names) and develope around the state safe zones. I know it might sound a little far fetched and difficult to pull off but it you are searching for likeminded people through a wordpress website theres a good chance your like me and you worried enough to ask for help, my email i made for this site is bbob [dot] 6480 [at] gmail [dot] com, no it is not my primary email, yes it is fine to sent random stuff to it, no you will not be invading my privacy if you contact it or give it out as a joke. I hope to find people in the bloomington, Springfield, peoria, Chicago, St. Louis areas. If not, well, at least I took the shot in the dark.

Bobby K

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Sep 182014

Hey Im Mallory I’m 21 and all the prepper groups ive found don’t do much prepping, id really like to learn more about guns / how to use them along with a few other skills. if there are any other preppers / groups in southern IN or around Louisville KY that wouldn’t mind teaching me a few things let me know – Mal

Sep 182014

G’day , we have got the lists, websites for organic seeds, prepper equipment eg bug out bags, gillie suits etc & just about to start prepping in south gippsland.

It would be great fun to learn & chat to others about prepping.

We live on a small farmlet with chickens green house, Orchard, water tank, we are just far enough away from a small town to develope a safer prepper island for ourselves.

We hope to find some good prepper mates here on this site.

Sep 182014

Hi, I am new to starting to prep. I am looking for a group for my family to join for when the day comes that shtf. I am looking to join a very good structured ranking command system preppers. I take this stuff very seriously and do not see it as a joke. I am former army and I am also a security officer with training on hands on combat besides military skills and also a first responder. Like I said I am looking for a structured group to join that has the plans made already and is looking to grow.

Sep 182014

I am looking for others in the area that are interested in linking up for mutual aid in the coming hard times. We have elementary school age kids but are retirement age ourselves.  Looking for people who have already done the basics. If you are just starting we can give you some advice.

Simple contact info exchanged at montanabill08 then the at sign

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