Aug 022016

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Aug 012016

ATTENTION Reporters, Media Companies & Casting Agencies

If you are from the press/media and want to join this site to interview it’s members – DON’T!

If you are from a casting agency and want to join this site to recruit it’s members for “reality” programs – DON’T!

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If the people on this site wanted to talk to the press, they would approach the press. Respect their privacy! Media spammers will be reported, IP addresses will be recorded and they will be BANNED!

However, if you would like me to make your contact details available to the preppers on this site, send a message here. List the organization, your contact details and if there is a specific location you represent.

Aug 012016

The online prepper community is, like the rest of the Internet, the target of scammers & predators. From time to time the admins here are made aware of people posting on the site who are targeting preppers in the hope of selling them places in communities that don’t exist or real estate deals that are nothing more than scams.

We do our best to investigate the warnings, taking the offending posts offline while we do. BUT, it’s not easy trying to get the facts from authorities re: ongoing investigations – or even getting them to confirm an investigation is in progress. Some of these ‘warnings’ talk about ‘a friend of a friend’ or ‘someone I know’ with little or no detail – making getting to the facts & the ability to verify any claims of wrongdoing by the poster, almost impossible.

So do yourself a favor – before parting with your hard earned money – check out posters before parting with any money. Ask to talk with others who are happy investors/members, ask to visit these places they are selling – do your homework! The Internet is NOT a safe place & scammers prey on those who are naive, desperate & afraid. Don’t be a victim.

We continue to try & keep this site as safe as we can, but predators will always find new ways to try to part you from your money!

Sep 292016

Most prepper groups seem to consist of younger individuals or couples. My wife and I are in our late sixties and live in eastern Colorado but aren’t of the belief that older folks don’t have a place in a SHTF situation. We’ve been prepping for several years and are convinced that prepping takes a long-term commitment and is a lifestyle that needs to be practiced continuously. We would like to locate like-minded individuals serious about pragmatic preparation. Age is mostly irrelevant; attitude and pragmatism are essential. If you live in or near Elbert County in Colorado and might like to meet up or communicate, I would appreciate a reply. simlaprepper

Sep 292016

I live in woodstock, il and have been in to emergency preparedness for a few years but i have never been part of a group. I did six years in the Air Force and have several months of freeze dried food saved up. I’m looking to join a group. Knowledge is power which is why i would like to join a group.

Sep 262016

Hi i,m new to the site and looking to meet people in tassie to join in on the info wars on how too’s … i,m finding it hard to find books on what to eat and what not to eat in the bush of Tasmania any one got a good place to get the right book for what ill need to survive in the coming events. i,m in the burnie area

cheers john . look after your self’s .

Sep 252016

hello. my wife and I and two young children are seeking a group in the areas in title. My sights are set on sheridan, wy area and pierre, sd area.  We are open to other areas.  Perference to areas with all four seasons with some lean toward a cooler climate (to keep the crazies out 🙂 ).  I am construction management/inspection by trade with background in agriculture. I have my own tools to build a house. I am not a professional licensed engineer but know enough about civil engineering principles to do just the type of work that would typically be involved in homesteading (houses, roads, etc). I’m interested in finding a group that wants to develop a christian based community (not necessarily all christian but hold to those values). I believe the founders of this country had things kicked off in the right direction, but greed and corruption (as is typical with all human based governments) have settled in and ruined what was originally good. we would like to have a couple acres to build a house and sustainably farm. My house building and farming techniques are not typical for america, but are what I believe to be the best of modern technologies and sustainability (CEB/earthship, ECHO). Please give me a shout joshuandstacy at G male dot com or respond to this post.

Sep 252016

we are looking for people that can take care of themselves until everything goes to bad.  Have to be a believer in Jesus [no religious nuts] no nazi’s, no druggies, drunks, smokers, and no live in boy friends or girl friends.  If you are lazy look somewhere else.  looking for hard-core end of day people who want to survive until Jesus comes.

Sep 252016

My name is Scott,  I live outside of New Orleans and have been trying to relocate to the Ozarks for the past few months. I turned 37 yesterday and it’s just me and my dog (border-collie) I am a professional chef/cook/baker and on my time off I do research and development on alternative energy and resources. Born again and baptized four years ago and have been awake and preparing ever sense. I am completely self sufficient and am absolutely not looking for someone to take care of me, but become part of a team/family. My current location is unacceptable and makes my preparations nearly worthless, I know what is coming. Just looking for like minded individuals to reach out to in these troubling times. scottchristianfaith(at)gmail*dot-com_
Thank you for your time,

Sep 242016

Just joined this site with intentions of gathering information and joining a community or group in the SW MO area. Anyone on here have any further info on the theory that there will be an economic crash at the end of September? I’m a dentist in the area and have all but given up hope on this country’s government but still believe in the goodness of people. An economic crash is certain, but if its THIS soon, I need to begin lines of communication to see what options exist for my family and I.

Sep 242016

I live by the sea in NC now, moved from IA am looking for people in my area that are Christian conservative and into self sufficiency… I live on a 1/2 acre and lived an 1880’s lifestyle for many years – know most of the old ways and still live a lot of them.

Sep 232016

Are you or any of your friends interested in learning about radio communications? Do you want to stay in touch with your family and friends during an emergency? Perhaps you would like to have the ability to communicate world-wide during a disaster….

If so then why not let us teach you the skills and knowledge you will need in order to become a fully qualified ham radio operator? Maybe you just want to get a pair of handheld walkie talkies for family use, we can help you with that too.  Our goal is to establish a network of radio operators worldwide who can pass information/news/advice to each other during any disaster, and are willing to provide full free training to anyone who is interested.

You can find us on our facebook page or by private messaging us on the site here.

Kind regards, Noah

Sep 202016

Good day Preppers/Survivalists.

Greetings from South Africa.

I am interested in starting a prepper survival group farm in South Africa.

The idea is to get a self-sustaining farm in South Africa, where people can evacuate to, in case of a major disaster.

I have been following preppers and survivalists for a long time and am myself a keen prepper.

My experience is I have 25 years of military and police experience.

I am just testing the possibility of like-minded preppers/survivalists joining me in this endeavour.

As we are all aware there is a general awareness tendency to prepare for end times or other catastrophic events or incidents which could alter the world as we know it.

Many persons have elaborate plans to evade these events by creating bug out locations and survival plans.

However there are significant weak points in these strategies.

The biggest foreseen are location.

If you have a plan and it’s situated right in the middle of a war zone, your plan will ultimately fail.

In order to properly evaluate a situation let’s use a scenario like the Jews in the Second World War.

Lots of them had abundant monetary resources and were in prominent influential positions, however when they were targeted by the Germans all that fell away.

All the options quickly disappeared, bug out to a safe secluded location, armed resistance etc.

In the end some of the fortunate few were able to escape with some cash and the clothes on their back. These people were in spite of very uncertain circumstances, the fortunate ones.

They were left at the mercy of elements that were totally out of their control, unknown people aiding them, at great risk to these helpers, aiding them to escape.

They had to undergo terrible hardships to evade the police, army and informants.

Lots of them were captured and executed on the spot or taken to concentration camps.

You can imagine the horror of seeing your loved ones executed in front of you.

However if you take the exactly same scenario that was unfolding in all these affected areas Germany, Poland etc. , and compare it to England ,USA and Switzerland, the extermination of these people had no effect in these safe zones.

To cut a long story short, the location they were in protected them for all these hardships regarding the holocaust in these areas.

I wish you to think out of the box and consider moving to a totally safe location.

We wish to point out to u that South Africa could be one of the safest locations.

This of course won’t mean you have to leave your beloved country permanently, but you could consider it as an extended vacation, with the option of returning back when everything is back to normal again.

We base our evaluation of South Africa being a safe destination on the following:

It is on a total other continent.

We have very few natural recorded disasters compared to USA.

It is a beautiful country with moderate climate and lots of sunshine.

The mineral resources, gold, diamonds have been mined for decades and it has now become too costly to continue mining.

A prophet Siener van Rensburg which is considered by many as a African Nostro Damus foretold of a 3rd world war in which Great Britain, USA , Germany and the USSR will be involved.

This war will have devastating consequences on the nations.

He further predicted that South Africa will be one of the safest countries during these periods.

What is amazing about this Siener van Rensburg was the fact that he was able to advise the boer commando that he was in, how to evade capture from superior forces against them, and he would say to them what events would happen for example one of them would be wounded in the left shoulder, the following day, which came true.

It is further noteworthy that all cultures are aware of very uncertain times, and predict an end of the world scenario example Incas etc.

This tendency is shared by all the people in the world, this being the reason for preppers and survivalists awareness lately.

Our plan is to purchase a farm in South Africa for approximately 4 million dollars, which will be used to have a safe haven during this period.

We want to equip the farm to be totally self-sufficient.

We estimate this farm to house approximately 10 families, with the possibility of expanding this amount in future

The farm will have a spring or river running thru it and it will have windmills for extracting underground water resources and buildings will have rain water catching facilities, and at a later stage we want to place a water out of air treatment plant.

For electricity purposes it will have solar panels and wind power electrical generators.

We will have livestock, cattle sheep goats and chickens.

We will further be planting several grain types in order to feed the people and livestock on the farm.

The farm will further be stocked with live wild game, at a later stage a share holder will be able to shoot a quota of wild game.

The farm will be fenced off and the housing part will be surrounded by an in penetrable security wall with alarm and electrical fence.

There will be a main building in the inner enclosure which will be the headquarters and will have security office, several halls including a main hall for recreational facilities.

The farm will have weapons and reloading of ammunition facilities, for the protection of the members.

We will further have an emergency plan and will supply self-defence, military training and weapons training for all members.

We will also have a first aid clinic on the premises for treatment of sick / injured persons.

People will have to consider that we live in a global village and are inter dependant of each other for example food comes from certain areas, oil, clothing, military basis outside the country etc., this concept has been adopted by governments, shouldn’t we also look at these possibilities.

I am writing to you this letter to enquire if you would be interested in being part of this plan and if you could introduce this to appropriate interested persons.

It is also noteworthy to observe the skies for celestial predictions as the bible and other religions refer to heavenly signs – blood mood that is being experienced now.

The USA has also started to invest in South Africa to the amount of billions – The USA government and big industries know something that we don’t know.

If necessary I will submit a plan.

For further details kindly contact me by e-mail alwaysvigilant [at] outlook [dot] com

Kindly take note that at this stage this is only an idea.

I am just testing the market to ascertain if people would be interested in this idea.

Yours faithfully

Berto Ramos

(South Africa)

 Posted by at 6:39 pm
Sep 192016

First thx to the people that attended ganungra it was special you don’t meet people like that everyday thx c your a legendary sole …

OK Saturday another get together all welcome but if your not serious please don’t contact me this is a group who’s not mucking around we have a fantastic location and are in the process now of bugging out in stages our site is nnsw and to be on there by Xmas please contact me if tour interested no cost byo on the spit at main beach starting 11 finish 5 but will go on till Sunday lol

Sat 24th sept  the spit main beach gold coast 10 till 5 rsvp Friday Robbydavey0 [at] gmail [dot] com

 Posted by at 8:18 pm
Sep 192016

THIS IS NOT A PREPPER CONVENTION!!!  Please  ONLY make contact if you are interested in attending a gathering on the water of Southern Maryland to make connections with outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, water men and those who wish to exchange ideas about surviving on and off the land.  If you specific questions about subjects not having to do with this post, please find another medium.

A fee for the security of the land along the Potomac is required by the Park Service.  What we are looking for at this time are people willing to share tents, transportation with attendees and/or the transportation of supplies.  WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR people who need guidance to another site, Conspiracy Theorists, Doomsday Preppers or people seeking to deprogram their children who at one time belonged to cults.  WE are just looking for a bunch of people who want to spend time in the woods and plan our next adventure.  This endeavor will only come to pass with the intention of GIVING, NOT TAKING.  We are not an information source,!

Sep 192016

Anyone in northern VA? Looking for a group/couple, bug out possibilities, or meeting to discuss prepping.

 Posted by at 12:06 pm
Sep 162016

> Are you looking to join a group or willing to start a new group with the goal of surviving whatever scenario may come our way?
> Are you willing to relocate?
> I have found a place in the mountains of Pennsylvania that is prime for a retreat that meets all the requirements, which any true prepper would look for when choosing a place.
> We are looking for a couple good individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves to creating and building a retreat that will give us the best possible chance to survive whatever comes next.
> I am in Texas and have a trailer and a lot of supplies which need to be moved to the location, but I have no truck or means by which to move it.
> If you are looking for a place and are willing to relocate and help me to move this trailer and supplies, then let’s talk about what we can do to get this done and begin the work of developing a self sustainable retreat. This is an opportunity where we can be prepared for whatever may come.
> If interested you can email me at apissedoffredneck {at} outlook {dot} com leave your number and best time to call and let’s talk.

Sep 162016

Alright guys im looking for a group to get together with.

Im in the Weatherford area of Texas (about 30min. west of fort worth). Im 19.

I dont have much at the moment, besides a couple knives and a bag, because i feel like once i have a group, ill start stocking up haha. Any in this area?

Sep 152016

Looking to create a small group in the mountains of south central Pennsylvania.  The group we’re looking to create would be interested in achieving self-sustainability. Your interests should include; water storage and purification, growing organic foods in a controlled environment, generating energy through the utilization of alternative technologies and implementing security measures utilizing lighting and infrared cameras.

The property is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, with a clear view of the only access road in. It has an excellent water table, a 300′ well and an underground spring and room to build an additional dwelling.

Skills that would be helpful would include; carpentry, electrical, plumbing, concrete, electronics, defensive and security experience, canning and food storage preparation, medical skills and gardening.

Individuals should have a good moral compass and be honest, trustworthy, hardworking and reliable.

For further information contact martinksmail [at] yahoo [dot] com

Sep 132016

I come with everything needed to be a productive member of any group seeking to be self sufficient and prepared
I have spent several years putting together a good food supply, tools, medical supplies, emergency gear and more.
I have recently finished building my tiny home which will provide me with a safe place to live.
Now I am looking for a group of good people who are serious about surviving the coming storm in whatever form it may take on.
I also come with many skills which would be of benefit to any group.
Carpentry, plumbing, concrete/rebar, roofing, farming crop/animal and more.
I am open to most any location as long as the people are good.
If you and your group are interested in bringing on one more let’s talk and see what happens.
If you don’t have a group yet but want to start one, let’s talk.
dancingwithpoi [at] yahoo [dot] com

Sep 122016

Hello all.  We are the same as many of you out there. We are a Christian family looking for like minded people to network with.  If you are in the same type of situation and would like to talk. Let me know.  Prepperman @ g mail

Times are getting interesting have to have a plan

Sep 112016

My husband, myself and our 15 year old and 21 year old children are looking for another family in the Ouachita Mountains area to join and work towards having a secure and productive home that is entirely off grid and self-sufficient.  My husband and I were both raised with gardens, chickens, rabbits and he had cows.  He is disabled–not wheelchair or bed ridden–just arthritis and fibro myalgia–and has extensive knowledge of mechanics, carpentry and real life practical knowledge.  I am a good cook and well versed in home canning, gardening and also practical applications.  Our children are both respectful and disciplined and willing and able to work towards making a secure and comfortable life for everyone.  I have home schooled for the past 10 years and our daughter would also be able to home school other children.  We just want some folks like us–trying to make the best of such an uncertain future–wanting to live the way we were intended to.  To grow our own food–chop our wood, to be totally self sufficient and  stay away from the plans our government apparently has for us.  We are not particularly religious but have no problem with those who are.  We are clean, pleasant, intelligent, articulate and do not have any police record or any other sort of related problems.  We do have income and will be willing to share it with you and make all of us an even better place to call home.   We look forward to hearing from and meeting you soon.  Thanks so much for reading my meandering ad–I just don’t know what to say–we just want some good and decent people that we can be friends and hopefully like family to go through these next trying years with.  Thanks again..

Sep 112016

Hey Prepper World
Our next meet up at Mt Hope Church, 3417 E. Grand River, Williamston, MI will be on Sat., Oct 15, 2016 at 11 am to approx 2 pm. FREE mtg, FREE lunch…all are welcome! Church located between Williamston and Webberville.

This will be last meet up for the year at the church!

November 19th, the church will host a craft/vendor fair with some prepper type vendors there. Will post more info on that at a later date.

For the Oct meet up, we will have a former military man present info on how to protect yourself from a nuclear incident or bio chemical type incident. We have several farmers in our group that share gardening and canning tips. Our nurse will provide info on how to protect your health during a nuclear/chemical incident. We will have a time of open discussion on various survival topics since this is last formal meet up of the year. If you haven’t been to a meeting yet, come on out and meet other like minded people. We all learn from each other.

If you have any prep/survivalist type items you want to trade/sell, bring to mtg for our barter swap n shop….camp gear, fish gear, hunt gear, books, food, medical, ammo etc…

Bring a friend! See you there! Please RSVP….PM me here or just send a general reply.

Sep 092016

I will be in Stafford/N.Virginia on September 20-25 and again on November 20-27 this Fall.

I quit my company job to focus on DIY solar electric and have very low cost alternatives to the usual pay and play equipment.  I have a workshop in Fredericksburg and another in Japan (where I am building out microgrids and providing DIY kits for solar electric).  If you have any interest in DIY Solar Electric please contact me and I will set up something in Stafford County or even another location of your choice.

Let’s get moving on our energy self sufficiency and resilience!

best regards

Marvin M

(you can contact me through if you cant get a message via this group)

 Posted by at 2:41 pm
Sep 092016

I am looking for a prepper group in my area in Georgia.  I have been trying to do this alone since noone in my family or friends believe this is actually necessary.  I know that SHTF will happen soon.  I really would love to join with some like minded individuals that are near me.  I have a vehicle and a list of supplies already downloaded that I will need.  Please help if you can.  I have already spent tons of money on information to prep….so I wont spend more money in that area.