Feb 162016

The online prepper community is, like the rest of the Internet, the target of scammers & predators. From time to time the admins here are made aware of people posting on the site who are targeting preppers in the hope of selling them places in communities that don’t exist or real estate deals that are nothing more than scams.

We do our best to investigate the warnings, taking the offending posts offline while we do. BUT, it’s not easy trying to get the facts from authorities re: ongoing investigations – or even getting them to confirm an investigation is in progress. Some of these ‘warnings’ talk about ‘a friend of a friend’ or ‘someone I know’ with little or no detail – making getting to the facts & the ability to verify any claims of wrongdoing by the poster, almost impossible.

So do yourself a favor – before parting with your hard earned money – check out posters before parting with any money. Ask to talk with others who are happy investors/members, ask to visit these places they are selling – do your homework! The Internet is NOT a safe place & scammers prey on those who are naive, desperate & afraid. Don’t be a victim.

We continue to try & keep this site as safe as we can, but predators will always find new ways to try to part you from your money!

May 022015

This site has TWO useful areas. A forum (for discussion, opinions and chit-chat) and the main site (contacting or starting a group). You are currently on the main site.


is for posting contacts. This is where you are now. If you want to start or join a group, create a post here. In order to do that, you will need an account: you can register here. (all posts are deleted after 2 years in an effort to keep the information and contact details current – we found a lot of older posts were returning emails as user unknown)
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Oct 082014

ATTENTION Reporters, Media Companies & Casting Agencies

If you are from the press/media and want to join this site to interview it’s members – DON’T!

If you are from a casting agency and want to join this site to recruit it’s members for “reality” programs – DON’T!

If you would like this sites owner/admin to review a book, dvd etc – email john [at] preppergroups [dot] com

If the people on this site wanted to talk to the press, they would approach the press. Respect their privacy! Media spammers will be reported, IP addresses will be recorded and they will be BANNED!

However, if you would like me to make your contact details available to the preppers on this site, send a message here. List the organization, your contact details and if there is a specific location you represent.

Jun 282016

Hello, We would like to take this time to let you know about our group.
we are a non political prepper group in Houston,Texas.
We are looking for members and a district administrator for our Dallas Chapter, we have been arround just over 7 months and we have meetings using a 2way radio app, as well as monthly meetings and from time to time we also hold events. WE have a staff that plans every thing, we have over 100 members, if your interested click the link below.


email is houstonpreppers [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jun 252016

Hey Prepper world
Come check out the Prepper expo, energy fair, and outdoorsman fair on Sat, June 25, 2016 at the Ingham County Fairgrounds on Ash Street in Mason, MI. Time is 9 to 5. Free admit, Free parking, Free classes thru out the day. Family friendly event. there are some unique vendors here…you won’t be disappointed!
Come say Hi to me at the Juice Plus / Tower Garden Booth!

The next prep meeting at Mt Hope church in Williamston, MI is Sat, July 30, 2016 from 11 to 2. I will be posting mtg agenda soon in another post!

Jun 242016

Looking for like minded individuals to start/join a community for the hard times coming in preparation for the New World.

Community, location & individual attributes/contributions will be the deciding factors for survival.

Applicable skills such as; Horticulture, Medical expertise, Self defence, Survival skills, etc, are priceless.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

West Sydney Region, NSW, Australia.

Please contact me via email valqrie7 [at] gmail [dot] com

Jun 222016


Im fairly new to prepping but have been reading up on pole shift and since there have been lots of indications that something is up im looking more seriously into what options are out there and how i could contribute in a preppers community. I have healthcare experience and im going to be purchasing some health related survival gear as I feel thats the best thing i could contribute in a pinch. I dont have the option to purchase land in any case money will soon be worthless anyway so does that really matter? Im keen to contribute, live in the Sydney area and have one dependant.

Also looking to relocate to somewhere 200 feet above sea level and at least 100 feet inland. Rural prefered with access to natural drinking water

Im looking for prep communities near sydney, im not sure if your location applies but if it does i work in healthcare and i have one dependant. im stocking up on healthcare materials and medications and willl be keen to contribute. Email me at e7green(at)gmail(dot)com

Jun 222016

240 Acre Homestead

Ponds, creeks, caves, pastures, forest – isolated – 30 minutes from nearby city.

Have 60 acres of pasture, and 180 of forest.

Will be building green-houses, edible forest garden, etc.

Have goats, chickens, ducks, and will be getting cows in the future.

Looking for like-minded preppers to join our community.

Apartments for rent on site – brand new – on grid – but will be prepped for off-grid living in future – solar array and rain catchment.

Locations on site for trailers or RVs and hook ups.

Rent will be paid until government collapses at which time we will not worry about trivial things such as money. 🙂

Looking for people to move on site that have the time and interest in preparing for the future – putting in perennial gardens, working with livestock, building ponds and rain catchment systems etc.

Looking for people that not only want a place to live out the apocalypse, but people that want to become a part of a community – a part of a family.

Sounds like a good fit for you? Email me at genpurematt at gmail dot com or call three16.9nine3.60zero2

Let me know your skills, interests, etc.


Jun 202016

Couple expecting a new addition soon is looking for a prepper group to join anywhere in the US that is a good distance away from coastlines. We currently live in Texas but are planning to relocate to upstate NY near the Canadian border in a few months. I’m not particularly crazy about the idea of living that far north where winters are much harsher than what I’m accustomed to but we have a good friend who lives there and she has friends in Canada who may be able to help in a time of crisis in the US, which we both strongly feel will occur sooner than most may think. I’ve known for awhile now that I should be prepping for what is about to take place but haven’t really had the means to do so and have been caught up in distractions that life throws at us all from time to time. We are both on a limited fixed income and neither of us can handle extreme physical labor but their are still many things we are capable of doing at a slower pace than most. Then there are some things we can do at a faster pace like cooking. We have been doing alot of research on survival skills necessary to make it in what we both believe is shortly to begin…the great tribulation that is spoken of in the bible. We have also been researching alternative natural medicines and different styles of durable bug out housing that is cost efficient. We have alot of useful knowledge but with cost of living being so high and our combined incomes being so low it’s very hard for us to obtain property to begin building on or even the other resources needed to start. We are Christians but not affiliated with any type of organized religion and do not wish to be. Our religion is love. Jesus taught love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness not doctrine. We are looking for a family or small group of folks who already have land they are wanting to work to build a bug out for when SHTF. More than just stockpiling certain items, which we know are necessary, we are interested in obtaining sustainable resources by growing our own fruits and vegetables and having at least a small supply of livestock like chickens for eggs and meat and goats for milk. A fish pond would be awesome too. For us an ideal location for this off the grid bug out camp would be in a well wooded area far from major cities and densely populated areas, and definitely not near any type of military base. A nearby water source is a must as well. We do not wish to join any type of malitia as we do not intend to fight the establishment. This is Gods war not ours and all we seek to do is hide from tyranny and survive as long as possible without being detected. If you own weapons for hunting and protection we are perfectly ok with that. We don’t own any ourselves as of yet but are not opposed to obtaining a few or learning how to use various types of weapons. I feel like I’m writing a novel here so I’m gonna wrap this up. If anyone is interested in having us join them we will definitely be able to help out financially and in many other ways so long as we have a place to reside while preparations are being made. Please contact us ASAP if interested…we fear time is running out. You can contact us via e-mail at clane0234 [at] gmail [dot] com. Be aware that we do not intend to give anyone money up front before we get to know you through various means of communication and arrive at our destination. I may have been born at night but it sure wasn’t last night!

Jun 192016

Hello everyone,

I am a 22 year old male who currently resides in Portland.

I have come to realize how truly dangerous this city is and I don’t to be here when some cataclysmic event occurs in the probable near future. We’re at the brink of an all out war with China/Russia, our economy is on the cusp of a collapse and the media seems to have brainwashed the masses into thinking everything if OK.

Going off grid seems like the only likely scenario at this point that could work. Property seems pretty cheap in parts of Oregon and Washington. Ideally, I would like to find 5-10 like minded preppers and attempt to purchase some land and prepare for what is to come.I also am open to joining a group or am open to any ideas that you might have, but that is the general direction I’m heading towards.

I don’t have any special skills, but I am physically capable and most importantly, spiritually and mentally prepared. I am a believer in God and my faith is very important to me. It is a requirement that you are a believer in God as well. I have guns and ammunition for myself as well as some basic survival tools, but I am obviously far from prepared.To be upfront, I will have approximately $5k-10k  to put towards this property. If I can find enough people, it could be a lot less! I would imagine it’s going to get easier and easier to find deals on land as well. I have found a few myself that seem very undervalued.

Please reply if you’re interested! I promise I’ll respond back. Things are getting worse and worse each day around the world and it’s only a matter of time before something happens here. I’m looking to relocate ASAP, but realistically I’d need about 1-2 months to prepare everything and get my funds in order. I would like to be completely off grid by election time, if this Country makes it that far…


Jun 162016

Hey everybody my name is Lucas, I live in the Woodstock/ Roswell area  and I recently ended my time in the military as a medic in the 101st airborne. In order to be prepared you have to be ready for anything including serious injury. I would love to give individuals or families combat life saver classes/ first aid classes so that in an emergency, you would have some basic knowledge on how to effectively treat trauma injuries. If you would be interested in something like that to have in your arsenal of knowledge shoot me an email. Lucasurrea93(at)gmail(dot)com

Jun 142016

Hey all…my wife and I are looking to start a prepper group in the Cleveland, GA area. We’ve started prepping within the past year and are looking for like-minded people to meet once a month to discuss anything prepping-related (bug out bags, food and water storage, gardening, etc.). If you’re interested, let me know and I’d love to hear more about you. My email is saltydog1661 [at] gmail [dot] com. Look forward to hearing from yall!

Jun 142016

Hi we are looking for prepper Minder people in The Bay County, FL area, we have been prepping for many years & I do meet with a group right now. but will love to talk with prepper in my area and new idea are always welcome, we are never to old to learn. I can count with my group for support. Please PM me a private msg if you are interested , I like a Drugs Free Environment only, as I’m a nurse and know the consequence of what could happen if you are not ready!!!

 Posted by at 5:16 am
Jun 132016

I’m in my late twenties, married, and have a few skills under my belt such as electrical, etc. Looking for some stable minded people to link up with and perhaps learn some things and even share info.  I’m a person that is in very much control of ones life and not frayed on the hinges and can separate preparedness from all consuming version of it. I’m aware of practical preparedness and been doing enough studies to not be swayed by all the junk out there. I can be reached at benteam2021 [at] yahoo [dot] com I’m looking for people in the blue ridge area or north of Gwinnett

Jun 122016

I live in Cedar Rapids and am looking to either join or start a group of local like minded people that not only want to exchange skills, but will get plans in motion to survive after collapse as a group. I tried organizing an event through Facebook before, but a lot of people tend to lack motivation just to show up for a meet and greet.

I don’t know what disaster might knock out our grid, but I believe there are two likely outcomes that follow any major disaster.  First is civil unrest…  We got jack wagons right now that can’t behave themselves and start riots just because they don’t like someone, or because they got their little feelings hurt.  No one ever sat around singing cumbaya after a disaster, and from the looks of it we wont even need a disaster to start it. People can be worse then the worst animals out their when it comes to their survival. And going from the most entitled country to the 3rd world will only make it a nightmare.  Second is Marshal Law provided there is a government remaining to implement it. At the rate they’re burning through our hard earned cash to prep their own bunkers, buy their bullets, and hoard their MRE’s… I’m willing to bet they will be.

I prep material things on a budget, but I believe the best prep is knowledge and training. Some people think they will just store up a bunch of supplies, take a few pot shots at some marauders from their couch while drinking their stockpile beer and live happily ever after…. unacceptable. If you’re not the hardest group out there, you’re not the Alpha, and if you’re not the alpha you wont survive when the Alpha group decides you got what they want.  Safety is in numbers, planning, training, and knowledge… everything else is just missions.

I have studied wilderness survival since 2001 some of which was with the Navajo Indians, urban survival/combat, a little into asymmetric fighting, helped train troops, and protected dignitaries in a combat zone. I was an Infantry man and armorer and served in the Army for 6 years, I’ve done security all together for about 5 years, and that includes some time in disaster areas. I have lived and worked on farms, and with the Amish learning organic agriculture. I studied engineering principles that help me understand how to turn junk into something that works. I have tried to study every useful skill from how to pick locks to building batteries.  Still…. all this means nothing without having others to watch your 6, pull security so you can sleep, or help build a community back up.  I am interested in continuing to learn, and help develop plans to survive this, not just ride things out, and im looking for other people who want the same thing.

Jun 102016

I am looking for preppers in Abilene Texas. I have lived in 7 countries working for major oil and gas company in maintenance department and have many skills to survive when SHTF. Let’s exchange ideas. Give me a shout.

Jun 092016

I have found about 26 acres that I think would make a great bug out location. I’m actively looking for 5-6 small family groups to band together and form a safe self-sustaining haven in case the worst does happen. Best case scenario….we have a great off grid spot to live or retire. If you’re interested or have any questions please let me know.

Jun 092016

I own four houses and a 45,000 square foot school in a very small town, in a lightly populated county in north central Kansas.  The school was consolidated in 2009 and is still in very good shape and tornado proof (except for the windows).

Its a dead community where its just a matter of time until it disappears off the map unless of course its rejuvenated with new people.

Want to start a business in the school?  Free Rent.  Dare to risk starting a business in the school? – Free house rent.  Just want to stay for a short while and move on to another prepper community?  Free RV space with full hookup.  Free does not mean free utilities.

North Central Kansas is prime ag country.  This is the land of milo, wheat, corn, and soybeans.  Yes sunflowers are grown too, but not around here.  Its ideal for vegetable gardens.  BIG ONES.

Have something to offer as in skills?  Fantastic.  This is a great place to be self-employed.  Its not a good place to find employment except in certain areas, like medical, truck driving, cook, etc.  Its a 900 square mile county and it is patrolled just by sheriff department.  We now only have ONE set of schools (grade/middle/high) for the entire county and they are in the county seat.

If patriots don’t gather together geographically, then we will never have a voice because we’re being outnumbered by foreigners and socialists.  No majority, no voice.  If the Free State Project had started on a county level, they would have met with success a long time ago.  But there project was too ambitious.  NH is more free than most and it will probably stay that way because of the concentration of patriots/constitutionalists.

Kansas is a pretty good state for a variety of reasons.  It supports the 2nd amendment but then they go too far and its practically a prohibition state.  Lots of pluses and minuses.  The town itself has no code enforcement which means chickens and so forth, are no problem.   All buildings are on city water and sewer and this town has optic fiber.

If you aren’t self-sufficient, don’t have any money to feed yourself.  I can’t help you.  Find a commune, maybe they can get you started.  However, what I am offering is removing the bulk of financial risk from your move so that when you get here, you don’t have to pay rent.  I respond quickly to messages.

If you believe in chemtrails, keep that shit to yourself.  If Hitler gets elected, its game over.  The US is going to stop circling the toilet and will be flushed in short order.  I have zero confidence that Trump will be elected and stop the decay.  Our future is looking very grim.

Jun 092016

Here in northeast Florida we have been through our first storm of the season only days beyond the June 1st date that signifies the beginning of the season.  Even though NOAA predicts an average season, I get the feeling this could be a bad one if we are starting this early.

I live in the Jacksonville area and would love to talk to some local preppers. I just started a group called Northeast Florida Prepper Alliance. We are looking for new members who want to share their prepping knowledge with others. Email me if you have any questions

support at complete prepper store dot com

Jun 062016

Hello, my name is Kevin. I am a 30 year prepped moved here from Texas and im looking for local preppers to create resources for our kind. Would like to have get togethers over coffee or what ever and create a prepper community to exchange knowledge and skills for preparing for our future as a group. Having trusted strength in numbers is better than being a lone wolf.email me jesusandcamping at gmail dot com if you are interested.

 Posted by at 5:47 am
Jun 062016

I’m looking to start or join a prepper group in or very near Fort Wayne, Indiana. I bring knowledge of backup power systems, 12 volt battery backup systems, solar panels and rechargeable batteries NiMh/Li-ion. I also have experience in gardening, blacksmithing, ultra-lite backpacking, wilderness living skills, wild edibles, fishing, hunting and firearms. I am serious about starting a group. email me at exposernine [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jun 012016

What my plan is, is to network with individuals. Get to know each other and build a rapport and friendship.  Start conducting some training classes etc.  As of right now I plan on bugging in.  But that could change depending on other group members’ locations.  Meaning, if other group members have a better location to bug out to and are willing to allow their location to be the designated BOL area.

I’m 46, married with 3 children. We are Christian.  I spent 16 years in the Army and Michigan Army National Guard.  I worked 4 years as a correction officer and emergency response team member at a prison. Besides tactics, I worked as a Medical Specialist (medic).   We live in a rural area

I figure that group members could pool their assets to make a retreat a better location. (Some items may be prepositioned.)  What belongs to you, belongs to you.  What is mine, stays mine.  Granted there is going to be some items that are pooled from all members like the group first aid kit or items used for training.  That way if a member quits or is dismissed, there is no arguing about what belongs to you.  I think that written agreements should be implemented so there is no confusion later.

I think that one of the main priorities should be a year +/- worth of food for each member. All of this will take some time, some longer than others.  Since this is new, everything is subject to change.

I am looking for a doctor, physician assistant, registered nurse, military to form a mutual assistance group for an emergency situation.  If you are proficient at gardening, canning meat and produce you will be an asset.  If you do not necessarily have any skills but have money for supplies you will be an asset.  There is safety in numbers.  So how about you, what is your background?

Everyone must work towards the goal of one year of food in storage. Group members must chip in to purchase supplies that will be used by the group.  Group members must be willing to attend training such as firearms marksmanship, first aid, survival skills etc.  Everyone coming on board must be very dedicated, focused, self driven, be able to give their word and keep their word. Communication Security (COMSEC) is a must.  Everyone’s identity and personal information will be kept confidential.

I believe the group should make decisions together (committee). No dictatorship.  I think there should be a figurehead for daily operation decision making but answer to the group committee.

If this interests you then send an email to materielgeneral [at] yahoo [dot] com and tell me a little about yourself and what you can contribute to the group.

Thank You

May 312016

Grey is good. Getting “noticed” by the authorities is bad.  These simple precepts are the basis for our approach to prepping.

Sustainability is good. What are you gonna eat when the freeze dried food runs out?  You better have the land and the skills to raise your own food.

Being a helpful neighbor is good.  A volunteer firefighter or medic is someone people are happy to see show up.

Rural is good. Having responded to many disaster areas, the rural folks always seem to fare better than those trapped in the cities.

Now to the heart of the matter. There are many preppers I have met that I would not like to share lunch with much less WROL.  From the habitual criminal to the paranoid delusional I have met them all.  I know that there have to be a few individuals out there that are concerned about possibilities, that understand that complex systems can fall apart, and want to take rational action with rational people.  Give us a try.

May 302016

Hey looking for a prepper community for me and my family I’ve been prepping for 8 plus years i bring alot of medical amd experience skills to the table i am a dialysis tech and emt i have 10 years of medical experience
when it comes to emergency medical skills im your guy lol community is a lot better for survival then just one family we are willing to go on weekends to help out in anyway or can talk about other ways to help if interested pleae contact me by email gkramer0422 [at] gmail [dot] com

May 302016

My family and I are beginners in prepping. We live in an apartment environment and looking for advise and or tips on how to shelter in place in the event that SHTF and locating to a safe location is not an option. Feel free to contact me with any tips at jysanc90 [at] gmail [dot] com, and thanks in advance.

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May 262016

I’m looking to start a small ‘preparedness’  group / community- 5 to 10 like minded individuals from the South West / Bayside suburbs on whome we each can rely in the event of emergency or disaster.

what would you do if suddenly there was no law, no emergency services, no power?

something as simple as having no mobile phone reception accross Victoria – what would your plan be?

being prepared dosen’t have to mean planning for the end of the world, it can be as simple as staying safe in a crisis.

May 252016


brainstoring an idea here. I’d like to organise a network of investors. To build the ultimate bug out location in Victoria as well as a holiday retreat , food gathering station


Someone who can donate land in the highlands of Victoria. (Compensation for use land)
Find skilled investors in areas such as: building, medical, farming ,military
invest 50k +
Build farming , underground bunkers, food storage, communications, heavily fortified location
Holiday retreat
total self Sufficient
pm if anyone has already arranged such situation or looking to be an investor . And most important a generous land donor