Sep 252013

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Aug 012014

WV prepper, need help have retreat. m/f I am not queer, just picked bad name. Nobody responds or quits email after two days. It’s not this site , the problem is everywhere. Seems a lot of peppers are all blondes, air heads  lol good day a little emp, Ebola, or Maunder/Dalton minimum is coming your way. Some jobs here. I will not support you! Email  aprepperhead127at hush mail . com

Jul 312014

I’ve heard from a few people over the last couple of months who joined the site, made a post, went off and then promptly forgot their password.

The site no longer has the auto-function of ‘request a new password’. Various hack attempts were targeting the auto features of the website and trying to exploit them – they are now disabled.

If you’ve forgotten your password and would like to get a new one, EMAIL ME from the email address you originally registered with and I will supply you with a new password.

Jul 302014

Hi preppers.

I’m a truther and also a Christian. So yes I believe a lot of these events unfolding are prophetic.

Wars are on the rise and I believe an economic collapse is bound to happen sometime within the next few years, some think sooner, if you follow the alternative news media there is a lot of factors that play into this.

Anyhow, seeking like minded ppl that would like to team up and start setting up bug out locations, learning to be self sufficient etc..

pls no time waisters, I’m looking specifically for humble, respective, trustworthy people that genuinely want to help one another and become a team and family in these upcoming crisis.

I live in melbourne, anyone in Victoria or within Australia is welcome to reply or send me a PM.


Jul 302014

Hello My Fellow Preppers,

I am currently building a survival group for the upstate of South Carolina. I would love to add you to the group! If you are interested, please contact me at aiken_april [at] yahoo [dot] com

Okay. Our water challenge for August 2014 is to design your very own filtration system. It must be able to be carried along with other survival equipment. (That means that it can not be toooooo heavy.) Also, I must have a prior water evaluation and an after treatment evaluation from your local health department. (Health Departments will test the water for free.) Your ideas must be turned in to me at my above email before August 25, 2014. I so look forward to your out of the box ideas. Be creative and good luck.


Jul 302014

I’m interested in joining or helping to start a prepping group to form a community here in the Northern Colorado area.  I am not religious, denominational or judgemental.  I accept lifestyle and life-choices, and would like to find like-minded people to come together with.  I come with a younger child who is also of an age where they will be able to help out.

Some skills I can bring to the group are gardening, composting (garden AND human elimination), water collection and cleaning.  I am a licensed CNA with some wound care experience and child delivery experience (not an expert).  I am a non-professional herbalist, tinctures-maker, poultice and wild fares gatherer.  I can preserve food, cook meals, plant/tend gardens, I’m not afraid to help clean a kill or animal, I can work outdoors and will help build structures.  I can also do a good job entertaining young folk and caring for children.  I can shoot a firearm with average accuracy (a little rusty on target practice, to say the least).  I can also process animal fiber into yarn and knit into goods, and have some experience raising livestock.

I am always interested in learning and building my skill-set and exchanging ideas and helping others.  I want to support a community and be apart of something I believe in.

I am interested in joining a group to form a community of people who can come together, work well with each other, and organize a place where we can build a safe community for ourselves.  I am reliable, kind, giving, a hard worker, and will bring humor to any situation.   Good luck to everyone here!!!

Jul 292014

We are currently seeking additional members to join us in a remote and isolated area in Northern Arizona. You do NOT need nor do we require you to buy-in to the community. We own the land we and pay the taxes. Specifics not disclosed for OPSEC reasons…
What we offer is a BOL that is a safe haven and has many amenities I cannot disclose here and now for OPSEC reasons. All we are asking of you is the ability to help set up the area for whatever is needed to get us all to a self sustaining community. W e are looking for persons that can assist with almost all phases of the start up. A “first come first served basis” exists. Whereas you get the choice of area/s you wish to set up as your own. You will get security and a legal document giving you rights so you are NOT wasting your time or finances on setting up what you want. We NEED you and as such, we have NO intentions of trying to steal or cheat from anyone. It has to be a trusting relationship or we are all alone. If you think this sounds interesting, contact us here .

Jul 292014

13 years military. I have stuff and experience in many areas but need bug out area to help build up. I ran into scam people, bad idea for them. I traveled the world and have been had by the best. I’m older now. War vet and I come with no bull.

Jul 292014

We are a well-established group of normal families with a great retreat site and excellent location. We are prepped up and take continuing training and education seriously. We currently have a diverse spread of skill sets but lack someone to head up medical. We’re located in a sparsely populated area of Northern Michigan (Lower Peninsula) which enjoys unlimited ground water, excellent hunting, trapping and fishing plus all that a well-developed retreat site would include. We take defense seriously but are not a bunch of Rambos. We’re Christians but won’t beat anyone over the head with a Bible. There are minimum requirements for membership and a background check will be conducted. If you have any interest contact me at …
tscm120 [at] gmail [dot] com

Jul 282014

Good Morning to all,

I am interested in meeting folks in the Richmond/Chesterfield, VA area.  I have been working for the past 2 years and would like to expand my “friends” and share info and ideas.


Jul 262014

Bug Out Survivalist Preppers Group of the Foothill Area

Who are we? We are a group made up of Preppers, Survivalist and Bug Out folk. We are from California; we are based in Cameron Park Ca. east of Sacramento Ca. This group has been designed 2014. All are welcome to join. Our local group meetings/ Training Classes will be posted every month.

Our Bug Out Survivalist Preppers Group is. . .. looking for group members to join. I would like to put a board together for our area if interested email/text/call/facebook me with your vision and skills and qualities.

Our Bug Out Survivalist Preppers Group. . .. is looking forward to holding classes teaching Wilderness Survival, CPR, Dog Training, How to build a bunker, training in EMP, Emergency Aid, how to build a bug out bag, how to be a Prepper, living off the grid and that’s just some to name the list is endless etc. . .. if anyone has the knowledge or know how or know someone that can teach a class please contact the group leader Frank. I look forward to meeting you and talking further.

If you have any ideas for me please contact me and be part of the group.

Our email is bugoutsurvivalistpreppers [at] gmail [dot] com
Facebook link-
Group Leader- Frank (530) 409-4733

Here is a listing of some of the things we prepare for. . ..

Catastrophic Events List:

Prepared For Catastrophic of Events?

Martial Law? Economic Finical Collapse? Collapse of the American Dollar?
Bird Flu Pandemic H5N1? EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse? Solar Flares?
Dirty Bombs? Impending Global Food Crisis? Yellowstone Super Volcano?
Earthquakes? Tsunamis? Hurricanes? Tropical Storms?
Tornadoes? Blizzards? Mudslides? Wildfires? Avalanches?
Flooding? Heat Waves? Cyber Attack? Mega Lightning?

Be Ready!

Jul 242014

I’ve seen a few people post on here for northern Indiana, but few are close enough to make it a viable option. Realistically, a team should be close enough to be convenient for all to meet in reasonable amount of time, typically less than half an hour. Anyone in or near Rochester, drop me a line.

Jul 232014

Haven’t seen much chatter from those in Ohio lately. Anyone in say a fifty-sixty mile radius of the Capitol care to chat? ggea0290 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jul 222014

Seeking to meet like-minded individuals in the Albuquerque, RR or East mountain area that take prepping for more than just a hobby. Small group currently seeking individuals of various ages & experience who want to become better prepared for themselves & or loved ones.

The collective group efforts & focus is to exchange ideas, knowledge & cross train in the various realms of prepping. Collective group activities entail analyzing level of preparedness for in-home emergencies (long & short), level of preparedness for outside of the home emergencies, hiking, food storage & BOBs to list a few. If you have a skill or skill set you think fits into these areas and are like-minded, please reply.

Jul 202014

I just moved here from Ohio. I have no “prepper friends” down here. I have a location In Ohio still, but that doesn’t help me if the shtf and i’m in Florida lol. I Would be really interested in meeting with some people that are like minded. I’m 33/male and educated. I’m pretty decent with firearms, I own many and ammo, but all in Ohio except one handgun.  Only medical knowledge I have is CPR, other then what I’ve learned in college.

Looking for people or an active group that would want to train, learn, and teach. Please let me know if interested!

Jul 182014

I joined the U.S. Army in 1984 and have training in commo ,combat engineer, OPFOR, NBC reaction team and cross trained in a few others as well as other army schools. I have combat experience, 10 months in Iraq, was sent home after being wounded the second time. I currently live on 200 acres of family owned land in west central Tennessee about 60 miles from Memphis and 40 miles from Jackson.

I am looking for like minded people to share ideas with and/or start a prepper group in the area. I am new to this site but not to prepping .

Jul 162014

I am going to Alabama soon to start a prepper/survivalist commune. I have some property on a hill in trussville, not far from lake goerge. There is a house, a garage, several trailers and old vehichles,a well, power there but not conected. The house needs work but is fixable.I have family near by. I recently lost my job after a motorcycle accedent and I do not like what I am see happen to the hard workers of America. In short the harder we work the more they take from us. I am what some call a prepper and for the most part can take care of myself, but the truth is (power in numbers)(not looking for hundreds of people). We can do more together than alone.. When the shtf it would be nice to be around trustworthy people that are there for eachother. It would be open vote no president. Tents, huts, friendly pets,leagal weapons,reasonable drinking,tobacco, wacky too all welcome.Looking for people(female or male) with skills like hunting-gathering, botany-gardening, leagal law, carpentry,film-photography fabrication, medical, farming ,,,,I think you get it, if you think you could benifit a group and pull your weight mail me at FreeAlabamaCommune [at] gmail [dot] com. I could really use more info on how this could work easier. I know I’ll probably get a bunch more bullshit for this but its better to be self efficient than a homeless begger with no security so for the bullshitters would you like me to camp in your neighborhood or on my own property.

Jul 162014

Looking for Preppers who plan to stay in and around San Antonio. A group of like minded preppers can network and help each other when SHTF. My personal view is we will suffer a depression rather than a WROL or apocalypse so being food and energy secure can be all the difference, but I do prep for the worst case scenarios.