Oct 212014

Ever since I stopped sending out preppergroups.com newsletters, people have been asking me why I don’t send out newsletters. :)

Last time I ran all the software from the site and getting things configured and working well was a constant headache (I blame the software!). This time I’m going to let mailchimp do all the work.

You’ll notice that there’s now a subscribe option on the right hand side of the page. Fill that in and when we have enough members subscribed, I’ll start sending out monthly newsletters again. (yes, there’s an unsubscribe option)

Sep 252013

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Nov 012014

New to this site, im looking to trade skills and network. I am based in the Dandenong ranges and familiar with just about every plant and animal on it.

Christian, bushman , hippy family man if i had to be stereotyped. I am on a large rental property perfect for veges and close range bug out for melbourne.

Ive got plenty of gear to eork with, just need to work it.

please respond (not sure how you do?)  if you want to catch up, happy to chat with anyone in my area.

Nov 012014

why idaho? montana? well first theres only 6 million ppl for 800 mile circle. next, wood plenty of it. third, sun the mountains break up storms. fourth, most of the lands are owned by 1000 acre ranchers and generational farmers..they will not sell to developers,like a small east coast farmer might. corporations?? corp america has not been able to penetrate. canada is not far.

still more reasons: pacific north west inland empire, american redoubt. is a place of mountains and hills. rough place. the type of place 21 st centurian does not like. type of place a patriot loves. ruggedness is valued, vanity, is worthless.

the north west, has good wind for windmills. the population is lacking so the fast food and consumption economy is not interested. there are other reasons but they are politically incorrect but we know what they are..lloll…

all told the north west is the future. its a good place, it guarantees land space and resources. and an escape from a consumptionist lifestyle. but prob most important a hard divorce from 21 century american society. this divorce is not possible, in other states because of urban proximity. that frankly does not exist in the redoubt. so lets make plans to carve out our future in the redoubt. with lessons learned and mistakes not repeated lloll.

Nov 012014

We are looking to start a Christian Midwest bug out group, with approx 30 families from Illinois,Indiana,Kentucky, and or Missouri.We must limit the individual campsites to seven family members. housing must not be permanent should someone present a problem down the road and is voted (off the island] camper or skid is fine. Each campsite will share  work load as we will rotate by campsite.  we plan to be self sufficient and off the grid location is off the path and game is plentiful unlike other bug out locations who do not want you their until it hits the fan. we encourage all members to show up often to ready your home and know your neighbors to build a good rapport. If this is your desire and plan to be part of a functional family for the long hall please respond a.s.a.p.  thank you and May God Bless.

Oct 312014

I am a young and new to prepping 23 years old and started prepping for bout 6 months now. Currently working on a bug out bag for my wife and I. Although she is not as enthusiastic about survival as I am. I’m looking to learn new skills and learn any tips I can. I’ve been told I’m am a quick learner. So anyone wanting to find a youngster to teach their ways :) please contact me on here or email me. El_loco_chino_cochino [at] yahoo [dot] com

Oct 292014

Hey my name is chris im from new bedford mass…i am new to this site and also have a group together of well mannered law abiding citizens that want to learn and teach basic survival skills we are a group of individuals that believe highly of the constitution and our rights as human beings….most of us work regular jobs and are regular people just concerned and being ready for any disaster that may happen if your from mass and would like to talk feel free to send me an email and we can talk on the topic please put survival so i know wheres its from thanks guys email is cpuppy11 [at] gmail [dot] com hope to hear from u

(Failing to plan…is a plan to fail)

Oct 282014

I am 22. Married. No children. I have an associate’s in forestry from OSU. I grew up in a rural farm environment. I have homesteading skills, hunting experience, professional firearm training, armed security work history, and a myriad of other valuable skills including a CNA certification. My wife and I have been peppers for a while now, and we have been seeking a new opportunity to prep, live, learn, and work among other like minded people. We do not blame anyone for the what will transpire but rather the hubris and ignorance of society as a whole. We are not afraid of whatever events are headed our way, we just want to be as prepared as we can and we hope to do this with people whom we can trust, protect, and live amongst.. and we only hope for the same in return. My wife is an avid and talented equestrian of sorts, she has a lot of hunting, fishing, and other outdoors experience.

 Posted by at 11:31 am
Oct 282014

Hello to all from rural Cass County, Missouri.

We’re a hard working couple, enjoying life and the country air. I’m interested in networking with other people who are prepping either near or far to share ideas and to get to know better as time goes on.

We’ve no kids but lots of extended family that live far away except for our nephew who lives nearby and is also learning how to prep.

I believe the hubby and I have a lot to “bring to the table” if we eventually join in or at least network with likeminded people.

We are in our mid 50s, fit in both mind and body. We both retired honorably from the U.S. Army after 20 years of service. My spouse still brings home the bacon while I try to be a housewife. It’s hard because I’ve worked at an away- from- home job most of my life but I’m getting the hang of it and expending a lot of energy learning about country life.

We’ve always tried to be prepared for emergencies long before we knew there was a trendy name for it.

We both have retained our basic soldier skills. The hubby has extensive knowledge in mechanics and water purification. He was also an EMT. He grew up on a farm and has a lot of experience with livestock and basic gardening.

I grew up a city girl but my Mom, who grew up on farm during the Depression, taught me a great deal about life and instilled the importance being independent and always being ready for emergencies. My experience in the military, in addition to basic soldiering included all areas of logistics and small arms repair.

What I’m learning about now is the art of poultry management. Any chicken people out there?

Anyone who wants to network with us, let me know. I’m not paranoid but really like to get to know people before sharing a great deal of information.

Keep on preppin’!  :D

Oct 282014

We are a Christian and Family oriented group. We usually meet on the 3rd Sunday evening of each month. We do all types of training, camp-outs, Saturday workshops etc. If interested in attending and possible membership please contact me at: v l o w e 0 3 2 5 a t g m a i l d o t c o m.

This last meeting we delivered the Kelly Kettle stove orders (a rocket stove only with water).

We now have almost enough interest to order a pallet of large 290 watt solar panels to start making the portable solar generators. (we get very discounted pricing)

We will be having our Annual Planning meeting on the 16th at 7:00pm.

This is the opportunity for all to schedule the topics, activities and training they want the group to pursue for 2015.
We encourage everyone to send in their suggestions and ideas before the meeting so we can organize everything.
It’s also a change to change the meeting time and place if we get a majority vote.

We look forward to members and any who wish to see what we do to attend this meeting.

Please RSVP only

Oct 272014

We are a mid-50’s, physically and spiritually fit, Christian couple who have been “awake” for over two years. Professionally trained in Christian ministry and mental health, we are able to survive on our own provisions for a year but are keenly aware of our need to be in a community where we can offer our knowledge and experience as well as learn from others in areas in which we are lacking. We have general survival and defensive gear and experience as well as specific knowledge in alternative health solutions and spiritual and mental preparation and survival. We are able to shelter in place; bug-out to our defensible, rural position; or to relocate to a larger group as the situation dictates. We would like to connect with others to share information and to support each other locally or to connect to you or your group.

Oct 272014

Seeking to bolster an existing group in the Kennett,  Unionville,  Avondale,  Chadds Ford and Hockessin, Delaware area. We meet roughly once a month and discuss various topics from generators to food to defense.  Specifically looking for families and individuals in the Kennett Square, Pa. area who are interested in learning and developing  preparedness skill sets, LOCALLY.  We plan to SURVIVE and THRIVE.

Please respond back here or directly at Rtc19348 [at] gmail [dot] com

Oct 272014

I’m looking for like minded people in Minnesota. I live in a suburb east of St. Paul. My husband thinks I’m crazy. I have just started prepping. I have a 13 year old son who is very good with a rifle and an 11 year old daughter who is small but very strong (junior Olympic gymnast). I would like to find a group to meet up with in a SHTF. I would obviously like to get to know you before that were to happen. Trust is a very big issue in this type of event.

Oct 272014

hello all been on this site for awhile and been in and out looking for like minded individuals and such have many skill sets and resources that I love to share email is monstermilitia12 [at] gmail [dot] com

Oct 262014

Hi guys I’m new to all of this and I really need help. My husband doesn’t  really give a second thought to what we all know is coning but I do. We have an eight month old son who needs us both. I need to protect my family. I need to know where to start. I’m currently out of work but I am newly separated from the active military. I am very well trained and I believe in working by strategy and as a team. Yes I am a woman but I will not be screwed with and neither will my family if I can help it. So I’m reaching out. I need friends like you guys that I can count on and that we can rely on one another! Can anyone help?

updated October 26:

hey guys im located in central texas vell county. this is in relation to my last post…we can talk via email kandbfamily [at] yahoo [dot] com ill be waiting. i love all of you guys!! thanks for caring about me and my family genuinely istead of looking away because if our race. it means a lot

Oct 252014

I live in cartersville, va with my wife and 3kids starting our small homestead looking to see if there’s other like minded preppers and homesteaders near by


Oct 232014

Hi everyone. I am new to the site and a little new to prepping. I am located in Dracut right on the nh boarder. Looking for anyone that wants to chat or maybe a group to share ideas and maybe help each other prep. There is strength in numbers. I have a wife and 2 daughters and want to assure that I can provide for them when all hell breaks lose. Hope to hear back from some people.

Oct 212014

I’m from the cities and south metro area, just starting to get more involved and into prepping.

I own a firearms training company, have a great deal of military and firearms experience.  If you are interested in talks about preps, getting together for some shooting/training drop a note.  I’m happy to help all folks of like minds.

Good day all!!

Oct 202014

I’m new to the group.
Am in Northern Colorado, from the southwest. I am an ex-paratrooper, survival-trained and always looking for new experiences. Any folks in the Loveland area?

Oct 202014

We would like to meet others to join or set up as trading partners for when SHTF.

We live in Rockdale Texas, approximately 1 hour from Austin, Temple, and Bryan/College Station.

Due to our love of the land and for wilderness camping, we have been, without knowing it, prepping for several years.  We are able to, and do quite often, go out in the middle of nowhere and survive for a week or two on what we take with us and what we can gather / hunt, leaving the area with little to no trace that anyone had been there when we leave.

Between the two of us we have the following skills / abilities,

Clothing Design / Making
First Aid / CPR
Hunting – Archery
Hunting – Gun
Wine making
Water Filtration

We are working on learning / developing the following skills / abilities,

Beer Making
Candle Making
Cheese Making
Compass Navigation
HAM Radio
Herb for Medical
Alternative Power

Despite the fact that we do make wine, and are learning to make other forms of alcohol, we do not drink.  Currently we give away what we make to friends and family and plan to use it for barter when the SHTF.

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Oct 172014

I am very new and just really researching, trying to figure this out. I was definitely not raised to prepare. However, I am seeing the need as I live just a few hours from current Ebola cases and 40 minutes from people being monitored by the CDC. I am looking for other preppers that can guide me as it seems overwhelming at times.

BTW: I am not helpless. I have skills I can bring to the table and am a fast learner. We are Christian homeschoolers. I grew up in a medical family as my family is a surgeon and my mother is a nurse. I have worked in the prison system, hospital and mental health treatment centers as a social worker. We just need fellowship, ideas, guidance from the more experienced.

So please feel free to PM me or post a comment below. I am in Williamson County, Texas

Oct 172014

Newer pepper looking for others to bounce ideas off, connect with, and become better prepared with.

Im 27 and a father of a 15 month old girl. I have experience with US Army reserve, tactical/emergency medicine, armorer, steel welding/fabricating.

I dont have a large prepping budget but enjoy the diy aspect of it anyways. Im an able body and desire to become independent from the system. Off grid living is my long term goal.

If anyone is willing to give me a leg up or needs help with their own projects im open to all possibilities. Thanks

 Posted by at 3:02 am
Oct 162014


I’m new to the whole idea of the prepper world and was wondering if there’s anyone in either Hernando or Pasco counties that have any groups or would be willing to get one started. I have both military and medical backgrounds i can bring to the table and would be willing to train. Please comment or PM me Thanks

 Posted by at 4:14 pm
Oct 162014

Hi, 40 yr old beloved sister in Christ with the alias  name of  Faith747 looking for other preppers in my area or in the North Georgia Mountains.

Had a Vision from the Lord 3 years ago of being a  part of a homestead compound and living among fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Hope to speak to some of you soon! :)

Oct 162014

Looking to join a group in the foot hills area. I am 20 years old looking for like minded people to start a group with or join a well established group in the area

 Posted by at 8:16 am
Oct 162014

Older, married, former Deputy, former Military “contractor’ (we’re talking late 1970s), current CCW Instructor, woodworker, etc. Call me a skills collector. Currently living on 16 acres in the Hampstead area and work in the computer/internet industry. Also maintain a growing online library of about 5000 books from the 1800s through early 1900s on pretty much every skills, craft and technology there was.

Looking to make some informal contacts with other preppers in the area. Not looking for a group to join just to network with other folks who share similar interests.

Oct 162014

Christian family with extensive medical training, two small children and good resources.   We have been prepping a couple of years, heavily for the past year or so, and are looking to meet like minded individuals for training, planning and possible formation/joining of a group if the dynamic is right.    Could also use some help on suggestions for retreats and general prepping for families.   Any help is greatly appreciated.