Sep 252013

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Sep 182014

Hey Im Mallory I’m 21 and all the prepper groups ive found don’t do much prepping, id really like to learn more about guns / how to use them along with a few other skills. if there are any other preppers / groups in southern IN or around Louisville KY that wouldn’t mind teaching me a few things let me know – Mal

Sep 182014

G’day , we have got the lists, websites for organic seeds, prepper equipment eg bug out bags, gillie suits etc & just about to start prepping in south gippsland.

It would be great fun to learn & chat to others about prepping.

We live on a small farmlet with chickens green house, Orchard, water tank, we are just far enough away from a small town to develope a safer prepper island for ourselves.

We hope to find some good prepper mates here on this site.

Sep 182014

Hi, I am new to starting to prep. I am looking for a group for my family to join for when the day comes that shtf. I am looking to join a very good structured ranking command system preppers. I take this stuff very seriously and do not see it as a joke. I am former army and I am also a security officer with training on hands on combat besides military skills and also a first responder. Like I said I am looking for a structured group to join that has the plans made already and is looking to grow.

Sep 182014

I am looking for others in the area that are interested in linking up for mutual aid in the coming hard times. We have elementary school age kids but are retirement age ourselves.  Looking for people who have already done the basics. If you are just starting we can give you some advice.

Simple contact info exchanged at montanabill08 then the at sign

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Sep 162014

I am new to this site, but not new to survivalism.  I am an inventor extraordinaire!  Well, I don’t really invent new things, but I take existing tech and put it to new uses ;)  I’m a bug out as opposed to a bug in type of person since I live in a valley of close to half a million “potential walking dead” (non-survivalists).  Hit me up!  We’ll share ideas :)

fp [at] Reagan [dot] com

PS.  If you are the commando wannabe only the strong survive what do you bring to the table kill or be killed type?  Don’t bother.  I’m more of the remove yourself from the equation (because I know how to survive and you don’t) and let nature weed out the obamavoters after the collapse type.  That being said…  If you voted for obama?  You don’t bother either.

Sep 162014

Hi there, I have a partner and four young kids and have just started prepping. I am very concerned with what’s happening naturally and man made within Australia and abroad. We have chickens and a vegetable  garden plus a rain water tank. I have started storing food on the quiet.

I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on local products to buy with a decent shelf as a lot of products in the local supermarket have no best before date. Any other start up advise would be great also.

Many thanks.

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Sep 162014


Preppers (wife & I) looking to connect with other married couples in the central VA area in order to network and possibly form a group. I have a few acres and a lot of skills. In process of turning my home into a sustainable and defensible bug-in location in a lightly populated area. Contact king-01 [at] hushmail [dot] com.

Sep 152014


I recently moved to Hollister, CA. I’m looking for an active prepper community. Will travel to San Jose or to Monterey. Can disclose further details once we establish contact.

Contact me via email freecorps11 at gmail dot com


Sep 152014

I’ve deleted one comment and a post in response to that comment, where two preppers were using personal abuse and in one case, obscene language.
I’d like to think that users of this site are above that sort of pettiness – but it seems not to be the case. This site does not tolerate flaming, abusing other users or the use of obscene language.
Posts and comments that fall into those categories are deleted = and if the posters continue with that behavior, their accounts follow soon after.

Sep 152014

Hello boys and girls. Time is growing short for us to be ready to fend for our self. We are looking in the Temple Texas are for members to join our MAG. If your not in our area you need to find or start a MAG. we will share all we know with other MAGs

Sep 152014

My wife and I have been peppering for about 2 years. We about have bug out bags packed and ready to go. We are looking for other prepper groups in the Louisville Kentucky area to hook up with.

Sep 142014

I am in south Mississippi and I have been prepping involuvtarily it seems for most of my life.I am now willing to extend a invitation to those who are here in south Mississippi that are prepping for the inevedable but still trusting Yeshua and His promises[revelation 3[] 7-12]..If there is anyone who after prayer is lead to extend themselves to me, I can be reached by e-mail or phone 601-770-3118. May we always be found as those who fear God and keep His sayings[Philadelphia of I AM…

Sep 132014

What my plan is, is to network with key individuals. Get to know each other and build a rapport and friendship.  Start conducting some training classes etc.  As of right now I plan on bugging in.  But that could change depending on other group members’ locations.  Meaning, if other group members have a better location to bug out to and are willing to allow their location to be the designated BOL area.

I’m 45, married with 3 children. We are Christian.  I spent 16 years in the Army and Michigan Army National Guard.  I worked 4 years as a correction officer and emergency response team member at a prison. Besides tactics, I worked as a Medical Specialist (medic).   We live in a rural area south of Cadillac.  We are raising chickens.

We only live on two acres but my back up location is at my in laws property which is 120 acres near Tustin. They have a cabin (wood heat) on the back side of the property which is concealed by trees.  There is a lot of land that can be used as a garden and for hunting.

I figure that the group members could pool their assets to make a retreat a better location. (Some items may be prepositioned.)  What belongs to you, belongs to you.  What is mine, stays mine.  Granted there is going to be some items that are pooled from all members like the group first aid kit or items used for training.  That way if a member quits or is dismissed, there is no arguing about what belongs to you.  I think that written agreements should be implemented so there is no confusion later.

I think that one of the main priorities should be a year +/- worth of food for each member. All of this will take some time, some longer than others.  Since this is new, everything is subject to change.

I am looking for a doctor, physician assistant, registered nurse,  Military and law enforcement to form a mutual assistance group for an emergency situation.  If you are proficient at gardening, canning meat and produce you will be an asset.  If you do not necessarily have any skills but have money for supplies you will be an asset.  There is safety in numbers.  So how about you, what is your background?

Everyone must work towards the goal of one year of food in storage. Group members must chip in to purchase supplies that will be used by the group.  Group members must be willing to attend training such as firearms marksmanship, first aid, survival skills etc.  Everyone coming on board must be very dedicated, focused, self driven, be able to give their word and keep their word. Communication Security (COMSEC) is a must.  Everyone’s identity and personal information will be kept confidential.

I believe the group should make decisions together (committee). No dictatorship.  I think there should be a figurehead for daily operation decision making but answer to the group committee.

If this interests you then send an email to materielgeneral [at] yahoo [dot] com and tell me a little about yourself and what you can contribute to the group.

Thank You,

Sep 122014

Hello I’m john.

im 25 from Rome ny. I’m new to prepping but I’m very passionate about disaster preparedness. I’m seeing someone who is also interested in prepping or may have a valuable skills or Resources I may be without. I am a nurse and have been and will be stocking, medication and first aid supplies. Including pain, antibiotics, flu and common immunization not to mention my medical knowledge will be important to any survival situation. Aside from my medical value I am a self proclaimed survivalist with skills in hunting and gathering, hand to hand combat, survival skills like water purification,  shelter building and handle a few different weapons pretty well my fav being a recurve bow. I’m looking to become a part of a working and great survival team and feel I would be a vital  to any group. I’d like to learn more and possibly help teach. Hit me up and let’s survive the end of the world !!!

Sep 122014

Hello all,

I am knew to the prepping game just started actually and I am located in the Annapolis MD area. I am sort of newly married if you consider 3.5 years to be new, and I have a 2 year old daughter and a son on the way. I am very motivated and do my homework. I am a federal DHS security contractor and due to the nature of my work I can’t really say much more about it. I’m sure you all understand. Also due to my nature of my work I believe that I would be a valuable addition to a prepper group which I am currently looking for. So any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I also have some prepper supplies that I do not need mainly Pelican Transport cases that I would use for work but these are extras that I am looking to sell so I can use the proceeds to buy other prepping supplies. So if anyone is interested please let me know. I am also looking for other inexpensive ways to build my stores. I hope to talk to a lot of you guys soon! —— Thanks

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Sep 112014

My husband and I are looking for a group to either join, or have join us in Southern Oregon. We have plans for green houses, live stock, and water storage.

We’re both contractors and have tools, know how and gumption. We also own fire arms and we know how to use them.

We’re thinking about building a small community in the Lake or Klamath County areas. Several small cabins with a large community garden.

We are looking for like minded people, whom we can grow together with and create a peaceful community.

 Posted by at 5:29 pm