May 022015

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Nov 292015

We have been prepping for many years and looking to take the next step. We haven’t found a community in the area that we am living or wanting to bug out too. So we are looking for information to help us set up a community to help us with our learning curve. any forms, formats, guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Nov 282015

I’m a senior citizen, living alone (not by choice) and debating how and who I could help with prepping.  I’m a life time outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman and prepper. I guess it’s the boy scout in me.  I live on the west coast of Florida near the gulf in Citrus County.  I waste a lot of time and would be happy to help anyone I can who lives around my area.  I am very active and refuse to just set and rot.  Drop me a note if I can help…Ray

Nov 272015

Hello everyone. me and my family are from moore oklahoma and we are just starting our prepper/survivalist life style. we live in low income apts in the ghetto. im scared for my christian family as i know and feel in my heart bad things are coming sooner than we think. i really would like to find a christian prepper/survivalist group/communty/off grid compond/or bunker we can can join. i dot expect to fid the right place off the bat but i do belive god will help us find the right fit, but i would still like to find a group in my area to meet with and talk as well as learn and train in skills we will need to survive. if any oe could helps us and point us in the right direction it would be greatly apreccited and welcomed.

Nov 262015

Looking for people with like minds to prep with. It’s hard to do it all by yourself! We have a lot to offer (medical skills, military training, food storage, etc). Wanting to meet people who have skills to offer as well.

Nov 252015

Hello folks, New to the forum and trying to make some contacts. I’m not currently a member of any group and have been part time prepping for a few years. I’m 34 with a wife and 3 kids (4,5,13) I spent over 9yrs in residential construction building houses top to bottom (except HV/AC). I then changed careers and am currently a Paramedic for a regional ambulance co. I’m an avid fisherman and camper, and have been cooking meals since I was 10and enjoy brewing my own beer in my spare time. My wife is self employed and loves vegetable gardening and reading on edible and medicinal plants as well as canning and Pickeling. While I do have other family to prep with, they refuse to heed my warnings and begin to build skill sets and food caches. In light of recent events I’ve decided to reach out and see if I can network with other local preppers in an effort to establish or become a member of a group to either thrive here in NY or relocate and thrive elsewhere. Hope to hear from you soon.

Nov 252015

Carolina Preppers Network

Charlotte, North Carolina area…  Including Upstate South Carolina

We are looking for Preppers!!!

Come join us at:

About our group.
Currently we have 378 members.

We are a group of like-minded individuals who believe in personal responsibility, individual freedoms, and preparing for disasters of all origins. This group is aimed at individuals that have interest in gaining knowledge, acquiring new skills and networking with like-minded individuals that are preppers and survivalists.

Areas of interest we hope to cover include but are not limited to:

Self reliance, EMP and Faraday Cages, Firearms and Alternate Weapon Creation, MAGS, Martial Arts Defense Training, Bug out Vehicles and Locations, Communications Technology in relation to survivalism, food preservation, food storage, water procurement. water filtration, water purification. alternative shelter, alternative power, barter, trade, gardening, natural disasters, emergency medicine, wilderness medicine,  trauma care, bush-craft, fire making,  urban preparedness, hygiene, grid down,  off grid options, Permaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics,  edible landscaping, bug out bags, bug in bag,  foraging, wild edibles, building community, urban homesteading,  herbs, tinctures, essential oils, alternative medicine, bee keeping, blacksmith, canning, dehydrating, grain milling, solar cooking, etc.

Our goal is to help everyone in the group be self sufficient!!!

 Posted by at 7:31 am
Nov 202015

We are a family of six (four teen/young adult children) living in the mountains a couple of hours north of Spokane.  Looking to make a few connections to share info and possibly projects.

About us – we are conservative Christian family with conservative politics.  We are not heavy conspiracy theorist types.  We do not belong to a group (yet).  We simply want to be more self sufficient and extremely well prepared for any troubled times that may lie ahead. We made the move from living in suburbs all over the USA to a rural location miles away from the nearest small town.  Strong supporters of traditional, conservative interpretations of the US Constitution including the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments.

Our home and land is constantly under revision with several current projects underway or completed, and many projects planned.  We have clean water, great hunting, large gardens and we have started out on livestock  (successfully) with raising chickens and turkey.  Getting ready for goats (2016) and eventually cattle.

I am looking to connect with people who have working/hands on knowledge of the following:

  1. Gardening and food production
  2. Communications – Ham Radio for home, vehicle and compact portable units.  CB radio and general comms.
  3. Vehicle maintenance – I like working on older trucks but its a learning process as I am not a mechanic.  Heavy interest in older trucks due to resistance to EMP.  Plus, they’re just plain fun.
  4. Emergency power generation
  5. Gunsmithing/builds/scenario based target practice
  6. Home security and defense

We do not bring people to our home until we know them well.  Would prefer to establish communication via email first, then possibly meet at a public location like a restaurant.  This is simply networking and exchanging knowledge, but we have also exchanged time on family projects with people we’ve gotten to know.

We are also willing to share our experiences of moving out of the suburbs to a rural area.  We made a few mistakes and also have successes.

Let me know if you are interested in connecting. Thanks!


Nov 202015


I’m new to this site but have been prepping for quite some time. Looking to communicate with other preppers in the SW Florida area. There are a few of us “like minded” preppers within our small group and would like to band with other preppers in our area for when it hits the fan. Please let me know. Thanks!

Nov 202015

Where are the real preppers at?
I have been looking for several years now for a group of people how actually know what is happening and can clearly see what is coming down the pike and are preparing for it.
I have looked in Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and several other states and all I am able to find are people who are half stepping and not taking this seriously.
I come with everything I need to be self sustaining while at the same time able to contribute to the group as a whole. This includes my own housing materials, food supplies (this includes an excellent supply of seeds), medical supplies, tools and so on, which means I am not a burden or drain on other people, and given the right conditions I can produce as much as 80% of everything I need and have enough left over to trade for the 20% I cannot produce and even share with others who may need what I have.
I have no time for this hippie garbage of community because that attitude will allow others to take what you have because you will not be prepared to defend what you have.
I am not some kind of gung-ho crazy looking for a fight but I do want to be with people who will stand and defend what is theirs (this includes our country and our Constitution).
I am a hard core constitutionalists with a deeply profound love of country and would like very much to connect with and join with a group of like minded people who are truly preparing for a coming collapse and all that comes with it.
I am currently in Georgia but would consider other areas if there is some way to move my equipment and supplies (I do not drive so any move would require your assistance).
If you have the land and are interested in adding to your numbers an excellent asset with many skills you can contact me at dancingwithpoi(at)yahoo(dot)com.
I know the warnings of using personal email addresses and such but that is not a concern of mine. I would prefer direct contact which will save time and hassle.

Nov 172015

We live just north of Durant, OK.  We do not have any prepper groups in this area and we need one. I am trying to contact preppers to see if we can get something going.  I have never done anything like this before and I really don’t know what I am doing, so all help will be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks.



Nov 152015

Hey fellow patriots, fisher here. I am returning to the states after traveling the world for the past two years. I am undecided where I will be heading, in these times I know knowledge can make or break you. I am looking to trade my hard work and building skill set in exchange for more training in the survival field as well as build some helpful allies. If anyone can use an extra hand I would love to meet you and possible exchange work for room and board. I am a young buck 22 years old to be exact and a jack of all trades. If anyone is interested in talking further please contact me at montyft [at] gmail [dot] com thanks all look forward to hearing from my fellow Americans.

Nov 152015

Hey all, located in round rock here. Hearing the news on the Paris attacks has me a bit worried. I don’t think it’s a matter of if, but rather when we start seeing similar attacks in the United States and unfortunately here in our home state/cities. I’m looking for like minded folks who understand that being ready for anything is a way of life. I would like to put together a group/civillian force to be prepared for these scenarios. We should strive to be proficient in firearms, survival, hand to hand combat. I’m an iraq war veteran, served in 05-07 in baghdad, I know the threat is real. This group no matter how big or small should be able to rely on one another for support, idea exchanging, and if the shit does hit the fan, we have a meet up spot where we can come together and defend against the enemy. Let me make myself clear, I’m not crazy, I just have no tolerance for any terrorist group coming to my country for the sole reason to kill and destroy the American way of life. I will if need be fight to the death to defend my country, state, family and friends. If this all interests you, and strikes a nerve, and you want to be apart of a group, have people to fight the enemy with if isis or any other terrorist group tries to take what we have, please contact me. Derrickjlacy at g mail. Sooner the better, as the events taking place seem to be escalating, we may not have much time.

Nov 142015

We have an awesome retreat site, and an excellent group of good Christian people.  We are all prepped up with everything you can imagine and a few things you can’t.  We’re not weirdos and don’t have an agenda other than the safety of our loved ones and each other.  The one skill set we are missing is in the medical field.  We’d entertain a doctor, nurse, paramedic, corpsman or anyone with the right medical training and skills.  We have member families from Indiana and Ohio as well as Michigan.  There is a vetting process and requirements so contact me directly with any questions.

tscm120 [at] gmail [dot] com

Nov 142015

Hi Everyone!

I am a 54 yr old disabled nurse from central Iowa and have been prepping for a few months now. I am interested in trading information and thought with like minded people. ANYONE interested can contact me at jjjtaj at g mail dot com

Thanks, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

 Posted by at 8:40 am
Nov 102015

I am looking to quit my job in 2and a 1/2 years and want to buy property that people can come to, and help me survive off the land as much as needed. I’m thinking that 35 to one hundred acres should be enough to make sure nobody F’s with me! I have many skills in building and electrical/ utilities / and other handy stuff. not sure tho where to buy land at yet as I want to be able to travel back to once a year. maybe some advice would be nice. any where is cheaper than San Diego. Idaho / Montana / Colorado? serious only respond please, no time for B.S.

 Posted by at 9:35 am
Nov 092015

Thank you for your emails concerning our joint mission here, they keep coming in.

We believe preppers are future thinkers having learned to accept we will not always be immune to the repercussions of the many possible and certainly some very for sure events heading our way. God stated the rains will fall on the just and unjust equally. Funny thing so does History when you review it. Notice in some regions the rain is not falling anymore. . . So you do not get a pass on this.
Reaching out to try to meet other similar prepper minded and equipped people has proven to be somewhat of a roller coaster ride. I am learning more and more why so few people ever end up joining together. Let alone moving from planning to then actually doing. It has become very apparent that having similar thought through concerns and honest expectations of living and surviving together through a disaster is very KEY to making it work and staying intact. Also facing the truth that unless all the members pull their own weight and maintain their own self-drive the human default nature of letting others do more begins to creep in. In establishing our priorities we have learned some things, such as we cannot please all the so called preppers all the time and we cannot be all things to all preppers. Oh well.
For us, my husband and I am a happily married and content prepped couple. It is just us two. No children at home, no hidden agendas to drag along grown adult children and their families, no forgot to mention extended family, no possible non prepper future mate to be added in, no mentioned later on about elderly parents and no plans to save humanity as some kind of seed stock for the future. That right there rubs out about 90% of prepper posters and talkers. They want to save people who will not make the effort to save themselves. Sorry that does not fly with us. Honestly though, we do not care to plan for the near extinction of all mankind; rather we plan to simply increase our odds at surviving most historical crisis events, minimize the effects on us as per of such events and not become victims during them.
In preparing to do just that we have put in the research time, required effort, financial investments and have provided for our own needs for around a couple years of isolated very comfortable survival living conditions. Not in some nomad tent existence eating twigs and berries either J. From what I see here that is better than most yet still not as good as a few others. This is not a contest between preppers, for us it is a search for others. As we search we grow, we continue to learn about the areas we still lack in. It never fully ends that we have accepted. Our more recent step in our plan has been focused around meeting with others to pool our hard work and resources with their like accomplishments to then increase all our combined odds. This has brought us into contact with all sorts of people. Some seem to be critical of other preppers who look at things differently which to us says much about them. As mentioned others have some veiled mission to drag along their extended families and friends who none of which are preppers, do not wish to be and have nothing to offer to boot. Yet others are planning to open their location to the needy and desperate just to be over run and become like them in no time. Then as usual so many have put aside so little and on top of that cannot afford to do it now yet want to join with others who have? Some offer their labor for room and board? Funny thing there is, the rest of us here will be laboring just as much while providing for our daily needs so come again?? That just seems so not fair and not right to, how about you?
So if the above might sound like you, then please do not waste either of our lives by contacting us (thanks anyway ) But if you are both willing and capable to be a big plus to a group then go for it. Through all this we have now established a relationship with some other local preppers in an organized group. They already have a quality retreat location like we were looking for so we have teamed up with them and they wanted us and what we have done. They saw us as a big plus. Our current numbers are growing slowly because we all actually have standards, we do have in place the means with no additional building or group costs to accommodate many more. Working together it must be accepted that it requires bending, adapting and changing to work with people but we believe in the end it provides for a much better result rather than being alone with no hope.
If you are of the same mind that solid preppers really need each other now more than ever then contact us. If you are a interested (adult, couple or family with older children) unencumbered with specific personal issues which would prevent you from being fully available for 12-14 hours per day during a critical crisis event at the retreat to stand watch, help with needed chores and do so with a cheerful heart then drop us a line.
So if you sense the urgency to take action, wrap up a plan and put it to rest then ask God if this is something which could be right for you. We have private quarters for you and the entire infrastructure like water, sanitation, heat and to meet your needs. You provide the rest. Sent us an email back and we will shift off this site to a more private line of communication. You will be required to explain what you have accomplished. If you live outside this region and plan to move this way then please just understand we will not do anything more than answer an email or two. You move first to prove your intent is more than words.                                    cindygirl [at] hush [dot] com
I still see a lot of people starting out on the site and that is great. Do not give up and look to team up with others!

 Posted by at 5:56 am
Nov 082015

I live in the house in Wichita Falls where I grew up. I’ve got an 18,000 gallon cement fish pond, where I recently got rid of the stupid koi and stocked it with catfish and bluegill perch. Next Spring, I’m going to set up aquaponics tilapia.greenhouse. After years of just thinking about prepping, I’m just now starting to take action and look forward to kicking ideas around with others.


 Posted by at 11:04 am
Nov 062015

Are you REALLY ready for the Event your intuition warning you about?

  • How ready are you if it happened next month?
  • Have you thought about safety and skills in numbers? We have.

The facts and your intuition about what is getting ready to happen can’t be denied…we are heading for a major life-altering event.

Then join a group that is serious about preparing for an event.  There is safety and skills in numbers. We have been preparing for several years to shelter our membership and sustain our existence for many years afterwards at a secluded and secure location with full-spectrum provisions for long-term survivability.

We are an organized multi-family prepper retreat located in central North Carolina.  Our membership comes from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. We don’t live there–we just prepare it for the day we know we will have to live there. We are not sure what will take place or when but we know it will. It is not a matter of if…it is a matter of when.

The 50-acre retreat has a deep well with pristine water (with a backup manual pump), a pond and a fast-flowing creek. Deer, wild turkey and rabbit are abundant. We raise livestock such as rabbits, chickens, goats and ducks.  We have several gardens (raised beds and tilled ground).   We grow food for consumption and medicinal plants as well. We also have a fruit orchard and numerous fruit bushes.  As a back-up, we have been planting natural growing non-cultivated food sources such as tubers, blackberries, etc.  Our objective is to be self-sufficient when we have to occupy our retreat.  We are also constructing a greenhouse to cultivate vegetables, sprouts and seedlings for longer growing seasons.

We have recently added numerous solar panels to the ones we had stored.  We have a dedicated team working on Energy to determine exact power needs.

It is our belief that there is safety in numbers and a wider range of skill sets as well. We feel it is critical to store and prepare together than risk an isolated effort that cannot be defended when social order collapses. We all value our families’ safety enough to collaborate in preparing for that event.

I am a Vietnam Vet who served with an infantry unit as part of five years in the US Army. I have also served as CEO of three successful companies in my career so I know how to organize people and projects.

We have organized a retreat community made up of hard-working and dedicated folks preparing for an event.  Many of our membership are former military.

The retreat includes a small medical clinic as our membership includes several doctors, a RN and an EMT. We are prepared for many medical emergencies or situations.

In addition to the medial staff listed above, our members also include several electrical engineers, an auto mechanic, a teacher, retired infantryman, a competition shooter/fisherman, a seamstress, contractor, a former SWAT member and trained aviation mechanic and assembler. We have formed teams to address security/weaponry, medical care, food production, food preparation, communications, construction and energy.  Each team has a Team Leader and organizational charter.

Our motto is: Plan…Prepare…Practice.   

Our three-person Leadership Team (all former military) sets executive policies and provides operational day-to-day decisions.  Issues that involve long-term implications or significant allocation of resources are bought before the group for discussion and input.  We do not run our organization like a commune or home owners association —but more like a corporate or quasi-military organization.  If you are looking for a pure democracy with extended deliberations and a vote on everything while progress is measured at a snail’s pace… pass us by.  If you are looking for a group to join that you can maintain a passive enrollment, store food with your “name on the list” for “when the balloon goes up”… we are not the group for you.  We are looking for team-oriented individuals that bring useful skills and positive “can do” attitudes to the table with committed families to actively participate in and further develop what we have achieved so far in the following areas:

  • Operational facilities and extensive sustainable survival provisions maintained in a high state of readiness with the services of a full-time caretaker and group projects conducted at regular meetings.
  • Personal and group training in sustainable living skills (gardening, livestock, construction, food preservation/preparation), operational security / defensive skills, and medical/TCCC (tactical combat casualty care) training.
  • Solid relationships between members based on trust, competence, and contributions to the group over an extended period of time. Everyone in the community contributes from their resources and skill sets to make us a stronger group.

We hold monthly Gatherings which are also Skills Development and Retreat Building Workshops one weekend every month. During a typical weekend we conduct numerous training sessions and defense simulations. Firearms and security training is part of every session and members are encouraged to seek out individual firearms training as well.  These workshops include working on developing the retreat as well as developing our skill sets. Many of our members have attended homesteading skill and survival training programs at conferences to improve skills. We have a 360+ page operations manual to support our members.

We also developed a separate 200-page Retreat Activation & Security Protocol that has been reviewed and critiqued by several retired military officers and several security systems experts. We have a 25-meter and 125-meter pistol and rifle range and provide training in basic handguns, rifle and shotgun use at every Gathering.  We have several trained instructors.  We also have an extensive CCTV camera system for surveillance with several monitoring stations. Our onsite security is 24/7-365.  We take our security seriously.  After all, if you can’t defend it…it is not yours.  Ours is defensible.

Additional training topics we have presented have included foot patrolling techniques, small unit tactics, first aid and trauma medical care, compass reading and orienting, gardening, battery storage, food packaging, water purification, alternative energy devices, running & gunning, cheese sealing, EMP protection, herbs and homeopathy, essential oils, sanitation, candle making, tactical gear, operating earth moving equipment, solar energy, slaughtering and dressing of domestic livestock, and survival skills, etc.

We have accommodation cabins, RV spaces, a medical clinic, 2 laundry rooms, a well-house with backup manual well pump, a 3-room bath house with showers and laundry facilities, community center, provisions storage area, commercial kitchen and communications center/operations room. We have a large amount of stored water, solar energy, propane supply and wood burning as well. We have prepared for EMP with multiple precautions to include multi-layer nesting of all electronics within Faraday Cages.

We have installed a four-stage air filtration unit (with large bank of deep-cycle marine batteries) for our fallout shelter that can remove 99.99% of the impurities in the event of a NBC or fallout event. Every member has to have a functioning gas mask and fresh filter.  Our fallout shelter is self-contained and able to sustain the community members for weeks, if needed. We also have calibrated radiation monitoring equipment, dosimeters and hazmat suits for clean-up and outside monitoring.

To support our communications center, 5 of our members have Ham licenses.  Our communications center will monitor radio traffic and stay connected with a network of other ham operators when the event occurs. We also have our own internal switchboard system with hard-wired phone system.  As a precaution, we have duplicate equipment for everything—back-ups to back-ups..

The governance bodies are: an Ops Leader, Assistant Ops Leaders (Leadership Team) and a Community Council (made of adult members).

Our members rent space (RV space or cabins) at $250/month to pay for on-site caretaker/security personnel and utilities to man 24-7.  We all share in the development of the community through work every monthly Gathering. We don’t occupy the retreat until an event has occurred. Our members can also use the property for R&R to enjoy hunting, fishing, relaxing as we are surrounded by a large area with plentiful game.  We do have a one-time membership fee of $750 that is non-refundable. We have one cabin available as well as a several RV spaces (RV has full range of sewer, water and power hook-ups).

We are looking for capable and willing folks to help with physical requirements of post-event such as energy (solar, etc.) patrolling, gardening, wood gathering, hunting, etc. We are also seeking additional skills to add to our mix.  No anti-government types, militants or racists.  We are Constitutionalists and despite a major concern in how our government is run—we are pro-America.

Prospective members go through a vetting process that includes email interviews, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and a background and criminal check.

Although we are secular, we are principally Christian but will consider all religions (or non-religious types).  We are not “Bible-thumpers” but have deep moral, spiritual and ethical beliefs.

We review our mission, vision and core values at every meeting and have a 12-page set of rules to govern behavior.

If you have been prepping for a while and want to affiliate with a like-minded group in North Carolina, then ask for an application.

The retreat is ready to be occupied by members at a moment’s notice. We keep the candle burning 24/7.  You could be one of those able to flee the perils of the decline of social order for the security of a small well-trained, organized, and prepared community.  How important is your family’s welfare and security? What are their lives worth to you?  Think about the advantages of a well-organized group when it comes to the safety and welfare of your loved ones when everything turns upside down. It is like owning an insurance policy you never want collected or that spare tire you keep in your trunk.

Don’t be caught in your house as the armed gangs are going door-to-door pillaging.

We have been told by several TV production companies that have approached us for filming that we are one of the most organized groups they have come across.  Then why haven’t you seen us on TV?  It is simple…our OpSec and obscurity is far more important than ‘15 minutes of fame.’  We are preppers–not food hoarders or entertainers.

If you want to see a video of our group, then go to YouTube and search for “Tranquility Ridge r2”.  You should get a sense of our group from the video. We are serious folks and have a mission that is reviewed every meeting.

If your family’s security and safety is critical to you and you live in North Carolina, Virginia or South Carolina, contact us today. Contact me via email: sgtprepper2 (at) gmail (dot) com to request an application and list of further requirements.  We are committed—are you?


Nov 062015

Hi I am new to this site but have been a prepper for most of my life (I am 40yrs old) I have a small farm with cows, chickens, turkeys (would like to get goats).. I have a garden that I have tried different methods  of growing, I like raised bed (2ft high) picking weeds are easier (back doesn’t hurt), the good fertilizers and soil doesn’t get washed away (very sandy soil where I live) I have a total of 4 beds but will be expanding in the next few days to 4 more.. I dry canning , pressure cooker canning, dehydrate.. I have a seed bank (always expanding) I am getting into solar power, have a solar water well that waters the animals and Garden (I have two capped wells on farm land that can be converted to solar) I am working on a wind turbine, I have made steam engine generators, Rocket stove, I make the projects fun to do, I try them in real life situations to see what works and what doesn’t. If you would like to join to either to learn or even teach a different way of prepping I am looking for local like minded “prepper/ survivalist. My email is Captaincasey31 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Nov 052015

Our family is pretty new to survival prepping and we would like to connect with other new Christian preppers in the Northwestern North Carolina area to brainstorm, share experiences, work together on projects, pray for wisdom and provision, learn and practice skills, fellowship, encourage, etc…..  This may lead to some beneficial relationships in the event of a national or global collapse.  *Note, we are native southerners but do not display or support the confederate flag. ** Only preppers with a clean criminal record, no drug use or abuse, infrequent alcohol consumption, good moral character need contact me.  ***Families with children 10 and under are very welcome as we have a son who will be participating!  **** Homeschoolers particularly welcome!   <<<<<<  If you or your wife and kids are interested in possibly meeting, please contact me on here or through my personal e-mail:    mrsme6th    at    bellsouth   dot   net

Nov 042015

We’re looking for people that want to be part of a team. You need certain skills to succeed in a ” bad situation” and not everyone has all the skills needed to do everything. I would like to build a team that possesses skill sets that are needed in any group. It is difficult to find others that want to be prepared. I know we are pretty secretive about our ” preps”, as you should be. We aren’t looking for a list or location of anyone. Just a group that can rally together if the SHTF happens.

Please post on here if this sounds like what you are interested in finding.

Nov 032015

Tired of this broken way of living, looking to escape today’s ways of harming the earth. Looking for group of like minded individuals. Pretty poor but I make up for that with hard work.  If you need workers or just more people in your community please contact me, thank you 1ove. Tacotuesday1998 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Nov 022015

Hello fellow preppers!

I have seen similar postings lately, so here I go.

I have a strong desire to find adoption within a prepping community/family. I am a Youth Pastor that has grown weary of the direction the world is going. I am also unencumbered with current family or pets.

I have been off the grid for awhile now and really want to keep it that way. I grew up on a farm in the Midwest so I am very familiar with the life and the associated chores. I’m not looking for handouts, I want to work!

I am open to relocating about anywhere off-the-grid, but I like the idea of the southern states. If there is anyone out there willing to begin with an email, my gmail is gonow6659. I am really hoping someone will be willing to consider me!

Oct 312015

My husband and I are looking for like-minded people around Durant, OK.  We are both in our mid-60’s and are both veterans; I served 4 1/2 years in the USAF, and John spent 4 years in the USAF, then 18 years in the US Navy.  We have been prepping as time and resources permitted, but now that we are both retired we are prepping full-time.

Oct 312015

Me and my family are new to the preppers world but are looking for a group in the tampa bay area to meet and exchange ideas. Need2prepp [at] gmail [dot] com

Oct 292015

I’m hoping for Some Kind of Opportunity to rebuild / work to build a “second life” which is OFF THE GRID.  With someone(s) who can Use a “Good man”.  A “Brother, Uncle, Father” or “Friend”- type of man.

RHarrison798 [at] mail2pop [dot] com

I want to be recruited / adopted into a community or group/family who needs a capable person who can “carry weight”, and perform the work(s) needed to survive.  Whether it’s merely one Farm, (one House with barns) or a whole circle of Yerts / Log cabins…

I am a single “mature” (but not “Old”) male, who is in good health and with good strength.

I am Christian and “active” in my church [mormon] but, I am NOT a crazed ‘bible thumper’- I do believe “The Spirit” is with us all in greater or lesser degrees.  I am a moral, and conservative and TRADITIONAL American male.  And I happen to be a “Good shot” (but no kind of gun nut) I don’t own a weapon.  But I used to do a lot of target practice.  And I am ex-Infantry.

Again, I may be “your man” and a good partner for any venture like this.  I will work the “land” / “machines” / housing …etc

As a young man, I actually taught Myself physics, chemistry etc- which I aced, in High School, and ended up in an engineering program at college.

I have a host of general experiences, from construction to technology.   Construction / Concrete, Electrical, Computer – networking technology, with a “Country flavor”.  I am a true “country boy” and lived near the northern border far into rural terriority as I grew up.   I remember well, cutting wood and hauling it with snowmobiles in the winter.  Or cutting same wood during summer and fall (for the winter).  Grew up with large gardens and some animals too.

I want to be “Out” of the “rat race” and away from the “Big City” which is a fantastic bulls-eye for the next man-made disaster.  I want to be FAR away from Long Island (which is a “trap”) should there be Any major “SHTF” moment happening soon.   And to be honest, I feel more “alone” here SURROUNDED by strangers who simply want to remain in this lifestyle… while I feel it is a “Lost cause” and actually a more INFERIOR Life/lifestyle.

I have attempted to keep SOME kind of “technical career” as a possibility with the work being in the City.  But now, I no longer want to keep “trying” to get IN to that Big Bad City.  I want to be FAR away from it.  So I am going to option number 2.   Since I see the writing on the wall now.  And yes, it is “Happening” every day a little bit more… it is a “slow crash”- so I want Out.

I Miss the country.  And I do NOT intend to die, while ‘trying’ to regain some form of high tech employment that (most likely) would only KEEP ME in the middle of the City … once I do obtain the position.   (which is oxy-moronic) my instincts are screaming at me to get out, if I can.  (Now)

I’ve been working (recently) in a small business with ONE other man, we cover Long Island, Queens NYCity and Staten island- and “things” are slowing down now, in this month of the fall season.   I can Not “maintain” this apartment.  I Live alone.  I have NO Family here/ or anywhere… that I can be or will be “moving in” with.  And it is this perpetual “game” (recently) of working to Barely cover any expenses, that now keeps me “trapped”.  Unless I just RUN Away from all this, TO a “new life”.

I DO have a number of computers (one is a larger rack mount / industrial unit) and some networking equipment that I COULD “use” when/if I relocate.  IF I don’t just throw some clothes in a bag, buy a ticket and leave this region.  I don’t know if I can ship any of this equipment ahead of time, bring it with me, or just leave it (when the time comes).  But I do imagine if I am in a “compound” or multi-dwelling situation, you may actually WANT my networking equipment.

I WOULD absolutely be willing to work ANYWHERE.

I’d hope for Some Kind of Opportunity to rebuild / work to build a “second life” which is OFF THE GRID.

Contact me with any ideas / usable contact information to procede with this.  Thank You for any consideration.

RHarrison798 [at] mail2pop [dot] com

Oct 282015

Stepping out in Faith.

Being in Ministry it is at time hard to conform to what one and or others think is proper actions for a reverend in today’s world is. We like to touch base with others of Faith in West Pasco and or near by community’s. [1] God is first then our family.[2] Yes we are and continue to be preparing for what is to be end times [3] I am and we are each a PPP (pistol packing preacher) fowling the Bible fist and then the 1st & 2nd amendments. So we are judged by many that are firm for that and they do not understand what more can I say.

We would like to hear from you and see who is out in the community and join with others  Please drop us a note

Have a Blessed day