Aug 022016

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Aug 012016

ATTENTION Reporters, Media Companies & Casting Agencies

If you are from the press/media and want to join this site to interview it’s members – DON’T!

If you are from a casting agency and want to join this site to recruit it’s members for “reality” programs – DON’T!

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If the people on this site wanted to talk to the press, they would approach the press. Respect their privacy! Media spammers will be reported, IP addresses will be recorded and they will be BANNED!

However, if you would like me to make your contact details available to the preppers on this site, send a message here. List the organization, your contact details and if there is a specific location you represent.

Aug 012016

The online prepper community is, like the rest of the Internet, the target of scammers & predators. From time to time the admins here are made aware of people posting on the site who are targeting preppers in the hope of selling them places in communities that don’t exist or real estate deals that are nothing more than scams.

We do our best to investigate the warnings, taking the offending posts offline while we do. BUT, it’s not easy trying to get the facts from authorities re: ongoing investigations – or even getting them to confirm an investigation is in progress. Some of these ‘warnings’ talk about ‘a friend of a friend’ or ‘someone I know’ with little or no detail – making getting to the facts & the ability to verify any claims of wrongdoing by the poster, almost impossible.

So do yourself a favor – before parting with your hard earned money – check out posters before parting with any money. Ask to talk with others who are happy investors/members, ask to visit these places they are selling – do your homework! The Internet is NOT a safe place & scammers prey on those who are naive, desperate & afraid. Don’t be a victim.

We continue to try & keep this site as safe as we can, but predators will always find new ways to try to part you from your money!

Aug 272016

So I didnt realize I was a “prepper”. But on the eve of buying my second property and realizing that Ive spent the past year researching everything from rainwater catchment and seed saving, to building solar panels and rocket stoves…Im in deep. I have a plan, it includes my 20 acres in California and the upcoming 15 acres in Massachussets. I need advice, and a network. I joined this group, because I realize that many of us might need to travel to save our family. And wouldnt it be awesome if there were people along the way to help them on their mission. And wouldnt it be awesome if I were 1 of those people? So I kind of need help finding out how to build an underground bunker and a tree fort

Aug 262016


I’m wanting to meet and network with preppers around Perth, WA (preferably north-eastern suburbs).

I’m not Christian and am not looking to buy into anything, just want to get to know and share ideas with locals of a similar mindset.

My main skill areas are horticulture, first aid and animal husbandry. I’m also an avid hiker, camper and horse rider/trainer.


Aug 252016

The Jacksonville Range Association presents ‘Radio Communications for Disasters’

September 6th 2016 7PM at Memorial Hospital 3625 University Blvd S, Jacksonville, FL 32216
For additional information visit
All options for radio communications will be discussed.

  • FRS
  • GMRS
  • MURS
  • Amateur (Ham) Radio
  • B. Radio
  • Digital Spread Spectrum Radio

You will be able to TALK on and LISTEN to over a dozen different radios.    You are also invited to bring any existing radios you may own.

Your smartphone may stop working at any moment!

46% of smartphone owners say their smartphone is something “they couldn’t live without,” What can you do when a disaster strikes and it’s not working?
70% of towers went down in the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.
Cell phone service wasn’t restored for weeks after 9/11
There doesn’t have to be a disaster for cell service to go down.

April 1, 2016  – ‘Customers throughout the Tampa Bay area suffered through a massive outage impacting cellphone customers.’  -TAMPA, FL (WFLA)
June 4, 2016  ‘Nationwide Cricket Wireless outage’ –

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Aug 242016

Hello everyone. I live outside of Baton Rouge in Louisiana. I’m looking to meet other people who prep in my state. I grew up in the country and in some of our wonderful rivers and waterways. I have had a hard time finding people or groups locally who prep. I’m interested in hearing what others are doing locally. I plan on going back into the basin where I know how to live off the land.


I hope no one else has lost anything in this flood 2016 but me on here. I lost just about everything. I want to remind everyone that your brain is your best survival tool. I see so many who aren’t thinking right now. They are getting mad and not talking to others like they should and pull together. Some of it is from being overwhelmed and some of it is greed. When your in a survival situation its not having one person in charge as much as it is having everyone work together that’s going to get you through it. I am saying this from first hand knowledge. During this epic flood I spend 4 days on this little island of land that stayed out the water in French settlement. We had 28 people there over 30 dogs chickens all over the yard and when the cattle broke through a fence to get to higher ground we had to deal with cattle. We never had a fight or argument there. because we all worked together and discussed things. So remember that its your brain that’s your best survival tool. Stay calm and think things out, not over think. Talk and find understanding and help each other. A good heart and a calm head can do a lot towards how well you survive because you may want too survive but why just survive if you can survive better by working as a group

Aug 232016

Ammo manufacturing company owner looking for a group in central WI . I’m located in  Barron looking at the way things are going it don’t look good. I’m looking for a group that might take a small group in . In that group is me with my equipment 4 grand kids and 3 other adults with mechanical,carpentry, heating and air. The ladies are good at gardening amount other things ie  child care houskeeping. Besides ammo loading equipment I bring shooting skills. Along with my rifles and handguns and bows.

It has been posted that depending on who gets in office there will be no new permits for loading ammo or selling firearms issued next year. They won’t take your 2nd ammendment rights away just will make it so you can’t buy any of them.

I think children are the future so we must protect them at all cost.

Aug 232016

Christian/Veteran: I work at the as an Emergency Dispatcher (BA-Economics & Business), AA, 50’s, prepped until food can be grown, with protection. Live 2 miles north on downtown Dallas. Better to reach me at solosword2003 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Be blessed 🙂

Please feel free to drop me a line.

Aug 232016

Finally back. Some adventures in looking for a place. still in orlando and not looking good to move. Most of what I see are groups looking for people to help them when SHTF—and that is commendable and great we need you guys then there are the nuts who want you to kill bear with your bare hands, train for combat etc—great we need you guys too; then we have the newbies , we need you too; then the ole folks, we fellow old folks need you too but others don’t want the burden, and frankly, that is understandable esp if any of the predictions are true about what is coming.

So here we are again, old people who cannot connect with other groups for one reason or another. Even religious groups don’t have a connection for this; although some local christian groups may have, but these are very local and not out for public consumption.
So have made it my goal to try to find a senior prepper community out there in hopes that this lost tribe of old folks can at least communicate if not participate and get some solace in these trying times ahead. Not going to form any group and don’t want money; just going to pass along any info I can get and leave it up to you original “be prepared people” to share, act , or just read.
thanks God bless

Aug 232016

Family (of 4) realizing things are heading to the outhouse and fast, is looking for a likeminded community or small group to connect with.  We are praying to find someplace that can allow us in based on what an asset we can be and not the money we can bring. Some of the skills we bring to the table are mechanic (gas and deisil), butcher, construction, plumbing, some electrical, culinary, some gardening, protection, hunting (riffle and bow), fishing, organization, some bookkeeping, and a bit more. My husband works and I have been home to take care of our son for about the last year, so finances are minimal.

We know the SHTF soon and we want to take action now. So far we have only been able to get books and some what stock our BOBs. We know time is short and are hoping to make this change soon. Please contact me on here until I can get our email set up. Thank you and God bless.



UPDATE: With the realization that we are pretty much screwed, we have decided to withdraw or post to help us find a safe place for our family. Thank you for those that spoke with us and I wish you all the best in your survival. We ask only for your prayers from here on out. Thank you and God bless!

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Aug 232016

Hello .I was looking for any southern nh preppers who are looking to start a community . We are looking for like minded people who believe in god,country ,strong family values and constitution. Like any relationship I would like to start slowly by email ,then phone and see if it works for both of us . if interested you can email at.    mindofaprepper [at] gmail [dot] com

Aug 222016

Hi ladies and gentlemen. I’m currently wondering if any of you would like to start a group or a family to help one another out. Everyone has their own skill set to contribute to the team. I would like to know simple things about you if you decide that you want this. For example, How old are you?, Do you have a wife or kids?, And what can you contribute to a group?. I have a feeling this could be something great if we get the right people. Send me an E Mail if you would like to talk. Chillman34 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Aug 222016

I have had several contacts with different preppers but I am looking to see if there are SERIOUS  down to earth moral, strong willed ,determined individuals in Maryland, west virg,  pennsilvania would like to get together buy land near another group or a remote area where we can build a new life as our for-fathers and ancestors .some ideas, equipment and  supplies and a little capitol and looking for same  or technical knowledge is a equity attentiontodetail21atyahoodot come

Aug 212016

Hello everyone I am from the Savannah, Ga area and I am looking for someone to help me learn more about prepping and living off grid as I plan on becoming a homesteader eventually.

I’m being as honest as I can be here and sorry if I’m not as advanced as some would like but I truly believe that I am a prepper/homesteader.

I have been hoping to come across others in my area to hopefully start a prepper group where we would get together and help one another on the things we need help with. Whether its helping with land prep, building, what have you. I want to learn as much as possible so when I am able to move off grid myself, I will have the skills necessary to do so.
I am willing to help others as much as possible with anything you may need help on, I just ask for you to teach me what you know and I’ll be more than happy to teach you anything I may know that you don’t!

A little bit about me…..I’m an AVID camper (tent camping is my type of camping), I love cooking on an open fire, I love hunting and fishing, and I’m very convinced that I belong out in the wild, living off the land and working hard to make a life for myself out there that I WILL make it a reality eventually!!

If there is anyone out there in this area, please contact me and lets see what we can do!!

Aug 212016

Looking to join a prepper group in the Battle Creek or Burlington MI area.. My fiance and I are both Ham Radio operators and we are both Truck drivers as well…However we are looking for land at a cheap price or join a group who has land already to bug out to… Also wanting to learn more about prepping and everything else we can…

Aug 212016

I’m just one more person who is sick to death of this technology driven society which is robbing us of our freedom. Technology in it self is not the culprit and can be used for many useful and beneficial causes. My short term goal is to move from my present residence here in Hawaii to Alaska next spring. There I intend to find a good place to start some kind of homestead or possibly even a commune with Christian values to be a retreat and safe haven for when the inevitable collapse of American society comes about. I invite anyone with similar misgivings to contact me at unicinctus [at] gmail [dot] com and explore ideas to make this happen.

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Aug 202016

I’ve lived in Alaska before and this is where I want to homestead and get off the grid as much as I can and still be comfortable. I don’t expect to live entirely without electricity but I don’t have any intentions of being so tied in that I cannot live without it. I want a small Christian core of close friends who are willing to help others when the shit eventually hits the fan.

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Aug 192016

21 year old male. Former college football athlete, retired due to multiple injuries.

Taking the year off and working 60+ hours a week to cover my return to college.

Looking for preppers in the Dallas area, particularly gun-owning preppers and military personnel.

I’m currently stockpiling food/water/ammo/guns. Would love to put together a group. Message me if interested.

Aug 162016

We have a small group in Central Wisconsin.  We are looking for members.  We have a farmette that has so much to offer.  We plan to come together once the SHTF with our farmette being everyone’s BOL.  We do have monthly meetings to go over things, learn/teach new things, and keep each other in the loop about how our individual stockpiles are progressing.

Aug 142016

Hey guys just wondering if there’s any like minded folk in Sydney.

I’ve been a prepper for 10 years and I am looking to establish some decent and trustworthy connections in Sydney.

I’ve recently returned from overseas so I had to leave all my stuff behind and I am starting again bare, though that doesn’t bother me so much because I don’t really need the fancy gear.

Anyway if you’re interested email me on leok28784[@]hotmail[dot]com


Aug 132016

Hello Central Indiana Folks,
I just found this site and unfortunately missed the Yorktown gathering at Morrows’s Meadow.  We too are interested in networking with like-minded families.  I am retired law enforcement, teacher and now working for Department of Defense contractors.  I have developed a lot of training programs for military and law enforcement on a number of topics – they might be useful to a prepper network.  Amy is a Registered Nurse with Operating Room and ICU experience.  She brings a lot to the table for a network.  Reply anytime to emoore318 [at] gmail [dot] com.  We would love to meet with other folks in the near future.  Thanks and have a great day!

Aug 112016

I am looking to join an individual or group who is in need of some assistance in maintaining and thriving in a retreat situation.  Ideally, a realistic friend and myself including our spouses are looking for a group or individual in a rural setting away from the cities. We come with foodstuffs, prep equipment and the will to defend our loved ones from the bad times around the corner.  We both bring a unique skill set and hard work ethic, which will be a definite plus for an individual or group looking to round out their preparation for ugly times.  Reply to SNRP [at] comcast [dot] net

Aug 112016

We have 43ac located in north east AZ a top a mesa in the wilderness high desert.  Are looking for a prepper… single, couple, or family who are lovers of life and creation.  Who would like to be a part of our extended family (at present we have no others living on the property with us and are in a unique situation and place).  Because of where the property is located you will need a strong vehicle with high clearance and not have the need to run to town everyday. It’s not your normal living situation and requires some out of the box thinking.  The property is only 9 miles from pavement… but???  it takes 40 minutes on a good day to make that 9 mile drive.  Its not the worst road we’ve ever been on but it’s not for the faint of heart.   The place is off grid and “rustic,” it isn’t fancy nor does it have any amenities unless you consider animals, trees and strange people “amenities.”   Closest neighbor is about 160 ac. or more away. If you like to write there are stories in the land and trees, the people.  And if you listen to the voice in the wind… you will find opportunity for your spirit to connect to the creator of it all.  It’s beauty is in its simplicity, quiet mornings and the star filled new moon skies.  The place itself is a preppers paradise with all kinds of stuff laying around that was collected to that end (pun intended).  If you like to build stuff and are creative there are all sorts of possibilities.

Honesty and integrity are words we live by and would like others who share those values to a fault.  We have lots of land and stuff up here as well as skills to share… for the right people we have a heart to share as long as sharing is your heart also.

Look forward to meeting you and working together toward a common goal and purpose.

You may contact us here: caretakers (at) bashanwildernessretreat (d0t) com

Blessings to all… for your preparations!

Aug 082016

Southwestern Oregon Preppers (SWOP) will be holding its monthly meeting at Noon on Saturday, August 13, 2016 at the Bandon Rural Fire Department, HWY 101, Bandon, Oregon 97411.

The main topic is “Essential oils”. Lynda Sessions, CLS, CBIC, will lecture on what essential oils are, how they work (101), and their benefits as part of first aid and emergency preparedness kits. Lynda is a Licensed Medical Technologist and Infection Control Consultant and holds a BS degree in Chemistry/Microbiology. SWOP meetings always start with a question and answer period before the main topic so all in attendance get a chance to participate.

This is a free public meeting to get to know fellow local preppers in southwestern Oregon counties and to exchange information and ideas. It is important for individuals to understand that they will be “on their own” in the event of a disaster and not to depend on receiving outside help. Join Southwestern Oregon Preppers on Facebook and/or

SWOP Banner

Aug 052016

We are blessed to live on our East Texas 50+ acre homestead full-time, to spend every day molding and shaping it’s potential into reality. As a family, we have decided that we would like to offer the opportunity for certain folks to become a part of our community. We have discussed a few potential options and welcome ideas, because every situation is different. The benefits of a full-time homestead without the massive down payment, 30yr mortgage, 3+hour daily commute and 60hr farm work week. In addition, we offer the opportunity to build camaraderie, to develop and enhance our sustainability skill-set…to become a community BEFORE an event. This won’t be for everyone – It will require background checks, initial public meetings, time and financial investments.
Mister is a former Marine, law enforcement officer and firearms instructor with 25+yrs of experience. Missus is an IT Professional by day, and homestead supermom by night. A high school senior and fourth grader are cheerful farm hands. Extended family includes Army Ranger and Trauma Nurse. Dogs, barn kitty, chickens, ducks…there are always animals! We are a typical Christian family that loves to laugh, hike, watch movies, etc. We work very hard, and we try to play just as hard! We also ensure our family and our farm are prepared for any eventuality. You can email us info [at] txexitstrategy [dot] com or visit that site for more info.

Aug 042016

hi, my name is mary. my husband and i are searching for a group where we can call each other family. we bouth have some skills but would need training in other skills. we are christains who feel like the end is near and really bad things will happen. we would love to be surrounded around others who share in our faith. if you contact me, ill share more can reach me at heavenlee228910 [at] gmail [dot] com. i hope to hear from you and god bless all of you.